What To Do With All These Useless People?

I don’t know when that original interview was conducted with Yuval Noah Harari, but I didn’t miss it when it came out again recently, I published it on my Odysee channel, or the important bits anyway.

He’s been going on about the subject for many years, written books about it, and he’s a top advisor to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.

On the one hand, he is correct that most jobs can be replaced by robots, but that would bring up the question do we want 99% of our jobs to be replaced by robots?

Many people like doing their jobs, many people don’t want to be called useless eaters and exterminated by some evil transhumanist Satan worshipping freak who acts like the elites have the power to do that, even right now.

They been trying for many years, the eugenics programs were out in the open when they started, they actually had popular support, strange as that might seem, which shows the power of propaganda.

The drugs and computer games he mentioned as entertainment for the useless masses were also part of the way they controlled population numbers, making people fat with junk food, sick and sterile with poisons.

They’ve been trying to wipe out our numbers a long time now, but when you hear the way a top advisor to Schwab talks, you can see that they want to ramp up the extermination of the useless eaters, and they believe nobody can stop them.

In a way, this is true, the bankers, the corporations they own, including the USA and their weapons have already killed countless millions, even billions over time, and they’re openly saying they’re going to kill us in the West as well.

In that same interview he said this isn’t Russia in 1917, the masses have no chance of rising up in revolution and defeating the elites, saying it as if they would need to, in order to simply survive the extermination that was being planned.

This isn’t by any means the only guy talking about overpopulation, humans being replaced with machines, active eugenics in the modern day, into the future, it’s the standard elite propaganda for their own kind, whoever that is.

So, they told you they were going to kill you, they told you why they were going to kill you, which included the pollution, resource use, carbon emissions, etc, and the possible threat to their domination of the planet.

It’s as though they don’t even see themselves as human, there’s too many people but not when it comes to them, the freaky weird transhumanist, eugenicist, pedophile elites as they call themselves.

Reminds me of a joke called the Aristocrats. The question is, what am I doing about it, when I’m the one telling you?

Have I even got a single gun to fight them with? Plane tickets to Israel to try to find that guy?

The most I can do is write about it, and I’m in a very small percentage who even agrees something substantial has to be done about these psychopathic murderers who threaten us all.

You can see from the way it was reported in passing on We Are Change, that it doesn’t yet seem like a threat, to most people.

Even though they just attacked the world with biological weapons, and banned the cure, which is by now tiresome for me to try to prove again, I proved it to my own satisfaction that it was an attack.

Realistically if the police don’t flip on these criminals, we don’t have much of a chance, but there are multiple ways that could be achieved.

Ideas can spread like wildfire on the internet, and they did, but actions and the belief that violent or military action is necessary did not follow.

Understandable, it’s a massive task for anyone to try to take on these people by themselves, and nobody wants to be first.

Most don’t even want to deviate from the mainstream narrative in any way at all, even as it goes insane and the murderous eugenicist intent becomes clear.

I’m just letting you know who these people are, how they definitely said they were trying to kill us, they definitely did kill millions in countless ways already, and we must at least know what the truth is, to give us a better chance at survival.

Buy some boxes of canned food (USA), you definitely won’t regret it and it helps to keep the site online.
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