Control Your Soul’s Desire For Freedom

They were screaming we need food and jumping out the window.

The title of this post is a phrase apparently broadcast from a drone to Chinese citizens who are being treated like animals recently, more than they already were.

When they say do not open your window and sing, what they’re talking about is people screaming in the middle of the night out their window because they were locked in and starving.

They have them kneeling on the ground in lines for covid tests that they must take every day to get a QR code to do anything, and they’re beaten and arrested if they refuse, taken to a small quarantine box if they test positive.

A reminder, they made the faulty test and the faulty vaccine from a computer generated simulation of a virus the head of the Chinese CDC said they did not isolate, and of course the entire thing was a plot to take over the world going back decades, it’s an attack.

On the one hand, it is quite substantial how many people have been woken up with memes and alternative media, but on the other, who is actually doing anything about it?

It’s an attack, they’re evil, they’re ten million times more evil than some guy who wants to touch your daughter, and they do that as well, depending on who you’re talking about, they run the pedo blackmail operations.

However, nobody is even talking about killing them even as they detail the ways they’re destroying everything, killing millions, stealing trillions, and half the people praise them like they deserve a nobel peace prize, which they get sometimes by the way.

We’re headed into a manufactured global financial crisis including food shortages, and also including war, potentially full scale war between superpowers, world war three, which I already knew we were in two years ago.

In other news, BlackRock have said they’re using Ukraine as an excuse for pushing digital central bank cryptocurrencies that could be programmed to be used how they want, and tracked at every stage.

I sympathize with the people of Ukraine who just want to live in peace and freedom, however Zelensky is a proven liar, and the most I could give him is he was threatened with death by Nazis and Jews if he didn’t do what they said, which isn’t really that good of an excuse when you’re killing your own people, getting them in massive debt, lying about it, etc.

They said at the world government summit these coins could be so invasive and controlling, we might need a special human rights agreement to protect us from the power they will give governments.

We’re still experiencing potentially millions of deaths from covid vaccines, the third world is still on the verge of starvation from the covid lockdowns, and it seems doomsday preppers were entirely proven right to plan for the worst.

The news of Elon Musk becoming the largest Twitter shareholder doesn’t seem all that important when compared to the Bucha massacre, whether real or fake, whether it was Russia, or actually Ukraine who did it.

There’s always been war in the world, there’s always been starving children, there’s always been evil dictators.

What there hasn’t been all that much of over history is freedom, justice, and democracy, and we have to fight to protect what little of that we have left or we’ll be like China, or worse, forever.

Buy some food before there’s a rush to buy, you may find many of these are sold out, there’s more links on the prepping page.
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