Bill Gates Personally Funded Gain Of Function Research

You could compare the US government to the Nazis, but that would be overlooking the fact they came up with the eugenics idea and were forcibly sterilizing the feeble minded and inferior races first, in America, and the Nazis basically just copied them.

I sort of missed this one from Ice Age Farmer, it’s from a month ago, he did another video about bird flu and the former CDC director which I’ll link to on Bitchute and Odysee in case something happens with YouTube.

If it wasn’t enough that the NIH were funding gain of function research on literal biological weapons, they long ago let the regulations on who could legally fund gain of function research slide to the point that anyone could.

It’s only ever like one degree of separation from literal Nazis or Bolsheviks, or no separation at all really.

The only thing that makes Bill Gates different from an Islamic terrorist is nothing, absolutely nothing at all, except he says he isn’t a terrorist and he’s got the backing of the largest criminals in the world, who killed the most people which is basically how and why they got so rich.

I’m not going to try to sugar coat any of that, he is a terrorist eugenicist, supported by terrorist eugenicist mass murdering child killers who regularly, constantly kill millions of men, women and children with bombs, with sanctions, with poisons and by selling drugs, etc.

There is no part of me that thinks he has good intentions, the only way you could logically interpret it to be good is he thinks there are too many people, because climate change.

He might think the standard of living based on things like resource use and pollution will not be as good as it could be for those left alive as it would be if he killed half the people on the planet and that’s not even a new philosophy.

Yeah, the idea that most people believe or support these monsters is gradually being debunked. Most people don’t, but they still aren’t willing to risk their lives on the slim hope that the armed forces will mutiny and kill the scum instead of the people if we rise up.

That’s the death rate of the 1918 Spanish flu crossed with the modern bird flu, apparently, or it might be. Nobody really knows, or they don’t have studies done on actual humans they can point to, I don’t think.

This was over a decade ago, at about the time Bill Gates gave a TED talk about how we need to reduce one of these things to near zero, first we have population, then services and energy.

There was never any plan to reduce services, and they’ve known how to make free energy from stuff like the tides going in and out for a long time, it wasn’t really profitable for the oil companies, they would sometimes kill people who said things like that, if they couldn’t buy them out.

So, because Bill only invests in things that make money, he’s not going to give you free energy, he’s going to kill everyone, because he’s a Satanist.

He had a Microsoft patent with 666 as the number or 2020 as in ID2020, then 060606 if you had any doubt that he was and also the people issuing the patents.

There’s actually been dozens of examples like that just with him personally, luciferase and all that mark of the beast stuff, but the wider Satanic cult has been exposed so many times it’s pointless to name them all.

CHICAGO, IL – JANUARY 6: President George Bush makes the University of Texas hook’em horns sign during a speech to the Economic Club of Chicago January 6, 2006. You mean he’s not in a Satanic cult called skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb at Yale?

You either believe that it’s a harmless inside joke, like doing the horn sign at a rock show, or it’s actually a very serious thing with real world consequences, outside of the religious ideas of eternal damnation.

I’ve been pretty clear about what I think in all my latest posts, you don’t mess around when someone is succeeding in killing millions with plans to kill potentially billions more, or you do, you are, but you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t be messing around, in what you’re saying, how you’re saying it, or what you’re actually doing, and I know not everyone’s cut out to be or in the right circumstance or location to be a soldier or a vigilante but they’ve succeeded in scaring most people into silence.

These people are clearly evil, clearly liars, clearly killing us, and I think they are pushing to see where the line is, and the message they are getting is, we see what you’re doing, but it still hasn’t crossed the line that we will act with force, not yet.

It wasn’t me that’s for sure. I haven’t even been voting the last twenty years because I don’t even believe they count the votes.

In the vast majority of cases in the entire human race, they aren’t even trying to be vocal about the fact they see the evil and genocide taking place and in reality, they might not be able to see it.

There are enough of those mind controlled slaves that even when they see their family die of engineered Spanish/bird flu after they took away all the meat and were forced to eat bugs, like we warned them about, they still won’t even call for doing anything real about it, if they even had the ability after they perfect the AI censorship.

Why? Because the TV didn’t tell them to do it. Not even the most banned, right wing alternative media internet TV replacements told them to get their shit together and kill the worst criminals in the world, before it was too late, and hence, it’s almost upon us, the great culling.

Buy a book on Amazon.

It’s already here for millions, and I guess it always was, it was just usually happening to someone else, somewhere else in the world.

There’s no countries in the mind of the globalists anymore, there’s the elites and the useless eaters, the vulgar, unwashed masses, which is the vast majority of everyone.

They had ways of using language to vilify and dehumanize everyone who wasn’t in their particular cult or religion for a very long time, it goes back to BC times, and not just in one culture.

You may not notice it even now in the West, even as it happens, because it was the American media corporations controlling what you knew, and what you thought about their constant murder of all life on the planet, but the next one will get their attention, this time.

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