Brainwashed Sheeple Will Be The Death Of Us

This video discusses how Bill Gates is now saying there’s no point in having vaccine passports if the shot doesn’t work to stop transmission. Oh really?

This is how they play it after they milk the scam for all it’s worth and get their trillion dollar contracts signed, they move on to the next scam, and try to act like they were right the whole time.

It takes a certain type of brainwashed, mind controlled serf, a conditioned slave, with the mentality of a farm animal to be able to believe what he was saying in the first place.

But then to realize he’s admitting he was wrong, or was lying about something that killed far more people than it saved through starvation, delayed medical procedures, vax side effects, suicide, drug and alcohol ODs, obesity, etc.

To know he’s admitting he screwed up more than anyone has in our lifetimes and still listen to him plan for the next pandemic after casually admitting his “mistake” just because he’s a billionaire is just insane.

People tend to assume that there’s a system set up by people to help people, because if there wasn’t, somebody would do something about it, to change it.

No, we were the millions of people marching in the street calling out the scam, the corruption, the evil fraud and murderous lies which are now even admitted were lies by those people, like Bill Gates.

We laid out the endless proof of these genocidal maniacs trying to take over the world, and those who weren’t fighting it were the dumb schmucks who could have helped us beat them, if they had listened or even just stayed out of our way.

In order for the system to work in a way that benefits “the people” rather than those people, the criminal psychopaths who own everything because they stole everything, we have to all remain eternally vigilant to their evil scams.

I had an argument with my father, and the gist of it was he agrees that the US government for example is inherently corrupt, they take bribes as a matter of course from the military industrial complex, big pharma, big tobacco, etc but he still defends their every move.

It’s not like I know everything about everything but this was obviously more of the same vicious child killing totalitarian US government evil that most Americans find a way to dismiss.

They don’t just get these “donations” over the table, they are often working for them directly and the corruption has been shown to start wars for weapons profits, oil profits, drug profits, mining profits, while giving a lie as the reason, in almost every single case.

The Bush family had shares in Carlyle weapons, as did the Bin Laden family, so a twenty year war makes them both money and it’s open corruption, open criminality, they’re in a Satanic cult called skull and bones, they’re evil, end of story.

If only it were that easy, but then you have to talk to these people who watch the lies on the TV.

It is that simple, and the corruption part of it is undeniable, they have to take donations from all the same people the other party does, or they don’t have the money to run a campaign. It doesn’t matter which party it is really, even globally.

All of these conflicts of interest should be illegal, corruption should be illegal, it should be a majority who understand that and demand justice and don’t take no for an answer until the system is purged of this evil corruption that has killed millions.

It’s mental to think about, but I believe they set out to make a vaccine that didn’t work, on purpose, and the best I can do to explain that is it’s a test run for the final solution, if not the actual final solution.

It’s completely obvious, it’s completely undeniable, there is no way to confuse the issue, they take money from big pharma and do what they say because they’re corrupt because corruption is built into the system, and getting that one wrong is potentially even more dangerous than war.

I can push him to admit that, and then he just loses that train of thought, and tries to defend the indefensible, by having a constant, default position of defending these proven criminals on practically any issue as though he hadn’t admitted it.

Not only as a default position, but as something he, and this large group of hopelessly brainwashed cult members will do incredible mental gymnastics in their head to try like mad to write off as a coincidence, all the proven crimes I’m laying out.

And I keep laying them out, one after another, every day, and they keep defending them, even after admitting the system could not work in any other way than total corruption at a bare minimum, even after the people behind the scam admitted they were wrong themselves, if not lying the whole time, which they were.

These people are lazy, weak, pathetic, and at this point complicit in crimes against humanity because all they really have to do is not get in the way of those of us trying to seek justice and not argue the indisputable points we’ve made.

At this point, “they” have admitted that covid wasn’t that bad at all, it was kind of like the flu, cloth masks don’t do anything, the PCR test isn’t reliable, the vaccine doesn’t work and it has definitely killed and injured people, in some number.

This is half way towards them admitting that we were right the whole time about everything and they were wrong the whole time, and that cost us trillions and sent us into what’s probably going to be a great depression and world war three.

It’s blatantly obvious how little respect they have for people.

To be more realistic, this is world war three and they are attacking us, and this is how they’re attacking us, which I’ve explained before, but that part is the part still yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt like the other points I mentioned have been.

Even though they have been, the media still pushes the covid scam, and it’s still destroying many parts of the world completely like China.

I get things wrong occasionally, but it’s usually corrected in a day or two, like there was a fake video of Albert Bourla saying he was going to get rid of half the world which was edited on purpose to warrant a fact check, but it was only on my Odysee channel for a few hours.

When you hear about the other brutal things the CIA did to their own citizens, MK Ultra and all that, false flag school shootings don’t seem unlikely at all.

I don’t like being right about evil men running the world, I don’t like having arguments, but if that mindset continues we will devolve into a demented, poisoned, morally bankrupt, totalitarian Orwellian nightmare.

We will become worse than China and Russia in the middle of last century, or in actual fact China is starting to look as bad as it ever has in it’s history with the lockdown madness in Shanghai.

Just because it’s popular to have mass formation psychosis doesn’t mean you can get away with having such a flawed mindset, which is so dangerous to all of human civilization and the future of the world, so I call them out as complicit participants in these crimes until they finally get it.

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I have said I think we’re going to need to fight some of these people with weapons, the cards are on the table, and that is the more serious mental barrier that is stopping the millions who do understand it from actually winning the war for real.

If they do try to starve us or attack us like that, that will be the end of any valid calls for non violence, you will have to kill or die, and bare in mind they reached that point in China already, and they had no guns so they just started killing themselves.

Get armed if you can, don’t listen to these calls by dictators like Trudeau for gun control because of school shootings, they planned those shootings to disarm you, guaranteed, and the only way those kids would have survived is if they shot the guy walking into the school with a gun on sight, and that’s if it even happened at all.

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Leana Wen the fake covid doctor at the false flag Boston Bombing just one of many evil lies by CNN

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