How Much Profit Are Bankers Making Out Of Ukraine?

Zelensky is a banker puppet, obviously.

This was quite an astonishing hypocrisy revealed in this Russell Brand video, the people screwing Ukraine over the most are the ones lending them money, because they still want it repaid, obviously.

It’s a little complicated for me to understand, but apparently Ukrainian dollar denominated bonds are trading at 25 cents on the dollar, meaning that even though the interest isn’t that much, banks will force them to pay three hundred percent on their loans.

You have children collecting coins at school to help the poor Ukrainians, sending them money goes to buying US weapons, with debt that’s structured in a way that means they pay far more than the cost of weapons, and the war also costs them money, and kills them, obviously.

Rather than just conceding the small Eastern areas of Ukraine to become independent, or disarm, agree to not join NATO, get rid of the dozens of biological weapons labs run by the US all over the place, Zelensky says the only outcome they will accept is victory.

I’m assuming that if this guy isn’t a puppet specifically put in place to make banking and weapons profits from the start, then the IMF loan he accepted means he has to do exactly what they tell him.

Which in this case is prolonging the profitable war indefinitely while they destroy the entire world with sanctions.

There is no real benefit for Ukraine to fight a war rather than accept Russia’s peace terms, and it’s also true that disobeying the IMF could get them destroyed twice as fast, but the most evil people are the bankers.

Russia are definitely not blameless, but for all I know Putin is a banker puppet as well, a WEF Young Global Leader as well, Klaus Schwab said he was, and I don’t think he was lying, so basically it’s a fake war with real suffering, to squeeze all the blood money out of the entire world.

Food prices in Germany rose by 20-50% in just one day, and that’s just the beginning apparently, the same thing is happening worldwide due to increased energy costs, and it’s not just because of that, they’re doing it on purpose.

It’s just a further continuation of the massive wealth transfer that covid was, by extremely ruthless, evil individuals, and the only justification is they’re holding on to their wealth and power, which of course has to be massively more than anybody else in the world.

What is the solution? You have to kill them all, I’ve been telling people that for over a decade, they’re evil, they’re psychopaths, they continuously attack everyone over and over again, it’s completely justified as self defense if it’s the right people.

If you stand with Ukraine, or with the world’s poor and oppressed people, Russia is not even nearly the number one enemy they have, or that we all have.

They are not an army, they claim to have the ability to buy armies globally, because they bought world leaders, with the money they printed out of thin air.

If you support the latest thing without putting a single ounce of thought into it yourself, trusting the largest mass murdering criminals in the world not to lie, again, like they always do, I hold you personally responsible for whatever comes next and it’s coming.

Say what now? They printed the money out of thin air? They lent people money that doesn’t even exist, and they expect them to pay three hundred percent while in a war that supposedly has the support of the world?

That’s how much power they actually have, none at all, if people simply agree to that, and it really is that simple, but destroying that illusion of fake fiat money is going to be just as hard if not much harder than killing them all.

I keep saying it because they just killed millions of people, and it’s just beginning, although it also never ends.

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