Davos, Darkness And Monkey Pox

I used to love Rage Against The Machine, and I also used to call myself a democratic socialist, and a Satanist. I sort of changed my mind on most of those things.

I don’t really have much new to report, they’re still talking about monkey pox, even though it took me about a day to find the pre planning exercise that mentioned the exact date they were going to stage a bio weapons attack.

I saw Tim Pool say he hadn’t even heard about event 201, which in my view disqualifies him from being a serious commentator about the subject, and probably means he’s just lying through his teeth.

I don’t see how you could remain on YouTube unless you were censoring yourself, got brainwashed yourself, or were literally controlled opposition for the establishment.

So, I don’t really trust him anymore, and it’s not that I’ve heard him say anything specifically bad, it’s just that’s the problem.

Anyone still on YouTube is not talking about the obviously criminal side of these terrorists attacking us, and not speaking out against monkey pox vaccines, just so they can keep their channel.

I still watch a bunch of people on YouTube, however it’s becoming clear that if you’re still on that site there’s a reason they kept you around, whether those people are actually working for the illuminati or not.

Russell Brand has a 33 on his channel profile picture, after having a 33 on a dog collar for his previous show years ago. If he’s not one of them, he’s doing all the signs on purpose for some reason.

In the latest Dollar Vigilante video there’s a bit where he mentions he did an investigative story about Davos years ago with Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change and the guy from Press For Truth.

It’s funny how all these guys know each other, like all of them know each other and do shows together.

That might just be because they’re all in the same business and famous, but there could be a reason why you know about any of these people in the first place.

I mean I been doing this blog for almost two years, and who knows about me? It gets a few hundred views a day, sometimes not even a hundred.

I guess it’s not the same thing, but let’s say I was doing the same thing, just as well made, same talent and everything, do you think I would be as famous as Tim Pool was after two years?

I guess they’re just popular, good at their job, but there are literally millions of people doing podcasts or shows from their basements.

It’s strange that there’s a certain bunch everyone seems to watch a lot more than others, although that could be just me.

However, when you actually see them doing the 33 and 666 numerology and they got married to Katy Perry, looking like Russell Brand does, then you got a valid argument.

There’s some other news like the World Economic Forum police at Davos, they were wearing the patches that said they were working for the WEF.

The fact check said it was just the regular police who got told to wear patches which is exactly what we were saying, and that’s the point, it’s more scary than if they had a private police force.

They can just turn up in Switzerland, a country that is supposed to be neutral and say OK, we own your police now, you will wear our patches and you will be happy, do our bidding or else.

They get them to wear those patches that look like demons and then they arrest journalists for nothing, holding semi automatic weapons.

Even if they said they didn’t actually arrest him, it’s the scariest bunch of evil bastards ever and you really don’t have to look hard to confirm that unless you’re trying not to.

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It’s not that they’re outwardly violent themselves, the actions they set in motion killed literally millions, put hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation and they say they’re using food as a force for good.

That’s real evil. The guy looks like he was cast to be a lame b movie version of a Bond villain, with the German accent and everything and it would be funny, if it wasn’t so evil.

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