How Bad Is Communism Really And Is That What This Is?

Russian proverb

I just started watching the Europa series, which seems to be hours and hours of documentary about the Bolsheviks and the Jewish connection to communism and stuff like that.

Quite legitimately terrifying. The only time I’ve ever heard of brutality and evil like that was learning about the Vatican inquisition. Wouldn’t you know it, another religious terror group.

But these people weren’t religious, wasn’t that the whole point of communism? Religion is the opiate of the masses? No, they’re Satanic or Talmudic Jews, they just lied, that’s how I understand it.

Some say they were the Khazarians who had their own unique dark religion, but were forced to convert to Judaism a long time ago.

Saturn is a Roman God who eats babies and apparently, so do his followers. No kidding, they eat babies.

Some say the Satanic practice went back to the Canaanite child sacrifice cult of Moloch, some say it’s the black cube of Saturn, or the star of Remphan or an Egyptian God they worship.

Maybe it’s a Babylonian cult, maybe it’s Sabbatean Frankism, or it’s the cult of the all seeing eye, the illuminati, the Luciferian Freemasons, and so on.

It’s all kind of the same thing really, or at least it’s all mixed together in folklore and shrouded in secrecy.

The overall theme points to worship of the dark side, worship of themselves, carnal desires, drugs, sex, violence, greed, and all that.

About to shoot up some smack or something you creepy weirdo? Seriously, even if this isn’t proven to be a baby eating cult, it’s dumb as fuck and you deserve to be mocked for doing it.

Just the number of different Satanic cults should tell you it’s not a small thing and even if it’s different cults, the result is about the same.

It’s just a matter of how bad people will let it get before they arrest them, banish them, or kill them, and in more traditional cultures, it probably would have already happened by now.

Nobody can know the full story completely, there are many crazy cults, even still being invented, but it’s safe to say you can tell when they’re nice friendly types and when they’re not.

Whether they have a religion or not, they definitely have an ideology, and you can’t mistake it as not being full of hate and evil with the communists of the revolution.

It was brutally vicious and in this case focused on murdering millions of Russians on purpose with quotas of death imposed by Stalin and the same thing happened later in China and other countries like Cambodia.

The hidden hand is something Stalin is famous for doing, and it’s a Freemason sign, but are the Freemasons at the top, or is it the Jews, or what? The point is it’s a hidden hand that holds power.

When people talk about Russia, many often think the Russian people were on board with communism, but in reality they were terrorized with brutal painful death of the kind you can’t even imagine to not ever speak a word against their oppressors or else.

They were brainwashed, (or terrorized), to such a degree that they would praise Stalin even as they were being taken away to be put up against a wall and shot, perhaps because there were far worse deaths they might receive.

After a while with most people being silenced by fear, the next generation didn’t even know there were a large amount of people against the idea, and there was still enough fear that they weren’t likely to speak out much either.

Few knew enough about it in the West to have an informed opinion about it, even during McCarthyism, and these days, college kids are taught that communism is liberalism, and free speech is a danger to “democracy”.

This is just one of the obvious inversions they do, and it’s entirely possible it works on stupid people. If nobody told them Santa Claus didn’t exist, half these people would go on believing he does until the day they died.

Think you might be onto something. Here’s a Jerusalem Post article that confirms that the Russian revolution was Jewish and that was covered up for multiple reasons, such as they had pogroms in Russia not long before that.

We are right now seeing a Marxist assault on America, and the world, or perhaps it’s more like fascism with the corporations calling the shots, I don’t know.

The World Economic Forum say capitalism is dead, we need to re-imagine capitalism, you will own nothing and be happy which is all at least openly socialist, if not communist.

The state take over the means of production, a totalitarian system of un-elected elites who make all the decisions. They silence free speech, they own all the corporations, and then you work for them, or else.

These “communist” idiots at Twitter think communism is working four hours a week if they feel like it and so they come at you saying they’re a proud communist, because they just don’t have a clue about the real world, and how it works, at all.

They would have been shot long ago in a real communist regime, but that doesn’t mean this one they’re helping to implement isn’t going to be like that, they’re just working their way up to that, trying to make it look appealing to the useful idiots.

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