For God’s Sake This Man Cannot Remain In Power

People just generally assume there’s no way Biden could actually be president for real, so they must have something else figured out.

Tucker just brought up three serious “gaffes” from Joe Biden about going to war in Ukraine, using chemical weapons, and pushing regime change in Russia, getting rid of Putin.

Members of the White House’s staff walked back his comments, but if you were Putin, the number one thing you would be most afraid of in the world is that Biden actually had any power at all.

That is of course the thing that most people in the world should be most afraid of, or that the people who actually do control US foreign policy are anywhere near as demented as he is, and based on many examples, they are.

My last post was about how Biden announced global food shortages, which could mean anything, depending on how hard they’re trying to screw things up and my opinion is it’s obvious they’re trying to kill us.

The covid lockdowns pushed literally hundreds of millions to the verge of starvation, and it’s entirely possible millions more might starve to death, even in the West.

Of course, there are worse ways to go than starving to death, much as that’s a horrible situation.

Video has emerged of Russian soldiers or prisoners of war in Ukraine being brutally tortured to death.

When I say it gets a lot worse than that video, you don’t even want to know how sick those people are. They said they were going to castrate them, and that’s just the beginning.

The public image of these literal Nazis being the good type of Nazis, who don’t torture prisoners of war to death, is quickly disappearing, at least among anyone who is actually hearing the truth.

That general area was home to Vlad the impaler, Elizabeth Bathory, and also the Khazarians who some sources say disappeared publicly because they married into other tribes, while others say they assumed the identity of their victims to infiltrate and subvert them.

Much as it’s a cliché, there’s these rich Jewish bastards…

The evil Jews, is what some call them, the Satanic or Sabbatean Frankist philosophy that evolved out of the Khazarian religion they say, although there was also a child sacrifice cult of Moloch in the old testament, in ancient Jerusalem.

According to the theory, they managed to go on to take over the highest positions of power and wealth in the world, and have always had a secret plan for a new world order.

Anyway, they’re using the media to push endless war that kills millions as an after thought to explain away their evil policies which are primarily designed to make a handful of people richer and more powerful.

Sometimes you have to be informed and awake and aware to see the evil, maybe it’s not even evil, just narcissism or something, and sometimes it’s just blatant and in your face like with the vaccines.

The Foo Fighters drummer just died at 50, and as an individual story you could of course write that off as a hard living rock star, tragic but not unexpected.

Then if you examine a list of literally hundreds of famous sports players dropping dead of heart attacks, not even including those who aren’t currently playing sports at a high level, you start to notice what’s happening.

The general theme is they’re innovating to zero, because the only way to truly reduce the consumption of rare earth elements or non renewable resources, to slow pollution and climate change, is to reduce the population.

While simultaneously poisoning and starving people to death on purpose, they make ridiculous attempts at virtue signalling woke morality.

What many commentators assume now is they know they’re evil, because it’s just too obvious when you’re going after young children to teach them weird sex stuff, it’s too obvious when it’s everything they do all the time now.

I used to be “liberal” whatever that means, but it doesn’t mean the totalitarian forcing of weird gay crap on everyone, especially the children, it means being open to new ideas, in a non threatening kind of way, like hippies.

They have this tribal anger towards the “other people” whatever that means, but most of them just don’t seem to get they’re also a target and are also being poisoned, even lining up to poison themselves, which come to think of it, might have been the main focus of the genocide.

In summary, about a third to two thirds of people are so stupid and easily brainwashed to be morally bankrupt and dangerously wrong about everything, they pretty much deserve to die.

I just don’t want to get taken with them, hence why I feel the need to spend all this time warning people. Any help is appreciated.

If you’re in the US, buy some groceries, stock up on canned goods through my Amazon link, and please share.
We’re Being Poisoned – 25% of tested home products contain life threatening benzene – Unsafe Space
The Multi-Vector Assault on The Global Food Supply

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