How Far Will They Go To Depopulate The World?

Are these people MAD enough to provoke a nuclear war?

The Wall St Journal published an article entitled The US Should Show It Can Win A Nuclear War.

I don’t know how anyone can take this seriously, it seems literally MAD, but there it is, they’re intent on pushing the Ukraine conflict to the point of nuclear war, or it seems that way.

Maybe the purpose is to promote endless fear campaigns just to induce enough fear to make people easier to manipulate.

I would say maybe they just wrote a sensationalist article to get more readers to a dying newspaper, but if I’ve learned anything in recent times, it’s that these people are insane.

As I’ve been saying, they planned to start a war that would kill half the people in the world.

First China will catch a cold, they said, laughing at the Freemason meeting, according to an insider, then war will break out between nuclear powers.

To say I don’t have faith in elections would be an understatement, I think both sides are generally so evil they should just die.

I haven’t really been staying on top of the latest news as much as usual because we’ve got an election coming up in a week in Australia.

I went to a protest over the weekend and I’ve even been putting flyers in letterboxes for the freedom supporting parties who aren’t the majors.

I think it’s a coin flip whether they even count the votes, I give it maybe a fifty percent chance of being a legit election process, and even less chance of it making the kind of difference we need, but you have to try everything.

When I first looked into George Soros he seemed to be saying the right thing, which was billionaires will do literally anything for money.

Why do I say that? The government broadcaster, the ABC, didn’t allow the minor parties a platform to say what they thought on TV and it was left to Rebel News and their own promotion efforts.

At this point, anyone still watching mainstream media news is pretty much a lost cause anyway, but that’s kind of the problem, or it’s the entire problem really.

I didn’t set out to be racist or antisemitic, but the people I’m talking about are basically Jewish billionaires, at least half the time.

My father for example cannot hear a single point about the crimes against humanity of the largest criminals in the world without automatically defending them as though he was under mind control.

I was saying these people lied on record over and over again, using the media as a tool to manufacture consent to kill millions based on lies in wars started only to make weapons profits, while stealing resources from poor people, and it’s exactly the same with big pharma corporations.

He told me already he doesn’t like feeling bad and it makes him feel bad if he allows himself to recognize the truth of the way the world actually is in reality so he lives in a bubble of fiction, like most people, just to stay blissfully willfully ignorant.

I tried to explain to him, you can’t admit that and refuse to look at one side of a debate because it’s uncomfortable, and then even pretend that you have an opinion of your own.

In my opinion he has no opinion. It requires knowing things and being able to accept reality both good and evil to be able to form an opinion about it.

His brain is too weak to accept the possibility of evil men who require a revolution to overthrow them because that might mean getting stressed, or scared, or hurt, or whatever.

Even as I say that, the most I can do about it is write these blog posts, or go to a protest, put flyers in letterboxes, put stickers on poles in the city, but at least I’m doing something.

At least I recognize that when they say we’re going to have food shortages, it’s going to be real, and then the reasons for the food shortages become apparent after it was announced, that means they’re trying to kill us, and it’s now very obvious.

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I remind everyone that last century, governments killed 250 million of their own citizens, which isn’t counting the millions more that were killed in wars which were primarily to make money for the elites, not the people.

If you count all the other ways the rich elite bastards killed people, it would be closer to a billion, just last century, and now there are more people, who they’re openly saying are even more necessary to kill.

Anyway, you been warned and if you don’t already look stupid beyond belief for not believing it, it’s going to become so apparent, people will think you have an actual computer chip literally inserted in your brain and you are dying from a brain infection.

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