Mass Shootings? That Was Them Too

I’m not going to say all mass shootings are planned by the FBI or the CIA in America, but pretty close to it.

There’s gang shootings, people high on crack protecting their gang territory or having a psychotic episode for real, and then there’s false flags.

Teen kids shooting up schools? The likelihood of that happening at all is so rare when you look at other countries, it’s not just copy cats, it’s not just because guns are easy to get, it’s planned.

It’s planned on purpose to try to impose harsh gun laws, and it has worked, many times. In my country Australia for example, they got rid of the semi automatics, all of them, (apart from the black market), after the Port Arthur shooting.

Martin Bryant is either so retarded he doesn’t even know they framed him or he’s working for the new world order.

That one was also planned, a former SAS soldier said he was doing kill shots like a professional and this was a supposedly legally retarded kid who managed to get his hands on the most lethal weapons on the market to kill people he didn’t know for no reason.

That was enough for Australia at the time, we hadn’t even begun to think our government was that evil and could have staged that attack just to disarm us so they could impose a communist style dictatorship twenty years later.

That sign doesn’t mean white power, that’s part of the scam.

That is however how evil they are, and it’s the same people as in America because it’s a global plot, it just didn’t take long for it to work in other places.

In New Zealand, the Christchurch shooter did the 666 hand sign, and he came all the way from Australia to buy guns in New Zealand so he could shoot up a mosque to protect “the west” from immigrants.

That isn’t the white power sign, The Beatles did it, so did everyone in Hollywood, it means either 666 or the all seeing eye or both.

It doesn’t cut the mustard, it doesn’t add up, it isn’t real, it’s fake, it’s a false flag, and it’s the same thing that Alex Jones is still getting harassed about in court, the Sandy Hook shooting.

Yeah, that’s about the size of it. Alex Jones said that sign meant inter-dimensional victory. I mean, that’s suspicious.

I’m not saying that was fake, there were probably kids killed by what was probably a trained MK Ultra assassin.

I’ve not had enough serious interest in it to investigate it fully, but many people have and they’re talking about something real, the exact same thing happened in the UK as well, school kids killed by a lone gunman.

In some cases they faked that as well, fake blood, fake people, crisis actors, and Alex Jones was totally right to question it, (even if he’s also one of them), because it is a well known operation of the most evil kind.

I’m not going to post tons of videos of the Boston bombing and all those other faked mass shootings, you can find them if you have the time, but there’s a reason there’s mass shootings every day in America, and in almost every case it’s the government’s fault.

The governments of the world killed 250 million of their own citizens last century which isn’t including a slightly smaller amount who they killed by sending their citizens to war for manufactured reasons.

Which isn’t counting the majority of all other killings which they also did, like they run the drug trade, they shot Gary Webb for reporting on it, that one isn’t included in those numbers.

There is no more evil and dangerous villain you could ever possibly imagine than the people in charge in your country right now, no matter which country of the world you’re in.

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This video suggests Alex Jones is a CIA psy op from a guy who worked for the CIA, in the psy op division. IIA or whatever. For God’s sake.

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