Virtue Signalling While Falling For A Deadly Scam

Here’s an example of how these corporate criminals and elite banking cartels rob you blind, which is what they’re always trying to do every moment of every day.

They show you images, (many of them completely fake) of people just like you dying in a war in Ukraine which they claim wasn’t actually started by them like all the others were, except it was totally provoked by them.

Instead of pushing for peace talks, they push for war, but not a war that could ever be won, not by a much smaller army like Ukraine against Russia, regardless of the billions in support that seems to be demanded of the USA.

It’s a war that could be sustained for a very long time making the weapons corporations the largest amount of money possible as they suck up taxpayer dollars for yet another bloody proxy war.

This obviously kills and displaces millions, and you have to wonder if that isn’t also their goal along with the steady profits, but here’s where you really start to notice the scam, if you’re not actually being blown up yourself.

They said that Russian sanctions were necessary to punish Putin even though Biden basically gave him the green light for a minor incursion into Ukraine, and even though Russia can just sell their stuff to China, and it actually hurts everyone in the world, mostly the poor, not Putin.

Then what you might figure out if you were one in a million is they didn’t need to raise prices, they chose to, and they used the sanctions and the war and blaming Putin as an excuse to make record profits, yet again, at your expense.

This is a pattern you might have noticed: if you don’t do exactly what they say you’re responsible for killing granny, or killing children, or alternatively you support Nazis, or you’re a white supremacist racist bigot and you’re transphobic as well.

Then they make you pay about twenty or thirty trillion dollars to them globally, while the masses suffer to the point one in ten seriously consider suicide and about twenty million extra starved to death from abject poverty, and then they ban you from speaking if you point that out.

In fact they send the FBI to your door to raid you, shut down your bank accounts, get you fired from your job, even have you “suicided” or unexpectedly have a heart attack, which is not so unexpected anymore due to their mass genocidal poisoning of the entire population.

If you know and accept all these things, then you’re probably on board with saying these people are actively killing all of us, not just robbing us, and we are completely justified in killing them dead in self defense at any time, and we should have started yesterday.

If there’s any part of that that doesn’t make sense, let me know in a comment, tell me why you think these people who always say you need to suffer while they get massively wealthy should be allowed to survive if they are specifically guilty of mass murder themselves.

I think it was in a Bloomberg article recently they were saying you will probably need to let your pets die rather than pay for expensive vet bills once inflation hits.

You will need to take the bus, not buy food in bulk, (I thought that saved money), eat lentils, and generally accept that you are poor and they are rich because they attacked you with biological weapons and stole all your money with a dozen different types of fraud.

The possibility with inflation is it could lead to a Mad Max road warrior situation, third world poverty in the West, which killed millions of people in the great depression, and millions of people die of hunger globally every year, especially recently.

If they caused a great depression, and the only reason for it existing is they stole the money that regular people should have, but the farmland and gas and all that is still there, then the people will need to take it back from them.

It’s not like there’s an actual famine, it’s not fields of dust, this was orchestrated on purpose, by complete psychopaths, the likes of which did the same thing in Mao’s China and Stalin’s Russia on purpose.

Holodomor. That’s what we’re dealing with potentially, and it’s hard to call them communists considering they’re massively wealthy, but that is what they want for all of us peasants, you will own nothing and be happy, except we won’t be.

I see this coming, many people see this coming, and it won’t come if people rise up in numbers against them. It could be prevented if the elites actually fear they will lose the war, or if they do actually lose and die, and most of the actual elites are just old men, they’re not armies themselves.

When I say rise up, I mean in the way people traditionally used to rise up in an actual revolution, which is still very foreign to us soft modern Western people even as half of us push for endless war in the name of “freedom” on the other side of the world, just because it said that on TV.

What these people are eventually going to figure out with that Ukraine thing is the US don’t want to have a nuclear war with Russia, or a full scale war, which is practically the same thing.

That means Ukraine can’t beat Russia no matter how many weapons the US throw into that money pit, and trying to fight at all is just a recipe for killing countless innocents before they realize all they proved is that they were in a weaker position.

If it wasn’t enough that potentially millions might have to die in that war, everyone in the world is being forced to take on the burden of sanctions pressure, (possibly faked just to make profits), and while still in the last days of the plandemic which devastated the world.

I totally understand the idea of being free and not being under the thumb of totalitarians, but even if they were in the USA they would be just as screwed as if they were part of Russia and Russia wasn’t trying to take over the whole of Ukraine anyway. Bad deal.

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