Volodymyr And Vladimir

This Crowhouse video starts with just some of the stories of refugees fleeing from Ukraine who say the Asov battalion, the Ukrainian army were most to blame for their suffering and the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians.

He seems to think that they’re not real nazis but bolsheviks, zionist Jews who have a multi generational feud or hatred of certain groups.

I was just searching gay vampires for some reason. When I hear their names, it’s just the first thing it brings to my mind.

They’re causing war and suffering, endorsing it through the media both because it makes a ton of money for global corporations owned by zionist Jews and also because they just want to kill them.

However when I say that, the majority of the people in the Ukrainian army and even Asov are not actually zionist Jews, they’re Ukrainian, and they think they’re Nazis, and historically, Nazis hated Jews, which many of them probably do, it’s hard to tell.

The way it probably works is they brainwash them with propaganda about saving the white race and their country, then force them into a rigid military command structure where dissent is not tolerated.

Then, even as they’re killing their own white, Ukrainian people by the masses, they either don’t realize they’re working against their supposed goals, or they are afraid to speak up, because they might get shot as a traitor.

It’s so bizarre that they try to portray this as old women with cardboard guns or some crap. The only reason they’re fighting at all is because they got given billions and billions of dollars worth of state of the art US weapons. I mean, what the hell are you going to do with that insane looking thing?

It’s a common story, it’s generally the way they do it here in the West as well, where every war ever fought was at the expense of our soldier’s lives and millions of innocent civilians, costing taxpayers trillions and only ever enriching weapons and oil corporations.

If anyone hasn’t figured it out, they aren’t on our side. They sucked all the power and money out of the government which was the only thing potentially democratic in the name of bringing democracy to third world countries, which it didn’t do, and couldn’t do because the whole premise was a lie.

Zelensky literally played himself on TV before he became president, chosen by American and Israeli foreign policy makers, not the Ukrainian people voting on it. I could try to prove that, but you saw what that was like with the US election. Believe me there’s no democracy in Ukraine and that’s assuming it exists anywhere.

It was a lie about bringing democracy, which was to cover up them stealing the resources, “for us”, which was a lie, because it was for corporate profits, and most of the money they made was stealing from us to pay weapons corporations.

The US is over thirty trillion in debt, and it’s the government I mean, but I say the US because many corporations in the US already went global, and the people will be left with the debt regardless of whether they got scammed obviously by the corporations and a corrupt government.

Is Putin a bad guy? Probably, almost certainly. What really matters is if he’s actually just a banker puppet in the same way Zelensky is, and there is no two sides of a war, only the elites and everyone else.

They have parent and child sub corporations in tax havens around the world using Indian call centers, Bangladeshi sweat shops, Chinese factories.

They already ran off with much of the money they stole, it’s in Cayman island accounts, or possibly in undeclared gold in underground vaults somewhere, leaving the massive debt.

Luckily it isn’t a vast majority who support these evil criminals, the media doesn’t work as well as it used to, but it is still enough of the public and especially those working in the armed forces, that it’s going to be hard to turn this around.

How do you turn it around? Some basic truths need to be established that people should be able to agree on as a vast majority, no brainers.

Sounded pretty loud to me.

Freedom is better than slavery. Peace is better than war. Truth is better than lies and censorship. Love is better than hate, just some real basic morality that needs to be put into practice, they’re not absolute certainties, but kind of.

Sharing is better than selfish greed, but only to a point, and the point at which it’s obvious is when it’s rich people stealing the money from poor people with a gun to their head.

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