Who Is Complicit In These Crimes Against Humanity?

It’s predictable now, when you get an obvious pattern that shows corruption and criminality, perhaps even verging on genocide by psychopathic Malthusian eugenicists, you’ll get a fact check saying it didn’t happen.

However with some people, you don’t even need a fact checker, they are themselves purveyors of propaganda for the ministry of truth of the evil empire.

I obviously haven’t read all of the latest 80,000 page Pfizer document dump myself, but you might as well say it shows they’re straight trying to kill us, and not doing too badly at it.

Some retarded Antifa loser troll called Defy Against blocked me last night because I was trying to explain something really obvious, that they lied about how many people die of the flu every year and he either didn’t believe it, didn’t care, or he’s actually a paid troll working for them.

It says on the CDC’s own site that it’s only five thousand flu deaths a year, and there’s probably less, yet Google tells people it’s “sometimes over 100,000” and that excerpt from top search results is all 90% of people will ever bother to look at. They won’t even click on the link. It’s not true, it’s a lie, and that’s who does the fact checks.

Just for a quick bit of proof of what I’m talking about, here’s the CDC page that explains that pneumonia kills at least ten times more people than the flu, and when you search flu deaths, you get pneumonia numbers, because they are just plain lying, to sell flu shots which don’t work, even confirming their own lie on their own site.

 “That didn’t add up to me,” said Faust, who regularly saw patients dying of other causes, like gunshot wounds and heroin overdoses, but rarely saw patients dying of the flu. Turns out, the CDC says that 61,000 number is an estimate. This fact check seeks to make the point that covid is a lot worse than the flu by pointing out they lied about how many flu deaths there were by 90%. How many deaths did the CDC say had covid alone on the death certificate? That’s right, only 6%.

There was one step in between, where they bundled flu and pneumonia deaths together, but when you search it on Google, it gives you a lie, and it was calculated and planned that most people, even doctors would believe the fake number that was 90% wrong or more, and I believe it’s like that for almost everything and getting dramatically worse all the time.

Why does that matter what some dipshit loser Antifa piece of crap thinks about that? That mindset of dismissing obvious crimes and corruption as misinformation or conspiracy theory is so common, it’s more common that people will do that than won’t.

It’s a programmed, mind controlled response, that hypnotized sheeple give, that just dismisses my irrational questioning of “the science” which as I just showed you is a complete lie, off by at least 90%, and 100% proven that they lied and knew they were lying.

When this is allowed to happen and nobody kicks up a fuss, it then happens again, and again, and the point at which we should have kicked up a fuss was at least twenty years ago, and it was up to us because doctors get fired if they do, and big pharma whistleblowers get killed.

Where I am in Australia, in 2020 there were zero flu deaths and about the same number that would have happened were in that year called covid deaths, just like that, except they weren’t even flu deaths when they said they were, they were pneumonia deaths, so it was the second time they did that.

It was already at that point long ago when I told you that America is run by a Satanic cult that openly calls themselves skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, Satanic rituals, tell their sexual secrets in a coffin as initiation, etc.

Actual, literal, Satan worshiping scum who plot to fly planes into the world trade center to start a twenty year war that costs the taxpayers trillions, because it makes them trillions, who plot to attack the world with biological weapons and starve us to death.

When you think about government spending, most don’t make the connection that the government is the corporations, and their spending is their profit because they long ago infiltrated it, and it’s too late now, because they’ve sucked out every last drop of blood.

About ten percent said they seriously considered suicide waiting on this shot in the hardest locked down areas, if they didn’t starve to death in some parts of the world. That wasn’t necessary and didn’t work, at all. Vitamin D and healthy food would have worked better than anything they had.

America is now at the point of Germany just before world war two, or something similar, and basically everyone is screwed, even the world is probably screwed at this point.

The only thing these evil, greedy, eugenicist pedophile monsters know how to do is to be parasites and it only works if they choose a submissive feminized bunch of retards as victims who don’t kill them no matter what they do.

They can only latch on to their victim and suck out all their blood, and then they just keep sucking until there’s nothing left, and when there is nothing left, even if they have almost all the money in the world, there’s nothing left for them to do but try to steal more.

This is why even though they basically print their own money, and they have all of it, gained entirely from robbing and murdering millions of us in endless wars, by selling drugs, etc, they can only imagine killing more of us, so that we use less resources.

They have all the money, now they want all the resources, and they can’t take all the resources while we’re still alive, so they will just get rid of us, and that’s what they’re doing, and I know that because it’s what they said they’re doing.

You won’t hear about the Pfizer document dumps on the news, we have to become the news, all of us, and if you’re not blogging, then maybe you can do your part by sharing.

When almost all of their crimes are that obvious, they said they did it, announced the food shortages before they happened, announced they would be fact checking misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world at the pre planning tabletop exercise, there’s only one group holding us back.

I mean there’s one group holding us back from killing these scum, and to be fair, they may be partially responsible for holding back the psychopaths from killing us, in an open shooting rampage, but not really.

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The police have been informed about these obvious crimes, like I personally filled out a terrorist report on Bill Gates, people walked in letters and legal documents all around the world.

This is real obvious at this point, and I don’t like to hold people as complicit in murder for repeating programmed responses, so I’ll just say they deserve a good punch in the face, rather than a bullet, to wake them up, but they better wake up soon.

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She died in 2020 trying to get this out to the world – hear her words – HER DEATH WILL NOT B in VEIN

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