Will Russian Sanctions Backfire On The USA?

An astronaut gets stranded in space, might need to be rescued by Elon Musk, due to the Russians not wanting to perform their scheduled pickup because of the extreme sanctions.

It’s world war three, economic warfare, and it goes far beyond just the sanctions, but it’s immediately backfiring, and they knew it would.

They were warning US citizens of the financial pain they would feel, and it could be the worst mistake the USA ever made.

Russia will simply sell their oil to somebody else, strengthen their alliance with China, and maybe try to break free of the petro dollar and the US as reserve currency, which basically ends America’s domination of the world.

There is talk of Putin wanting to make his currency backed by the gold standard, which the federal reserve doesn’t like at all, and has destroyed countries before for trying that.

These are just things I hear, I’m no expert at global financial markets, I just know the whole thing is basically screwed, they printed too much money in America and now they can’t stop.

The argument the Russian sanctions are somehow the moral thing to do is easily countered by the fact the USA are doing worse things in the world right now than Russia is, and they killed far more people in the middle east, literally millions.

It’s also countered by the fact it hurts poor people first and most, and they told US citizens they were prepared to suffer the rise in gas prices to make Putin suffer, except it didn’t make Putin suffer at all, so they’d just be retarded if they listened.

The reason Russia said it was invading is the threat of NATO on their borders, along with nukes and biological weapons labs, it was simply too much of a threat on their border to ignore.

They gave their terms for peaceful withdrawal, the sanctions are destroying the USA almost as much if not more than Russia, and there will be consequences for the entire world if they don’t stop the madness.

Meanwhile, Facebook gives the green light to threatening the lives of Russian soldiers with death, while allowing support for NAZI white supremacists, which the side they’re supporting just happen to be.

The simple fact is “our” side doesn’t feel like I’m on that side, all I do all day is point out how unspeakably evil they are, and how I oppose them on every single issue.

They been at war on me for the last two years, and I want them dead. I have nothing against the Russians, or the Ukrainians, but that’s not my war.

All I want is peace and freedom for them as well, but the number one evil group in the world has never been more obvious and if people are dumb enough to fall for this latest horrific scam, they deserve whatever comes next.

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