Controlling Everything We Do And Think

This is a fairly famous poster, not actually from the time when the native Americans gave up their guns, if they ever did completely, but with the general gist being it wasn’t a good idea to give up your guns.

Another informative video from Russell Brand. One of the things he mentioned in that one was how they limit public debate.

It was a quote from Noam Chomsky, much as I hate him for what he said about anti vaxxers and how they should be locked in their homes.

He probably didn’t even know the vaccines don’t work and were made to kill people, and considering the young people are starting to drop dead of heart attacks and other conditions, he’s surely going to be dead soon anyway.

Hmm, so would that make you part of the general population, or do you think you’re some kind of elite intellectual? It’s the people who think they’re educated that take the longest to wake up, even though they should know more than anyone how many lies are told routinely to the public by the government and media.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

Noam Chomsky
The interesting thing about the government having power is it doesn’t even come from the amount of people in government and their weapons, but that the people want them to be in power.

This attack on the world first has to be understood by a majority to be an attack, and if people are talking about the relative benefits and harms of using masks and vaccines versus not using them, then they aren’t really talking about the real issue.

The real issue is they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, or if you’re one of the more extreme conspiracy theorists, that this virus doesn’t exist, and viruses don’t even exist, and they just made up the whole thing, which is possibly even worse, if you believe that could happen.

It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to kill even the president of the USA, hence why many of them have been killed. Some would argue it was a more powerful group that did it, but it took the same bullets.

Whichever one of those you choose, (I lean towards the first one), it’s a thoroughly planned attack, and a million times more of an attack on the world than Putin invading Ukraine for breaking agreements such as joining NATO.

The Nazis in Asov, (they’re literally Nazis), were shelling the Eastern separatist states for almost a decade before Russia invaded, it’s not anywhere near the same thing as attacking the world with biological weapons on purpose, unprovoked.

When you hear a “doctor” try to justify hundreds, even thousands of biological research labs, inventing deadly viruses out of nothing with gain of function, it sounds like a crime, and that he knows it’s a crime.

Another reason given by Russia for the invasion was the two dozen or so level 3 bio labs which they first denied completely, then admitted had dangerous pathogens in them they didn’t want Russia getting their hands on.

Sounds funny, but they’re refusing Russians treatment in hospitals.

So, the world is basically in the same position Russia was in with the threat of a massive alliance with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons right on their doorstep amassing all their powers, and they already began the attack, on all of us.

It wasn’t declared an attack, it was a sneak attack, because they’re sneaky bastards, lying weasels, the kind who have a much larger army but will sneak into your house and kill your family and blame it on you, rather than just kill you.

When the price of everything doubles and then doubles again within the space of a few years, you better hope your income does the same and who took that money?

They’re evil, and not just the general wide ranging term given to violent military powers, they’re actual Satan worshiping psychopaths and they want to cause suffering to the world as they wipe out billions and enslave the rest.

If you look at that in logical terms, the only thing to do is go to war on them, or prepare to defend yourself, let everyone know who we’re dealing with and try to find them, expose them, kill them if necessary, because it’s the only option left.

That’s what isn’t appearing on Infowars and other similar alternative media, a preparation for actual war against the top level criminals who have literally killed millions on record, or given orders, pushed policies that had that result.

Obviously because you put a target on your own head soon as you say it, but also possibly because they want to appear like “the tip of the spear” while still holding those potentially violent people back from a real insurrection, which is actually working.

This is the feeling I get when I look at Jen Psaki, and obviously I’m not the only one, but she actually looks less scary here.

Maybe the government want to start violence, because they know how to deal with it, or maybe that’s just what the controlled opposition is saying because the only thing they can’t do is survive their own death, and they’ve never been less popular.

I don’t know, and the only way you would find that out is to find out, which if you really think about it, is something nobody could ever know.

Anybody could be on either side, fighting for what they believe is the right side, depending on what propaganda they happened to stumble across online which is not the same as TV.

We no longer live in a world where all the Western people can be rallied to fight the Russians in a war, half of them would be more likely to turn the weapons on their own leaders due to it being an attack on their own people at the same time.

People are beginning to see that tying themselves to the fortunes of the bankers as they brutally kill anyone who gets in their way was not a good idea, because they no longer need hundreds of millions of people to win wars and we are now in their way.

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