The Globalists Push Forward With Their Attack

If the CCP made false flag propaganda which they did, they were in on it, and it was also that obvious from the globalists, who mentioned censoring misinformation about a coronavirus with Bill Gates funded fact checkers at event 201 two months earlier.

So the WHO is trying to push through a pandemic treaty that gives them unelected global power over every country in the world in the area of health, to do anything they want at any time by claiming an emergency.

First, let’s define what just happened. China showed video of people falling over in the street from “covid”, then they had trucks and teams spraying every inch of dirt with disinfectant, sparking a global terror campaign.

They’re still doing it, they’re wrapping people up like packages and taking them away for no reason, they escape on rope ladders from their homes to get food to survive because they’re being locked in and starved to death.

The same government has death camps where they torture political prisoners before harvesting their organs for sale, even cutting them out without an anesthetic.

So it’s not surprising that they’re digging up vegetables by force, by saying they have covid, that they have robot cameras scanning the fields and barbed wire around them to stop people planting crops.

Realistic depiction of the great famine.

They did this already, and as if to make it clear that the millions who died in Mao’s Great Leap Forward wasn’t an accident, they’re doing it again and making it real obvious how goddamn evil they are.

Why do I bring up China? Well, China is now the richest country in the world and the World Health Organization is mostly funded by Bill Gates and the USA, but anything involving the world would obviously include China.

I think the reason he’s still alive is the people against him were mostly Christian types, nice, mild mannered, not criminals, and most of those who supported him haven’t even heard him say this, and if they did, they’re probably embarrassed for being so gullible and stupid.

As you know, Bill Gates came out recently and said we made a mistake, covid was kind of like the flu and only really affected old people and fat people who were almost about to die anyway, and he’s still alive, strangely.

The other point is they had to be working with China on the gain of function in the Wuhan lab, (if it even exists), the propaganda hoax, the global plandemic scam, the great reset, the new world order, the fourth industrial revolution, all of it.

Understand this guy isn’t saying you should kill all the Jews, just the 300 who were trying to take over and install Marxist communism, a dark, ruthless ideology which killed around 30 million Russians.

My understanding is that it was the Jewish bankers, the globalists who came up with the idea, people like the Rockerfellers, the Rothschilds, George Soros, Bill Gates, the usual suspects.

Some say the Rockerfellers aren’t Jews, and maybe they aren’t, maybe they are. I don’t think it’s that important if they are, but just because they say they aren’t doesn’t mean they aren’t, and that’s important to understand.

Who are the richest people in the world? Try to find out. What’s the first thing 90% of people do? Google it. I’m using Yandex to find sources because Google is so bad for everything now.

They own the media, they own big tech, social media platforms, they own almost everything, and part of how they did that was lying about everything, infiltration, corruption, propaganda, etc.

Why is there a baby formula shortage? Bill Gates is in the synthetic breast milk business. Sound crazy?

So far as I can tell it’s the Jewish bankers at the top of the money stack, they have allies in the Freemasons, the Jesuits, Skull And Bones, most political parties, most countries, anyone who likes money, or drugs, women, children, you name it.

The theme is that if you move in those circles which is basically the establishment, you are either evil or willfully ignorant on a level that is hard for me to believe even exists.

You might say, how could you avoid the mainstream when they own everything and are making it increasingly impossible to avoid dealing with them all the time on every issue, even just to stay alive?

I’m not saying you can, but if some brainwashed authoritarian piece of crap tries to force a mask on me or wrap me up in packing tape, they’re probably going to get hurt, and I don’t care if that’s a popular idea, it’s the only idea we got left between us and communism.

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