How Important Is The Petrodollar?

Like most people apparently, I had barely heard anything about the petrodollar, and I don’t really know that much about how the economy works, but the reason you might need to know is if it’s going to affect your day to day life.

There’s a lot of complexity to the whole process which just goes over my head but about 80% of all international transactions are done with US dollars, or maybe that’s 80% of the money involved, I’m not all that sure.

If they switched to Chinese Yuan or other currencies, the petroyuan could devalue the US dollar.

Potentially quite substantially, if large countries like China, Russia and India decided to band together and switch all at once.

China and Saudi Arabia have been talking about yuan-based oil contracts for six years apparently, and just recently Biden tried to call the Saudis and they wouldn’t answer his call.

You may have noticed the high gas prices in the USA, it’s the highest price per barrel for oil in 14 years, which they’re blaming on the Ukraine crisis, which is of course transparently false.

Even if it was because of that, it would be because of US sanctions against Russian oil, among other things, which were not specifically called for as the right way to handle the situation, and hurt everyone in the world, obviously.

In actual fact, it hurt Russia precisely zero because they just sold the oil to China, and it hurt the consumers at the pump in the USA, and around the world, which almost seems like Biden is working for the enemy, and others would say he is the enemy, duh.

The other part of that is he’s blaming Putin for everything, or the resulting sanctions, and the gas prices had already risen substantially because he did things like cut off the Keystone pipeline for some green agenda which now has a goal of absolute zero Co2 emissions.

These agendas they have are designed to creep into your lives and crawl up your leg and force their way into your orifices until you scream and shake them off and try to squish them on the floor.

Then they scuttle away and you think you’re safe, and they’ve come back again with more of their larger reptilian friends to try to bite your leg off.

In actual fact, half the dumb asses in our society welcome the attack with open arms, and the other half won’t squish the bugs like they know they should.

See it’s a bit of a head fuck, they think that’s the government, the US government at the top, you can’t mess with them, they got the largest army in the world.

Then you ask them, how many people actually like Joe Biden? How many people support the WEF and it’s plan of you will own nothing and be happy?

Are they even loyal to the USA or even part of it? Is anyone surprised if they serve the interests of interest groups who give them money over the people and at their expense?

How many in the army want to support a bunch of Satanic scumbags who are known pedophiles who want to teach our kids to cut their genitals off and damage their health with masks and poison vaccines for no reason at all and is this number moving in their direction?

So the army and the people really don’t like these genocidal scum? Is that a majority of them who hate these horrific mentally ill pedophile monsters and/or the people who follow their orders without question? Yes it is.

They’re only ever one step away from turning their guns on these hated tyrants, and all it takes is the right kind of push, and the knowledge that they will be backed up with the force of most of the people who have the force if they decide to do the right thing if and when the situation calls for it.

Can anyone actually give them that? Not exactly. There’s countless videos of veterans and active duty soldiers declaring that they’re ready to fight if the army is asked to attack the US people, or to try to take their guns, force vaccines on them, that sort of thing.

What’s actually happened is they killed millions already, because they attacked the world with a biological weapon, and you can’t exactly prove they did that even though it’s proven to me they planned this whole thing for certain.

You also can’t exactly prove that they meant to stop the supply ships from coming into port, shut down the oil pipeline, provoked Putin on purpose, and all the other things they definitely did do, which is destroying the USA and the world.

I get that it’s a big deal to start a war, you want to avoid war at all costs, unlike the war hawks whose job it is to never put an end to their wars in the world which are always happening.

Killing children at all moments of the day and night in proxy wars for weapons profits, oil profits, banking profits, for the military/industrial complex.

What was Afghanistan about again? Heroin profits? Or was it oil profits? The Bin Laden family had their money in Carlyle weapons shares, as did the Bush family, it seemed like that was the smart money if you also controlled the spending.

I’m getting a bit off the topic, but it is quite relevant to these issues. The people you’re dealing with are criminal on a level few could even imagine.

You’d be lucky to survive their evil in good times, but it definitely looks like we’re headed for a bad time in the coming years.

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