Are We Still Talking About Monkey Pox?

It’s hard enough to believe that Infowars is now one of the most reliable sources of news you can find, but what’s also unbelievable is that so many people even need to be told that monkey pox is a scam, because it’s so obvious.

My last post laid out in great detail how they told you what date the attack by bioterrorists would take place, in their monkey pox pandemic table top exercise.

What’s interesting about this article on Ted Turner’s site is there’s no text or content to it, just the headline and the photo. Here he is talking about the need for depopulation.

It was carried out by a group called Nuclear Threat Initiative, who were funded by Open Philanthropy, which had one of their main founders being Cari Tuna and Dustin Moskovitz, a co-founder of Facebook and Asana.

Then through a little more searching you see that on their site they have “conversations” with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about the best ways to spend their money on “philanthropic” ventures, and it was actually Ted Turner who founded NTI.

Millions of children starved to death just this year and there are food shortages announced for the entire world, we’re headed into hyperinflation and a great depression, a fairly important thing to be planning for.

But a disease that was very unlikely to have pandemic potential due to the fact it’s “very hard to spread” is priority number one for these people who tell charitable investors how to best invest their money.

They threw six million dollars at these people, and NTI thought running a monkey pox simulation that looked almost identical to the event 201 exercise, with the same GNN fake news stories, was what was most important out of everything they might have come up with instead.

It’s too obvious, but just because they planned a false flag attack doesn’t mean the threat isn’t real, it might be a real attack with a real biological weapon that they told you they were going to release on purpose in May of 2022.

They have compulsory lockdown and quarantine measures starting to be announced for example Belgium already started up that terrorism again, even before they finished screwing with everyone due to covid.

It spreads through gay sex (they say), so it isn’t going to help, it’s not meant to help, it’s an attack, and we really need to start viewing these people as attackers like I been saying for about two years, or actually much longer.

It’s possible that it could be Russia who release a biological weapon on the USA, or on Ukraine, or that China might release smallpox, or even terrorists who aren’t one of those three governments or their elite globalist associates.

However we see the same people coming up in these scams over and over again:

Bill Gates, Fauci and the NIH, Facebook, Google, George Soros, the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Rothschilds and the bankers, the World Bank, the IMF, the World Economic Forum, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, all the usual suspects.

They actually been in power so long, it might have been a scam from the very beginning, over a hundred years ago.

They could have put something in the water to cause small pox in the first place and made everyone buy their sterilization injections just so they would stop poisoning the wells, that’s what some people think, viruses don’t even exist or it hasn’t been proven.

But the injections are poison as well, and now one in two people will get cancer, 3% of the kids have autism, sperm counts are decreasing rapidly, and it looks like we might be on the verge of a population collapse, according to Elon Musk.

Bare in mind, this was the green friendly billionaire with the electric cars and solar panels, and I can’t say I trust him, but in theory I agree with his reasons for shifting to the conservative side of politics, because of free speech and all that.

The thing is, most of the conservative side fails to notice some of the scams taking place themselves, for example feminism was an obvious one, they should have been on top of that from the beginning, but they fell into the trap.

What happened when they stopped selling heroin over the counter in cough syrup at the drug store? America now lives in an episode of the Walking Dead. This isn’t just ironic, it was part of the plan to destroy everything on purpose.

Once you’re in that trap, it’s very hard to climb back out of it, even as you see it breaking up families, causing more work for everyone, with less to show for it.

It’s literally, measurably the end of the nuclear family, what conservatives say they’re all about, and it’s an obvious eugenics program.

The age of consent is a conservative issue like no other, but they fail to realize the entire history of the world had young teen girls marrying older men, (because they wanted to), and nobody was really that unhappy about it until the whole cultural Marxism /eugenics depopulation agenda came along.

Am I saying being against pedophilia is cultural Marxism? Satanic communist social conditioning?

No, that’s what you would say if you were too brainwashed to understand the point I was making.

Everything is cultural Marxist eugenics programs and political debates designed to divide and conquer society, one way or the other, and they usually run both sides of the debate against each other at the same time to divert attention away from themselves.

It might seem counter intuitive because in some cases the excuse they give for progress seems reasonable or justifiably moral, but suggesting people try too hard to be “politically correct” in a society like this has got to be weakening it.

The only way they can maintain control is to lie, scheme, threaten, divide, start wars, poison people’s minds, poison their bodies, get them to poison each other, just full blown psychotic evil, twenty four seven, all day every day.

If it lowers the birth rate, gives power to the state or money to the elite Jewish bankers and their corporations or criminal enterprises such as the sex trade and the drug trade, then it’s bound to be a plan, a plot, a scheme, a psy op.

The social justice movement, the civil rights movement, the hippy movement, the CIA came up with all of that, they made 100 million doses of LSD and released it on purpose as a weapon of mass destruction in their own words, and their reasoning was if we don’t do it, Russia will do it first.

When a group like the Jews has stereotypes that millions believe about them, the question is not is it true, but how true is it?

In the last hundred years we’ve been so brutally attacked in our traditional morality, culture, and education most of what we believe now is quite simply insane, as insane as the old testament seems to us now, with people getting stoned to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday.

That’s how crazy the world we live in is now, in fact it’s crazier than BC times, we just can’t see it because we’re too close to it, although many people are starting to notice bits and pieces, here and there.

With the monkey pox, this is them waving a sign with bright neon flashing lights saying: look at us, we’re criminals, we planned this bio weapons attack for this exact date. It’s so obvious, that in itself is suspicious.

The only way you could possibly justify their actions is if you thought there will likely be a legit smallpox biological weapons attack as part of world war three, and that you need to stay up to date with those vaccines, just in case.

This would be dismissing what I been saying about how every single part of everything you see is designed to kill you, sterilize you, or enslave you, period.

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The same Jews who run the US media were responsible for the communist revolutions in Russia and China. They’re evil and they’re trying to kill you, or something along those lines.

If you don’t operate with that as the default presumption about everything, you’ll be in far more danger than if you do in my opinion. Keep your eyes open.

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