Big Pharma Lied About Flu Deaths To Sell Flu Shots

“[According to CDC statistics], ‘influenza and pneumonia’ took 62,034 lives in 2001—61,777 of which were attributable to pneumonia and 257 to flu, and in only 18 cases was the flu virus positively identified.”

This was quite an important bit of information to learn and I thank The Last American Vagabond for digging it up, and providing the show notes as evidence of everything he said.

As reported by The Huffington Post when they actually had some credibility, which has been stripped from almost every single mainstream media publication, the CDC lied about flu deaths to sell vaccines.

18 cases positively identified is small enough to say maybe it didn’t even happen, they simply lied and said it did, but they can tell super massive whopping great lies with large numbers as well.

You have to look on the Wayback machine to find some of it, particularly the stuff that was on the CDC’s own site, or removed from the WHO’s website, but it turns out there are simply not 35,000 people dying of the flu every year in America, and definitely not millions in the world.

What happened was they lumped rhinovirus and other colds and flues in with pneumonia which is usually bacterial and totally separate from the flu virus, which is almost never tested to confirm, and in actual fact the real estimate of flu deaths from influenza alone is a few hundred at most.

Some would say I would be reckless to risk the lives of the very young, or very old, who they lied and said were dying of the flu at a rate of over a hundred times more than they actually were. It’s not hard to see they pose a far greater risk than what we always faced, getting the flu, because you can’t trust them.

Take a look at a quote from the BMJ medical journal:

The CDC website states what has become commonly accepted and widely reported in the lay and scientific press: annually “about 36 000 [Americans] die from flu” ( and “influenza/pneumonia” is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States ( But why are flu and pneumonia bundled together? Is the relationship so strong or unique to warrant characterising them as a single cause of death?

BMJ December 2005

The reason why it matters is if there aren’t 35,000 deaths a year caused by the specific virus called influenza and it’s actually over a hundred times less than the number they attributed to that virus, (if not as low as 18 confirmed), and the influenza vaccine deaths are higher than that, then they’re killing people, without even considering at what age they’re dying.

Given that the vaccine injury reports to VAERS were always estimated to be about a hundred times less than there actually were in reality, and flu vaccine injuries and deaths were the most deadly of all the vaccines, before the covid vaccine became about a hundred times worse than that, it’s a no brainer.

I was actually saying before I knew about that obfuscation that when the flu shot often works less than half the time to stop infection, transmission, hospitalizations and deaths, based on their numbers, and they’re complete liars, the injuries from the shot aren’t worth it, already.

In my view it was bad enough already to warrant banning the flu shot, and that case is a hundred times better given this “new” evidence, which is most significant because they just blatantly obviously lied through their teeth.

They said we need to sell vaccines, how can we sell more vaccines? I know, we can just say there are tens of thousands of people dying of the flu by including pneumonia, even though the flu shot does not vaccinate against pneumonia, and they’re two completely different things.

Let’s say ten thousand children were put in wheelchairs and a hundred thousand had lifelong immune disorders, brain injuries, various conditions, and there were more healthy young people who died as a result of the flu shot than it saved.

This is definitely true, that definitely happened, and I was certain that it was worse than not getting it when I hadn’t calculated that it was at least a hundred times worse than I had originally thought.

It’s entirely a negative, entirely an attack on our health, it doesn’t even work, it isn’t needed, it costs billions, and they blatantly, obviously committed fraud to attack the entire human race with poison, while robbing them.

That’s before they did the same thing again, but dramatically worse, with the whole goddamn covid thing, which is on a whole other level, like world ending evil beyond comprehension.

This is just scratching the surface of their crimes, and it might give you just a clue as to why I been saying kill them, kill them all, for over a decade, before I learned about the vaccines.

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Yeah, that’s me too, in a very simplistic way, but you have to wonder if that was on purpose.

One thought on “Big Pharma Lied About Flu Deaths To Sell Flu Shots

  1. This makes me sick! How many other medications that are prescribed that are really worse than the illnesses? Also how many cures have been found that are being hidden by these sick ,money hungry drug makers? This whole scamdemic has opened our eyes to the corruption of the politicians, and pharmaceutical company’s for there love of money only, and not the benefits to the human race! We need an over site community made of unpaid volunteers to oversee the production and distribution of all drugs! And all the moneys that have been stolen from the world needs to be seized from all these sick executives and truly ,redistributed back to the people!

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