Why The Left Supports Far Right Ukrainians

I heard stories of these literal Nazis burning people alive, tying them to poles and torturing them, shelling civilians, and I’m sure the Russians are guilty too, but I got the impression the Ukraine government are as criminal, or even more criminal than your average government, which is really saying something.

Why does the “left” support far right extremist Ukrainian Nazis who hate gay and trans people, think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, and who are generally much more racist, old fashioned and conservative than Trump supporters?

In my honest opinion it’s because they’re stupid and easily brainwashed. They’re gullible, mindless fools incapable of independent thought, they quite simply don’t think because they can’t think.

I did Nazi that coming. Seriously.

They copy whatever they perceive to be the popular opinion of their adopted tribe which has taken on the appearance of a cult, and won’t question a thing about it regardless of how counter intuitive it may be, and they will follow that logic to the grave.

They’ll attack and censor anyone who has the opposite opinion, or who points out their flawed logic which even contradicts the beliefs they claimed to have themselves only weeks earlier.

Hating Nazis for example, they hated anyone who had anything to do with Nazis or fascists, even if they didn’t, and they were just making it up, for example calling Russell Brand and Joe Rogan right wing because they questioned the establishment.

I have a fairly combative mindset where I will often pick the less popular opinion and debate on that side just because I believe somebody has to do it, and because I tend to think people are being brainwashed all the time about everything, but usually I don’t try to defend Nazis and only the most deceitful are trying to convince people they aren’t Nazis.

I’m not saying there’s not a massive war going on in Ukraine, but they put out dozens of fake videos of the destruction.

Their only argument seems to be lying through their teeth and pretending that they’re not Nazis, or that it’s a tiny minority and not the national militia of Ukraine, which they are.

Being part of the alternative music crowd, part of the counter culture scene or whatever, over the years I grew to have a fairly thick skin about criticism of my lifestyle choices or opinions, I just don’t really care what people think.

I was left wing, or liberal, but the main part of that was I liked being free to do what I wanted to do.

I was pro choice, pro gay marriage, or I thought they should have the freedom to do that if they wanted to.

My stance was freedom and I thought that was liberal, and that’s kind of what the word means, but like many other words, socialism, fascism, libertarian, it has many different interpretations.

It’s entirely possible that we can defeat these totalitarians trying to enslave us all, but we first have to know about it.

It happened fairly quickly, but all of a sudden the establishment evil corporations took on the “identity” of gays, trans people, drug addicts, freaky weirdo Satanists and minorities.

They went woke apparently, and they now fight for climate change action because I guess they got a plan to make money with it and also because they were always Satanists anyway.

I remember talking about climate change for many years, and how all these greedy evil rich elites need to do is divert some of our tax payer money to renewable energy programs like hybrid cars and solar panels and we could easily make progress and save the world, but they’re too selfish and evil to do that.

If they succeed in silencing all free, independent voices we will not even know when the real genocide begins.

It turned out the electric cars use about as much Co2 as the petrol cars when you look at how the batteries are made, and the electricity source which is usually fossil fuels, so there wasn’t really a carbon solution from changing our energy source.

The main possibility is population control, because Co2=PxSxE is actually a legit analysis of the problem, if you accept that climate change is even one of the main problems we should be most concerned about.

Given that eugenicists like Bill Gates have said things historically like we must crowd the poor together and court the return of the plague, the eugenics philosophy itself is the more pressing concern, in my opinion, now that I’ve had some time to figure out what they’re doing.

The world is apparently headed towards every type of destruction you can think of but we’re talking about trans people because that’s one eugenicist’s method of population control, as is demonizing men, and encouraging racism.

I don’t know if the ice caps are going to melt, causing the ocean to rise, I kind of doubt it, but there is more than one environmental issue caused by too many people such as pollution with various toxic chemicals.

But, when you try to calculate how important these life and death issues are compared to how a trans person feels about being misgendered, I have to point something out.

If you call a trans “woman” a man, that’s not misgendering them, it’s not going along with the gender they wish they were and tried to change, but which they actually can’t change completely because it’s impossible.

That’s not hate speech, that’s just the truth, they have the xy or xx chromosomes, that part can’t be changed, and it’s such a ridiculous thing to be worrying about I can’t even believe it’s on anyone’s agenda right now.

We’re dealing with world war three, nukes, biological weapons, plague, famine, droughts, floods, totalitarianism and worse.

Orwell is rolling in his grave.

An Orwellian nightmare of surveillance and censorship and the reason given in many cases is you called a man a man, which was wrong because he wanted to be called a woman.

They use this kind of thing, or less even, as justification for costing a person their career if they make their money online, or perhaps half their income, which is basically ruining their life, and what’s the justification again?

The actual reason is they want to be able to tell you that up is down, the sky is red, the flu is the black plague, Nazis are woke liberal heroes, and promoting racist hate and violence against Russians is righteous.

I’m the kind of guy who will tell you that my enemies deserve to die, because all nasty psychopaths who target innocent people deserve to die, because it would make the world a nicer place with less suffering. That woman is tied to a pole being tortured because she speaks Russian, from what I gather.

They want us all to be forced to accept that even though the MSM are proven liars and their lies helped to kill millions, we must censor everyone who doesn’t agree with their lying narrative if it makes a single person uncomfortable in any way, so long as the victims are the ones they tell you actually matter.

I was saying you need to kill them all over a decade ago. I wasn’t joking, I just also didn’t really expect anyone to attempt such a monumental task.

I can’t be all that specific of who exactly you should kill, but the logic behind it is they will kill far more people with their evil manipulative lies, and they already have killed millions in wars, so it would be purely self defense.

Every day brings a new reason for me to point out how these murdering lying weasels are trying to steal everything we have including our freedom to speak while forcing us into absolute slavery.

These aren’t even enemy soldiers, and if they were, I’d have a problem with that as well. My opinion at this point is the people on “that side” appear to be worse than Putin, who was previously fairly well known for being a bad guy.

None of this is tolerable, and there’s a point at which I draw the line, as much as I can draw a line, whatever that means.

Mandatory vaccines, that’s a line, because it’s my body, you’re not injecting me with experimental poison, or anything against my will, end of story.

I will say what I think, and if you silence my words by shutting down my account or taking stronger actions when I wasn’t calling for violence (other than self defense), that’s a violation of the first amendment of the US constitution.

It’s the number one determining factor in whether you have freedom, freedom of speech, and it’s impossible to have democracy if people only hear lying propaganda telling them what their opinion must be.

As I’ve said, I believe the worst of these people deserve to die, their attack on freedom, justice, morality, and truth, it’s all completely evil and obviously so, it does not change it to silence the millions who agree with me, it’s still true.

I don’t personally even have a gun, but if you want me to be silent about my opinion, you’ll have to kill me first, and who knows, these totalitarian scum might possibly go that far, we’ll find out soon enough.

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