Are We About To Be Starved To Death?

These people are eugenicists, perhaps even most of them who support the authoritarian side of politics. They know they’re lying about everything in order to sterilize and exterminate to slow climate change or some crap. They just married themselves to the evil plan, no matter what.

The thing about the planned food shortages which are being engineered on multiple levels all around the world, is even if you have years worth of food stored, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe.

Ice Age Farmer mentioned Dan Andrews as just one example of psychopathic globalist terrorists making laws to destroy food and fine people up to ten thousand dollars if they do or say anything they deem as “misinformation” or that obstructs their “authorized officers” in destroying that person’s food.

Victoria is a George Soros Strong City, a Rockerfeller Foundation Resilient City, and they signed the belt and road deal with China. What that tells me is Dan Andrews is either easily bribed, blackmailed, or threatened, or maybe he actively sought out these people to sell out to, but no matter how you look at it, he’s a traitor. We can see what happened there, it’s world famous, but used as an example of the perfect pandemic response by Bill Gates, even just recently.

They also plan to charge people for any costs they deem as necessary on top of the fines for the method they decide to use for destroying your food, which may not just be your farm business and livelihood, but your actual food that you need to survive.

Clause 20 makes miscellaneous amendments to section 58 of the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 to clarify and modify the provision in relation to debt recovery and broaden the scope of the directions that may be included in a destruction notice. These amendments provide that a notice may, in addition to dealing with the destroying of chemical products, fertiliser, stock food, agricultural produce, plants or stock, also provide for otherwise dealing with the thing by alternatives means such as recycling. The amendments also include an express provision that action for the recovery of costs may be taken in a court of competent jurisdiction and the costs can be recovered as a debt.

Agriculture Amendment Legislation Bill 2022 Victoria

I have been saying this for two years because it’s obvious, that guy is a traitor, working for an evil foreign power, and his role is just utter destruction of the state of Victoria and the country of Australia, in every way possible.

He’s a psychopath, and he’s working for psychopaths, and I could bring up all the various ways he’s been responsible for literally killing people, but this makes it virtually impossible to misunderstand his psychopathy and evil, which is actually quite common worldwide now.

This American woman glued her hand to a basketball court in response to a guy who killed over 5 million of his own chickens and shut down his chicken factory, and her concern was the chickens being cooked alive. It’s noble I guess, factory farming and extermination methods are horrible, but you can see why I think we’re all going to die.

It’s perhaps purposefully just short of literally killing someone if you take away their food in a crisis because maybe they have money, maybe they have a car, maybe they have another way of feeding themselves, but maybe they don’t.

When taken in the context of the massive attack on humanity that has been going on even before the last two years, in all aspects of everything, with global food shortages literally announced globally, an attack on the food supply thus becomes a potentially lethal attack given the timing.

When someone comes at you with an attack with a potentially lethal weapon, which was possibly less obvious with the vaccines, but which also qualify, you can legally kill them in self defense, or use the threat of force, regardless of what bullshit “laws” they come up with.

Not only is it warranted, or legally justifiable, it is probably entirely necessary, and if you are expecting these bastards to show up at your farm to kill all your chickens and you don’t have a team of men with guns to protect yourself, either from them, or the hordes of starving people who might be after your food generally, you might very well starve to death, or get killed by the starving.

These scum might then charge you ten thousand dollars in a hundred increments of the fine that they drew up for obstructing them from destroying your food in a global food shortage, hyperinflation and world war three, but you could then not pay it and threaten to kill them if they come back with another terrorist attack.

I’m starting to look back on all these “mistakes” in a different light now, like perhaps they were all on purpose.

This is a terrorist attack, on so many different levels it’s hard to keep track of them all, but if there is anyone who does not understand that it’s a blatant, vicious, and out in the open attack, and the victims are getting ready to kill these monsters and justified in doing so, then I think those people really just need to die as well.

You will see the attack if you watch mainstream TV, although you may have to interpret it as they will be trying to shift blame to “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists” spreading misinformation that requires censoring free speech like China.

It’s entirely possible that if you were watching TV you have been mind controlled and so wouldn’t recognize this but China, or the CCP is bad, you didn’t even used to have to explain that.

They have death camps where they harvest people’s organs, even cutting them out while they’re still alive, without an anesthetic.

That collapse of that nurse looked a little fake, like possibly bad acting, but if it was, then the same people were responsible for doing that, to divide society, perhaps to start a civil war, so either way, it’s still the same thing, evil.

They were doing that in Japan during world war two, the doctor said it became like cutting down trees, as he did scientific experiments of live vivisection to test the effects of biological weapons they planned to use on America.

That was however at least called science, and these people are just straight killers who harvest your organs to sell, for profit, and that’s the heroes of the authoritarian scum who are attacking us. They’re Chinaphiles.

Communism was originally invented by a different group of people, the Jews, or the Satanic/Atheist Jews, and I’m not going to go into that again, I’ll just say it’s confirmed, they already starved people to death in Russia, in China, in Ukraine, that was where Holodomor happened.

For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, you have to kill them, you have to kill them all, or be ready to, and if your objection is anything other than: but they have more and bigger guns, then you can’t think straight, and it’s a lack of balls and brains that allows any of this to happen at all.

They deserve to die, people like Dan Andrews, (a minor player really), but also anyone who follows his orders because at this point you’re beyond willfully ignorant if you don’t get it.

The logic is impossible to ignore and that or something like that is pretty much going to need to happen to reclaim our world, unless you want to eat bugs and weeds, and you probably won’t even get those.

To the armed forces I say that you are risking your own lives as well as ours by not recognizing these treasonous, murderous traitors for what they are and killing them dead, because there is no other solution and they’re pushing the issue all the way to one conclusion or the other.

Us or them, and that includes you if you’re with them. That’s not a threat, it won’t be me personally, it will be the starving masses, millions of them, and at that point, it won’t matter if they know who to blame or not.

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