You Are The People In History They Warned Us About

Great video by Andre Antunes and an insane performance by this crazy woman, who seems to be blaming “Republicans” for the attack on democracy that is in fact happening.

The problem is, these lunatics on the “left” are saying Elon Musk is attacking democracy by trying to buy Twitter so that he can guarantee free speech on the platform.

The poll showed 70% or more of Twitter users agreed with Elon that Twitter were not upholding the principles of free speech which is essential to a functioning democracy.

The psychopaths at Google sent out emails to everyone that Google Adsense would be demonetizing anyone who said that Ukraine were guilty of killing their own people, which is a proven fact, that has been reported for almost a decade on mainstream news.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, they’re reading off a script called 1984, they are the ministry of truth, just yesterday I called YouTube the ministry of truth directly for deleting a meme compilation video I made. Infuriating scum.

It’s quite simple what mistake they’re making, the Democrats or the “left” as they appear on TV are most obviously responsible for the attack on freedom and democracy, they called the word freedom an anti vaxxer right wing white supremacist phrase.

You mean like the Asov battalion of Ukraine, funded by the same Jewish billionaire who funded Zelensky? That’s different because they’re Jewish Nazi extremists and they’re just lying about being Nazis to kill the actual right wing fascists, the communists?

If you can’t immediately see through that propaganda, you are either retarded, or evil and on board with the fascist/communist, authoritarian takeover.

I called myself a democratic socialist just two years ago, I was on the far left, and I’m not the only one on the left who is disgusted at the direction the establishment, the media and the elites are pushing that side.

I can’t actually say I am left wing anymore, because it’s been hopelessly tainted with evil and lies, I have to say I’m libertarian or anti authoritarian, and even that phrase got tainted by Antifa, who pretended to be anti fascist, while supporting fascists or communists, whatever.

If you don’t get why people are “switching sides” in unprecedented numbers, it’s because your evil lies are so obvious.

It’s a very simple philosophy, blame them of that which you are guilty yourself, and I know that it also happens on the conservative side.

Trump isn’t guiltless and his party contains people who might as well be Democrats which has now become the most obviously corrupt and criminal party, if you wanted to try to choose a side to blame.

The Republicans used to be more guilty, like they had the Bush family, they were war mongering greedy capitalists funded by evil corporations, always talking about the new world order, but when has that not been the case on either side?

The propaganda that the people were asked to swallow about what philosophy they were supposed to have has changed, and guys like Bill Maher played along with it for a little while, but were finally forced to admit these people are beyond insane.

It’s like a cartoonish evil that could only be achieved by Satanic billionaires sitting around planning to destroy everything and divide everyone and make them want to kill each other.

I used to be left wing and to me it was accepting differences and lifestyle choices, trying to fix wealth inequality, and it wasn’t based on what the political parties themselves said, people just need money, a job or public services to live.

But they’re always overreaching with their powers and now they are everything they claimed to hate about the conservative religious right because they are a cult with a fundamentalist faith in woke bullshit that cancels people for telling the truth.

They have accepted the label they were given of being Satanic and openly embraced it, at least in a meaningful minority, with overwhelming power coming from the top.

What’s up is down, what’s wrong is right, what’s true is false, and fact checked by lunatics pretending to know more than experts, or just violently lying through their teeth. I don’t even believe they could believe it half the time.

It’s not particularly important what it is they’re going on about, it’s almost all bad, and on some level it hurts and kills people, or it wouldn’t be worth arguing about in the first place.

All this pedo stuff is obviously disturbing, it can potentially destroy lives and even kill people.

You could possibly argue the psychology of what causes the extreme reactions by looking at the cultural history, which isn’t just one thing.

Like you can compare it to when they used to marry young, or whatever, but it’s obviously a serious issue which has very little support, and much opposition, and yet they managed to convince a certain large group to support it, already by obfuscation.

What do I mean? The don’t say gay bill, (it wasn’t actually called that), which was designed to stop teachers talking to kids about sex and sexuality, at a very young age, otherwise known as the don’t groom my kid you psycho rainbow flag waving retard pedo freak bill.

They had people say gay, gay, gay, at the Oscars, sponsored by Pfizer, as though it was about not saying the word, which it never was. It was about not showing cartoons of oral sex to kids and worse.

The nicest you can say is these retards on the left are willfully ignorant and brainwashed, mind controlled by gifted propagandists, but I saw this wider attack coming when covid hit, and that was to me a crystal clear see through fraud from day one.

I mean it’s so obvious they don’t care about old people dying, the fact they claimed to care was suspicious and so I said straight away they made the virus in the lab on purpose even before I heard the mountain of evidence that they did.

The attack on our society, on our democracy just became more and more apparent, and it’s so much more obvious than feminism being a eugenics program, which it most certainly was, which was admitted by the eugenicists like Margaret Sanger who were behind it.

It’s obvious once you know, but some will never accept that there is a dark intention of power, money and population control at the root of that and most other social conditioning programs.

Can’t read Chinese but I think it says you do what we say or we stick pins under your fingernails in a death camp you stupid peasants. You have covid, now die!

I don’t really blame Democrats for blaming Republicans, or even for “trusting the science” which actually meant trusting what was already the least trusted industry in the world, with the largest criminal fines, big pharma, and the media, which has a majority calling them the enemy of the people now.

The line I draw is that they continue to support these people as they take away all of our rights to free speech, the right to bear arms, slowly inching us towards the oppressive totalitarian hell that Shanghai is looking at right now.

The Chinese regime is locking them inside their homes without food, literally starving them to death, beating their pets to death with a stick just in case they got “covid” or a cold (now that it’s omicron), and pushing people to such desperate despair they’re jumping from their windows by the thousands.

Saw a video of a Chinese guy running head first into a concrete wall to commit suicide, but if these people had known what this would be like, if they had had the weapons, would they have fought these communist terrorists to avoid this fate years ago, before it was too late?

Ironically, the Jewish bankers behind communism convinced them they would be better off so they fought for communism, which purposefully starved millions to death and imposed a one baby policy, and the entire selling point was, at least they’re not starving anymore.

That’s where we are in the West. We are at the point where we can see the totalitarian scum trying to take all our freedom and make us exactly like China, but with gay rainbow sprinkles, and who has even done a single solitary thing about it other than complain?

The problem with the “good side” is they will try to avoid conflict as much as possible, try to find a peaceful solution, a legal solution, a political solution, but my honest opinion is the only time freedom was ever achieved against evil such as this was with a bloody revolutionary war that decisively killed them all.

When I say that, I don’t mean all left wing retards who swallowed the news garbage. I don’t even mean the politicians who got bought by the corporations, which is not to say that they aren’t guilty of the worst war crimes ever.

I mean the people who own the corporations. The buck has to stop at somebody at the top who decided to attack us in all these various ways, and they definitely deserve to die.

A Ukrainian ad that encourages hate for Russians. On the one hand I can see how you could develop hatred for the other side in a war, however why wouldn’t you hate the people pushing war over peace for weapons profits more?

It’s completely justified to kill them in self defense if it’s the right people because they’re pedos on an industrial scale, with millions of drone bombed children thrown in, biological weapons, poison, slavery, torture, organ harvesting, you name it.

Either they go or America and the world goes, slowly and painfully and I can’t do it by myself, you can’t do it by yourself, but if enough people just hear the actual truth, rather than the obvious lies, I believe we will win.

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