The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

You only try to distance yourself from a product in the way he did if you expect it to be a hopeless and deadly failure, which it was.

This video is about the Pfizer CEO who previously admitted that two shots had little benefit if any but then said three shots, and then four shots were necessary.

He’s saying it was “counter intuitive” to use mRNA technology from the start.

In fact he said how could you say that? He was very surprised when they suggested to use this unproven gene therapy, is what he’s saying now.

Why would we use a technology that had never led to a single product when we have all these other methods available that are proven to work that we could use he asked them, and “they” convinced him it would work.

It didn’t work, in fact it is causing people to drop like flies, in Australia for example, multiple famous people unexpectedly died of a heart attack at age 52 in the last month.

It’s annoying as hell to have already proven the vaccines cause heart damage and still have these idiots treat it as a conspiracy theory to the point they didn’t even make the appearance of trying to find out if these multiple deaths were because of the shot.

Shane Warne, the most famous cricketer ever died, and then a senator died at the same age, 52, and a number of others at the exact same age, from the exact same condition.

If they weren’t famous, they would have just been written off as a heart attack, in fact that is what happened, it wasn’t called a vaccine injury in the media, everyone just knows it is, which of course means nobody’s keeping track of the numbers.

The NSW premier came out and said that in the last few months of the plandemic they were forcing people to use QR codes just for show, as in they weren’t using the information to track and trace, it was just to make people feel confident.

I don’t really fault him for telling the truth on that issue, but what he basically admitted is the media terrorized people with lies to the point they “had to” spend billions of dollars on a lie, and force people to go along with it, even though it was already a lie before they lied again and made it more of a lie.

That was a lie, on top of a lie, on top of a lie, based on a lie, that was perhaps partially based on a truth, that the same scum who forced all these lies actually attacked the world with a real biological weapon to force a hostile world takeover, the great reset.

They’re currently pushing us towards world war three with a nuclear power, so they can suck billions of dollars out of the US government into their weapons corporations.

As usual, robbing us blind with the desperation of a starving junkie but worse. I guess you have to be ruthlessly greedy to get into that position in the first place.

Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard are being called traitors simply for promoting peace talks, although it’s possible Putin is actually in on it as he was a WEF Young Global Leader.

If he isn’t in on it, these lying scum who terrorized the world with these vicious crimes against humanity for the last two years might get us all killed by provoking him in the way they have been, and that might actually be their goal.

As I’ve explained before these people are psychopathic nutcases, eugenicist killers, they believe there are too many people, for a number of reasons, pollution, non renewable energy sources running out, deforestation, etc.

I’m not trying to mess with people’s heads any more than they already have been, but even in the face of death by nuclear winter you gotta at least try to have a sense of humor.

They want to kill everyone, and they’re trying to, and it could possibly be a religious philosophy like Satanism, Sabbatean Frankism, or something like that, more than it is a policy based on global resource use.

Point is, they told you they were trying to depopulate the world, they told you they attacked the world, everything us conspiracy theorists were saying was true, and one by one almost every single part of what we were saying is being admitted, even by them.

Understand, these people put us through hell, especially if we refused to take their poison death shots, but obviously even worse if you were one of the literally millions of people who had serious adverse events including death.

The list of over a thousand different side effects was nine pages long, and that’s only the ones that have been identified.

With the CDC director saying things like we were too optimistic and not cautious enough, while more highly qualified experts say it’s more likely to kill you, period, I think it’s debunked.

A very important turning point, one that has been overshadowed by the war, which was predicted they would stage on purpose to distract from this realization of the vaccine’s failure, and if you believe they also did that, it just adds to their long list of crimes.

Using a war as a distraction was not unusual for them, they planned 9/11, and there’s been one of those every week or so, if not every day for years if you look at the wars being fought around the world for weapons profits, oil profits, drug profits, etc.

The important thing is to realize there’s only really one main group at the top of the pyramid, and they just attacked the world with biological weapons, millions figured out they did it, and instead of being punished, they made trillions.

This would of course lead those type of people to think that was the best scam we ever pulled, we got more money and more power than anything else we ever did.

Time to make covid 2.0, or SARS Cov3. If they’re not doing that exactly, you can be certain they got some other murderous terrorist totalitarian plot waiting to enslave the masses and if they don’t do anything about it, they pretty much deserve it.

No offense to average people, but they’re generally stupid, weak minded, easily manipulated cowards if not worse.

I could be held responsible myself in that I’m not buying a gun and shooting dead these scum I keep complaining about all by myself, if people were likely to hold me responsible for that.

But in some ridiculous perversion of logic, the people who believe like I do that we were just attacked by psychopaths who planned to kill millions of us with biological and chemical weapons, they think it would be just as bad if not worse to try to fight back against these killers.

Try to follow that logic, they almost certainly believe that those responsible for these crimes against humanity deserve to go to jail, even get the death penalty for treason, murder, fraud, robbery, if they can be proven to have committed these crimes.

But, they have to be arrested and go to court and have it proven in a court of law, using the laws made up by those criminals to serve their own interests above all else, which would be almost guaranteed to never result in a conviction if they could even get arrested in the first place.

Even the people who see through the lies are themselves caught up in the same brainwashing of righteousness being dependent on law and order, and doing things in the “right way” in the same way they said taking the vaccine was doing the “right thing”.

Everyone is hopelessly propagandized to the point we can never break free from these evil scum because we are too good for our own good.

I make the point again, they killed millions of us, they bragged they were going to do it before they did, they had already been killing millions in ongoing wars endlessly before that, and they’re right now admitting that all our accusations were in fact true.

The Hunter Biden lap top was real, they are a bunch of corrupt drug addled pedophiles, that alone should be enough to get a certain bunch of people fired up for blood, and they are the main group of child trafficking pedophiles.

They admitted what they knew the whole time that covid is basically the flu, give or take, and all the bullshit they made up to fight it both didn’t work, and was just a psychopath’s invention that you should even attempt to make it work because people used to just accept you get the flu, end of story.

The world is torn apart, it was already headed that way due to everything they had already done, but now we’re really going to be in for a nightmare future with a great depression or a great war looming ahead.

I never thought revenge is a good thing, but justice needs to be done, and if it isn’t, if people don’t face consequences for actions like these, the world will be handed over to the worst of the worst and they will just continue to get worse and worse.

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