Recovering From Pandemic Shell Shock As WW3 Begins

It is literally totalitarian trauma based mind control developed by the CIA to brainwash and manipulate torture victims.

Always a deep dive into the hard truth from Last American Vagabond, which should be considered a truly reliable source, more reliable than the sources usually given that title.

Take for example the New York Times, often cited as a source, along with CNN and others in the mainstream media. They just put out an article saying we will all soon forget much of the pandemic, and that’s a good thing.

They suggest people have PTSD as though they been through a war, and even suggest maybe MDMA might help with the shell shock caused by their brutal mind control techniques.

They caused the anxiety with their relentless fear campaign, (it wasn’t a fear most people were justified in having from the virus), and they’re saying this just as it becomes clear the vaccines didn’t work and had terrible side effects.

These brainwashed morons had that kind of fear over a virus that was maybe twice as bad as the flu, or about as deadly as the flu if you were a healthy young person, literally a non event if you were a child, apart from the lunatics destroying the world.

My position since the start is it’s the flu, unless you’re an old person, get over it, except you shouldn’t get over the fact it was souped up in a lab and released on purpose, and that they told you there was going to be a surprise outbreak in Trump’s administration.

You shouldn’t get over the fact they said they would be silencing free speech, by calling it misinformation, that they would be fact checking with Bill Gates fact checking network, about a coronavirus that took over the world, two months before it did.

That the World Economic Forum (funded Event 201), who planned to silence that free speech, even from doctors and experts trying to save lives also had a plan that seemed to be linked to the biological weapon they attacked the world with, the great reset.

It’s a rare but narrow window of opportunity they said, to reimagine and reset our world, and change it all in the way they decided they wanted to, these unelected terrorist mass murdering totalitarian scum who bragged about infiltrating every government in the world.

I mean it sounds good when you say it like that, it sounds like it’s not a bunch of people you have to wipe off the face of the earth because of the immense danger they pose to every single human being alive if we don’t manage to rid the world of the threat of their evil plans.

I have PTSD because I almost immediately figured out the truth, which was dramatically worse than the practically non existent risk from their biological weapon, which they said was a natural virus.

I was thinking I might need to hide in the wilderness from my own nation’s army, because they may be ordered to kill us, perhaps in the form of a mandatory vaccine that was designed to be a slow kill, which is now becoming more apparent that it is.

I can’t let down my guard to these people, because they appear to be ruthless on a level that can only be described as psychopathic.

It’s beyond a profit motive, and beyond even the usual motivation of a serial killer if that’s what it is.

The New York Times is now admitting in newsletters that the vaccines, masks, lockdowns, all of it made very little difference to cases and deaths, because the general consensus now is that everyone will get this virus.

They will all get it like they get colds and flues, you can’t stop them, it was a crime to say that you can.

It was literally a crime in Australia, they fined corporations $110,000 during SARS if they said masks worked to stop people getting it, because they don’t.

The insane hypocrisy of these virtue signalling pieces of crap is astonishing, you can now promote killing people on Facebook if it’s aimed at the Russians invading Ukraine.

It’s also OK to promote being a NAZI white supremacist, as long as it’s the Azov Battalion. You can’t make this crap up. They banned Ukraine On Fire from YouTube because it was true.

If anyone can’t see the hypocritical bullshit in all areas of society, between men and women, black and white, gay and straight, right and left, vaxxer and anti vaxxer, Russian and Ukrainian, they must be blind or lying.

It’s more likely that they’re lying if they say they don’t see it in my view, because on some level they would have to have the intellectual power to understand that it’s not a fair application of the law, it’s corrupt, biased, criminal, totalitarian, all of that.

My gut tells me that they’re going to push the war to the point that it makes tons of weapons profits, divides society more, gives them more power and money.

Until it transfers all the wealth and power to the elites, in the way they always tried to, but maybe stops just one step short of total nuclear winter.

The reason is, they have cyber attacks, supply chain shut downs, they can poison the food, the water, the pharmaceuticals.

They are in the position to do just about anything, having most of the world leaders on board, but the idea of total destruction still isn’t going to be all that popular.

When they got people like Ivanka Trump and Tulsi Gabbard to become Young Global Leaders or Young Global Shapers, they probably didn’t tell them we’re going to kill 90% of the world and then genetically engineer those that are left, and merge them with machines.

They probably got told some crap about sustainability, equity and diversity, solving climate change by changing the way the system works to limit resources that were in short supply.

They got an absolute zero carbon emission policy now, which is different from net zero, in that it can’t be done, without killing every living being on the planet, it’s just a little too obvious, you know what I mean? At some point, they’re going to catch on.

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