Latest Developments In The Battle For Free Speech

So, Elon Musk bought Twitter, which is as far as I can tell, a win for free speech and freedom, although it’s entirely possible I’m missing some things to do with identity verification.

It’s good, but it’s basically just going back to the status quo that is supposed to be the first and most important amendment of the US constitution, and there’s some things about Elon Musk that are a little fishy.

She might be into Satanism because she likes doing a little cocaine with all that emerald money, or maybe she’s naturally creepy.

For example, his mother poses in photos doing the 666 hand sign over her eye, like Trump, and Biden, and every Hollywood celebrity, like literally almost all of them.

Could be just a fad, an inside joke, who knows? Elon tried to make a computer chip to go in people’s brains, but apparently the monkey died of a brain infection, from what I heard.

I kind of been winding down my blog posts a little and I started making music again, because I got given an old refurbished Mac as a gift from a friend.

My first attempt is called ThisTube, which remixes a speech from the movie Network. Still getting the hang of the new software, but I like it.

I started telling people the CIA was spying on me a decade ago because from what I can tell the CIA or the NSA is spying on literally everyone in the world, especially me.

I’m about to release another one that remixes a speech by Charlie Chaplin from the movie The Great Dictator.

The last Odysee video I uploaded was a documentary about organ harvesting in China called Hard To Believe, and I’m going to keep doing all that stuff, it was just taking up all my time and I need to work on my vegetable garden and do some fun things as well.

Anyway, if you don’t see enough information on this page, look at my previous posts which will lead you to my favorite creators channels and by watching their latest videos, you should be able to figure out what’s going on.

There’s a lot going on in the world, perhaps more than there has been in a long time, but after looking at it too long, I’m starting to find it a little boring, even if it is still quite scary.

It’s probably not the most interesting topic, who owns Twitter, and it doesn’t automatically fix all the problems with censorship, but it is something, and hopefully the trend continues.

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