Ukraine In The Membrane, Ukraine In The Brain!

I don’t really know if there’s breaking news from Ukraine, I think they wanted to lay off the story a little because it wasn’t sounding good with all the brutality, from both sides, which has actually been going on a long time there.

Russia was withdrawing last time I checked and there was the suspicion the Asov battallion might have killed their own Ukrainian people in Bucha like they executed the Russian POWs.

They do that sort of thing for revenge that they didn’t fight to the last man against their enemy and because it’s good propaganda lies, they’re cutthroat killers, and I saw Zelensky defend torturing prisoners of war.

International war crimes casually admitted and he just says they are what they are as he requests enough weapons to fight a superpower.

He keeps blaming Russia for the violence, not realizing that brutality to a larger military power’s soldiers might actually convince them to attack you harder, for longer, not give up.

But the entire world has their own problems, they just barely got reprieve from the attack on our liberties based around covid, which had already shifted trillions from the poor to the rich and then there’s food shortages.

Food shortages, a global food crisis, along with a financial crisis, hyperinflation, a one world order consolidating their power by destroying everything not owned by them.

I called the article Insane In The Ukraine because of that cool An0maly song, Ukraine Flag In The Bio.

Buy a book by a highly decorated soldier.

That was pretty cool, and I seen plenty of other awesome resistance songs, but these people really are insane, the ones pushing this cult agenda for what they call “the left”.

I took a break yesterday, had a jam with an old friend, tried to switch off from all this war mess and just play some music.

I think he’s right, we can’t lose, there’s far too many people who saw it straight away, and it’s just too obvious. They suck.

They’re going down, just a matter of time, but that doesn’t mean we do nothing either.

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