What To Do When Somebody Tries To Kill You

This video by Tucker Carlson sums it up pretty well if maybe not as harsh as it could be.

America is in big trouble, the economy is collapsing, and it’s being helped along by criminals trying to suck all the remaining blood out of a dying animal while they still can.

I criticize America a lot, but if they fall apart, the world is likely to fall apart as well, for more than one reason, it’s not just prices going up or down.

To be honest I mostly gave up trying to convince them.

No matter how much they try to pretend to be social justice warriors, if they run out of food, or money, the next logical thing for the largest army in the world to do is steal it from anyone who has some which will happen no matter what.

They’ve been getting away with doing that sort of thing for a long time, and somehow justifying it with heavy propaganda that most Americans didn’t even notice they were always being fed.

For example, they made up a lie that Saddam had WMDs, which would be reasonable for him to have even if he did, considering they have biological weapons and chemical weapons labs all over the world, dozens just in Ukraine alone.

They then starved or killed millions of people with sanctions, uranium tipped missiles, shock and awe, set the oil fields on fire, landmines, etc.

They even had a torture facility where they stripped detainees naked and stacked them up in pyramids with hoods over their heads when they weren’t waterboarding them or worse.

It’s impossible to imagine anyone but a complete psychopath without any morality doing this job but I wonder if they actually know they’re truly evil men working for evil men.

Now, if that was your country, you would likely think Americans are evil, they must all be exterminated, there is no larger threat in the world.

Remember that this was based around 9/11 which the USA (or the cabal) planned themselves, but that had nothing to do with Iraq even if it wasn’t an inside job, but it was.

China aren’t even that evil and destructive, Saddam wasn’t even as bad as them, they must all die, is what half the world probably feel, and I think there is an ongoing jihad.

Truly evil women as well. You don’t get to justify this crap.

The vast majority of Americans might have eventually opposed the war and even marched with a no blood for oil sign, but they did not really do anything about these psychopathic murdering lying war criminals, not a damn thing at all, and now they get the karma for that.

Like I said over a decade ago, almost two decades ago now, you should have killed them, you should have killed them all. In China with the CCP, you Chinese bastards should have killed them, you should have killed them all.

In Iraq with Saddam, or Afghanistan with the Taliban, you should have killed them, you should have killed them all. It’s like at the end of Friday the 13th watching the last person left alive not kill Jason when he’s knocked out.

I can barely think of a single example of a country that shouldn’t have exterminated their evil leaders a long time ago, at least some of them, because there’s always some of them, and if you don’t get rid of the psychopaths, you get this.

I can remember when anyone claiming to be a liberal was against things like torturing people in death camps, lying and censoring the truth for the military industrial complex and big pharma. They use mind control as well but there’s no excuses.

The last video I was watching before that was a Catherine Austin Fitts interview where she was trying to make it clear to people listening what was going on, if they didn’t happen to notice.

She said they ran out of money, because the criminals stole it all, they can’t afford to pay for old people’s last days, and that’s just the beginning, but that’s just one reason they ramped up the already existing eugenics and genocide programs.

She said we’re in a war right now, it’s literally genocide, they’re killing us, robbing us, taking away all our rights and freedoms, they tried to poison me for real, literally, multiple times.

It isn’t that they’ve been wrong about everything, they lied on purpose, it wasn’t a mistake at all.

She said I’m lucky to be alive but I was always around large groups of people and they didn’t want it to look obvious, they wanted it to look like an accident.

I expect she’ll be having a heart attack fairly soon, which is also what you’re seeing in massive numbers in the general population, emergency calls up 40% according to an Australian politician on TV.

She was trying to get away with saying we don’t know what’s causing it, but something is happening, and that works with the retarded sheep.

It works well enough for 99.999% of people that they won’t accuse someone like that of collaborating with the enemy trying to kill us, by omitting the obvious facts, and take up arms, find them and kill them in self defense, but maybe that’s what needs to be done.

I can’t stomach these scum anymore, in fact I couldn’t stomach them the moment I saw them.

By being stupid or gullible or submissive they might as well be the enemy, even if they don’t think they are, the result is the same, people die because they’re being killed on purpose and nothing changes.

The Jewish billionaire who funded Zelensky’s campaign also funded Asov, along with the CIA. They have Israeli made weapons. Jews who fund literal Nazis waving swastika flags, which may have been what happened in Germany. Why? They’re evil. If not that, then what? They like money?

Things just get continually worse, because those were the people supposed to uphold the laws and regulations that stopped corporations from poisoning us for profits or eugenics but they’re openly corrupt.

Given they are useless or complicit, and both things have exactly the same effect, we get killed, injured, enslaved, bankrupted and starved by criminal scum, they must be removed, by any means necessary and if not by you then by who?

Whether there has been millions killed already is irrelevant, if they continue on the same path of corruption, allowing convicted criminal corporations to cut corners, police themselves, rush through experimental products and force everyone to take them, that will kill millions eventually and the experts say that was the goal, clearly.

A guy told me today them mainland China people are rude and arrogant, which is also what they say about Americans, and the French, but there’s something different when it comes to Jews.

If the Russians or Chinese turned up on the borders of a NATO country and shot fifty men, five hundred men, let alone killed tens of thousands of men, women and children, killing or injuring millions with WMDs, it would be sufficient cause to start world war three, or that’s how the agreement is written.

You might need to think about using nukes because it could end up killing more of your own people, (when I say you, it’s not going to be you deciding on nukes), but if you did nothing, after the government did nothing, game over, we’re living in China, if we’re alive at all, because they would just take advantage of that weakness.

It’s a similar situation but the enemy is in disguise. Without going into a full scale civil war on these obvious traitors, which isn’t likely to happen anyway, there needs to be a response, significant enough to make a dent.

Significant enough to at least make an impression on these bleating sheep so they don’t keep spewing murderous lies.

So they don’t keep pushing censoring the truth, even meme compilations, because being on that side seems less dangerous to them.

If there isn’t one, if we the people never manage to show that you don’t mess with the people of the West or you die, then they will turn us into China, after wiping out most of our numbers, because that’s what they want to do and are obviously doing right now.

If we can’t overcome how soft and stupid we’ve become, if we can’t overcome our fear of the state and their laws, which are increasingly designed to silence us as they sterilize, rape and kill our children, there is no hope, we need that ability to hold these criminals to account because they won’t do it for us.

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I see some hopeful signs like Florida being the first to recommend children don’t take the covid vaccine, (because it kills more of them than covid, obviously), which is a drop in the ocean as far as hope goes.

It’s probably getting better with all that mess, people don’t buy it anymore, but next is the food shortages and world war 3.

I heard they ruled mask mandates were illegal in US federal court, but what they already did to the world just now is much worse than what the same people did to the people of Iraq, and the people responsible deserve death, at a minimum.

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2 thoughts on “What To Do When Somebody Tries To Kill You

    1. My opinion is they told you they were the bad guys after they funded them, to make weapons profits from a war, but there never were actually any good guys, not really.


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