Fake Nazis, Fake Jews, Fake News

Just a short post today, I wanted to draw your attention to The Last American Vagabond’s recent work, exposing how the Asov Battalion are funded by the CIA and also Mossad or Israel.

They made videos showing they are using Israeli made weapons, as well as American made weapons which would be more commonly used anywhere in the world.

The ADL stood up for them, admitting they have used swastikas and they were Nazis, but saying it was politically insignificant and not representative of Ukraine.

The truth about this is bizarre from what I can tell. The ADL are zionists, and zionism is called the opposite of Judaism by many Jews.

Chabad Lubavich and other cults have controversial views, but none so controversial as the Sabbatean Frankists who basically turn the religion on it’s head and actively try to commit as many sins as possible.

Then again, if you just read the old testament and literally did what it said, you’d be put in a mental institute for the criminally insane on day one, probably.

The entire thing was an evil, scary scam to me on it’s face, they had a real pit of fire kept alight with real sulfur and brimstone in the bible.

It was built on the remains of a temple where they burned children alive to worship Moloch, so it wouldn’t need to get any worse than it already was in that cult within a cult, to be horrific.

From what I can tell, it did get worse than it was back then, or the dark side of humanity, not just Judaism, never went away, and for obvious reasons, it’s usually kept fairly secret.

It seems like it’s unrelated to talk about the Ukraine war, and the vicious battle between two sides separated by ideology, the hatred over such things as what language they speak, but it’s all quite interconnected.

This Israeli “bio ethicist” talks continuously about surveillance from within the human body, hacking the brain and changing humans into another species.

Many are saying there’s a plot to reduce the population, and while Trump’s claim that there could have been a hundred million deaths like the Spanish flu without the vaccine is ridiculously wrong, something is happening.

I didn’t bother to look at the new study that shows the vaccine didn’t kill anyone, when it was proven it did kill thousands, if not millions. I’d say it’s fairly obvious how evil and corrupt they are.

There are 40% more deaths than normal between 18 and 64 according to an Indiana life insurance company who did a study as part of their work.

It’s virtually proven that all of that extra death is caused by the vaccine, with a list of well over a thousand serious side effects squeezed out of Pfizer, but The Sun are reporting there were no deaths.

There’s a network of lying, scheming, power mad terrorists trying to kill us, and it’s too obvious with the media and the banks to say there’s not a disproportionately large number of Jews involved, what to do about that is another thing.

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