How To Get Away With Killing Everyone In The World

I find it important to remind people what we’re dealing with here, and what kind of people we’re dealing with, because I sometimes forget it myself, and I’m pretty much at the fringe of that side of the debate.

On it’s face, they’re trying to normalize totalitarianism, with endless censorship, freezing people’s bank accounts, arresting journalists, anything and everything really.

There was just an Australian guy Dave Oneegs who had his bank account seized for trying to help flood victims. I believe him more than the Australian government or any MSM liars any day.

There’s not a human alive who can possibly misunderstand that it’s a blatant in your face lie when they say censorship is democracy and free speech is tyranny.

But that is what they’re saying, while dehumanizing any and all opposition in preparation for war, both civil and foreign.

In America, the health and human services secretary said that the covid vaccine was killing twice the amount of black people than it was white people, and Salty Cracker was like, where’s the fact check, no fact check?

No, they actually said that it’s killing more black people than it is white people, which is already obvious to see with the healthy young sports players dropping dead on the field, with this Australian politician saying there is a 40% increase in emergency calls.

I think this is the point in the narrative where they just blatantly admit to everything they did to provoke any alpha males into violent action, and they probably got something for that, or so they think, unless it’s bigger and faster than they expect.

Pedogroomersayswhat? No sympathy for totalitarian scum.

They got the ability to cause the breakdown of the supply chains, they got the ability to poison the water or the food, bad medicines from big pharma, cyber attacks, weather modification causing floods or crop failures, etc.

Because they penetrated the cabinets and the government regulators with evil henchmen serving the Bilderbergers or the WEF, the Freemasons, the Jews, or whoever it is they got dirt on, they sure got a fighting chance.

I think when it became clear that even if 9/11 wasn’t an inside job, the Bin Laden family definitely had US weapons shares, along with the Bush family, people began to divide into two distinct groups.

I say they got a fighting chance because after three days without food people will cook and eat their own children, at least that’s what they said in the bible, and in various accounts of history like the famous story of the Donner party.

Before they do that, or kill themselves, you would think they would kill the scum responsible and eat them, or take their food, and they look pretty damn obvious as a target in their large expensive houses, and they didn’t take all our guns, not yet.

If I knew I was going to have to shoot someone, I’d have the weapons to do it. I’m sure many people have a head start on me.

You would think they would do that, in fact you would think they would have listened to me saying it for over a decade, along with millions of people and started already, on some level.

They’re skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, lock up your wives and your children, it’s the Illuminati, bringing the new world order.

They’re Satanists, literal Satan worshiping psychopaths, killed millions of children on record, they said they thought it was worth it, kill them, kill them now!

You freaking morons, at what point will you wake up when the facts are so in your face? Don’t you realize that legit psychopaths will kill anyone including you, just for fun?

They’re yelling out their windows, “why are you starving us to death” in Shanghai, if they’re not jumping out their windows. I don’t ever say this stuff just to be an edge lord. Shit’s about to get real.

They didn’t even reply when I said that, or anything like that, when I talked about what the CIA used to do to children, orphans and homeless people, what they still do probably, around the world.

Given that’s on record, and the on record military and intelligence crimes against humanity isn’t even scratching the surface of the big picture, it’s entirely reasonable to make the case that they are a constant threat to all life on earth, and obviously the largest threat.

My view is it’s always been the same group of people since the bible, the Romans and the Jews, or the evil Jews, or maybe there’s a bunch of Satanists above them, Jesuits, Freemasons, I don’t really know, it’s meant to be a secret, but the money doesn’t lie, and it speaks volumes about it’s owners.

They were behind the Russian revolution, they were behind the Chinese revolution, they probably weren’t behind the American revolution, but they might have been, some say they were behind the French revolution, and there’s good evidence Jewish bankers funded the Nazis.

This is the problem, there have been many revolutions but usually the only people powerful enough to make them happen and talented enough to mind control that many people to rise up against their oppressors is them.

It’s a cult, but it’s more than just a cult. Even if it was just that, religion stays with people until they die, and they will die for a belief that is obviously a lie to anyone else, but it’s even worse than that.

They got mind control techniques using subliminal messages, hypnotic flashing lights and music, neuro-linguistic programming, etc. It is cult brainwashing but worse, and they admitted they used mind control in those exact words.

That’s where we’re at now, and even when they admit they did it, even when 90% of people finally accept that they admitted that they did it, attacked us all on purpose, to reduce our numbers, nobody is going to kill them, or it’s never happened yet. Why is that?

They won’t do it because even the people who thought they woke up from the mind control are mind controlled.

The threats of a Christian hell or alternatively life in prison and being ostracized by society are enough that I don’t ever see anyone tracking them down and killing them, even though they did already admit to killing millions based on lies, for personal profit.

Buy an LGB hoodie on Amazon.

That is what needs to happen because they are completely evil, completely psychopathic, they are killing us right now, by the millions, even admitting that they are doing that themselves, on TV.

Until there’s at least one to five percent of civilians, or police, army, intelligence, anyone, who says fuck them, I know where they live, I know where those slimy Satanic murderers live, I can take them, they’re nothing, we got no chance.

What they’re doing is pushing us until we stop them by literally killing them, which is what has to be done, and maybe that will launch them into a harder martial law attack, and you know the answer to that? Kill them faster. Get ready for war is my suggestion.

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You mass murdering lying monsters, you are the largest danger to the USA, the Ukraine, and Russia. You.

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