Are We Allowing This Madness To Take Over?

Teach us a lesson oh grand freaky transsexual goat man. They got this statue all over the place.

This is a video about men with implanted uteri, which is the future apparently. That’s the plural of uterus, it gave me a spell check otherwise.

For some reason, I trust the spell check, and Google, to tell me simple true things like that because maybe I still can, but pretty soon I’m going to switch permanently to literally anyone else who isn’t them.

Then I’m probably going to assume it is actually them in reality, or still owned by the same people, but they just pretended they were the opposition, like so many of these sites and corporations and even communist countries.

These people need a reality check for real. From the conservative conspiracy theorist perspective this is the worship of the Luciferian Freemason’s god Bathomet which is transsexual and that’s the main reason why it’s become far beyond a rare mental disorder we’re seeing, and it makes big pharma endless money, literally.

From any normal person’s perspective, it’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s gross, and in some cases probably should be outlawed as criminal medical experimentation worse than stitching rats together to see if you can make the males get pregnant.

I didn’t ever used to oppose abortion because I thought if a mother had a reason to abort a baby she carried to almost full term, it’s probably a good reason, which is still possibly true, but then I looked a bit further into these Satanic freaks and their rituals.

The reason I was into Zen Buddhism was I thought religion was kind of stupid, and that’s what they said this was to begin with, an Atheist religion, which should be the first clue something’s not quite right with it, if you actually needed a clue, and let’s face it, these people need a clue.

At one point I briefly called myself a Satanist, of the La Veyan kind, or maybe the Satanic Temple kind, but I never joined a church, and I thought the whole point was to go your own way, and not be a sheep.

I briefly got caught up in the general philosophy (which isn’t just one thing), or I got sucked in by the sex, drugs and rock n roll, and identified more with that than Christianity, which seemed nice enough (other than the Satanists who always ran it), but I just couldn’t believe it.

I was always an Atheist or Agnostic Pantheist, Zen Buddhist, or something along those lines, but there was a certain identity that I obviously had, taking drugs, that drew me into the dark crowd.

The meaning of the word koan is nonsense which appealed to me for some reason, but the basis of it is simple, it’s all the one thing, the same thing, which doesn’t really tell you anything at all really, and nor should it, and you could spend your life thinking about nothing, if you wanted to, it doesn’t really matter, but it also does, which is probably why I grew out of Buddhism.

I was in a metal band, or more than one, for many years, and I still make kind of metal style music mixed with electronica of various styles, but now with more of a resistance and freedom theme that is turned against that whole thing.

The knights Templar brought back this ideology from the middle east, and then it became part of the kabbalah, although obviously Judaism came before Islam, so who really knows and who would take this seriously anyway?

The metal music was to me a reaction against the popular music which obviously encouraged drug use but didn’t mention the darkness that inherently brings up, but for others it’s a worship of that dark side, and it can be both, it’s not like most people even think about it that hard.

I generally considered myself left wing, and maybe I still am, like I’m not Christian conservative or a Qanon, but what I’m also not is whatever the hell they’re pushing now, this covid scam, the trans nonsense, the Antifa/BLM mad Satanic communist crap.

These new weirdos are far worse than emos, they all deserve a slap in the face, or in some cases to get shot literally, and so I look towards the “opposition” side, who seem to be mostly in the US as well and they’re all too scared to shoot these sick bastards for some reason and they got far more guns than even the US government itself, collectively.

Same people, the Satanic Jews, I’m not too scared to say it. Stalin did the hidden hand, he’s either a Freemason, or a Jew, or both, and that’s quite important if our major enemies in the cold war were actually controlled by the exact same group controlling us, the whole time.

What I thought I’d point out is that the only place left in the world it’s vaguely possible to win the war against this evil is America, where you got the guns, and some level of organization through the churches maybe, even though I don’t really agree with that either.

These people aren’t that large in number, but they don’t have to be, it’s a general destruction of morality that makes anyone scared to comment on any level of indecency and criminality, open stealing, probably rape and murder will be next if it’s not already happening without any consequence.

You kill these scum, you don’t kill for them, end of story, I don’t support the troops until they do that. It isn’t inherently heroic to smuggle heroin, kill children to make oil profits, for the very people doing all these things I’m talking about.

But if you buy a gun in order to defend yourself against the worst of them, who are right now in the White House, and anyone who follows orders from men like that, they want you to think you don’t have a chance.

In the World Economic Forum, in Canadian Parliament, Australian, NZ or UK parliament, there’s a new world order takeover, using all the police under their Freemasonic control, (if they choose to be), it’s always a choice.

If you try to kill them, the obvious evil attacking the world, then you’re toast, or that’s the assumption they want you to have but you need to be ready to call them out or even kill them if they act on evil orders from these monsters.

A man with a uterus, for your “health”. It literally killed the last guy who did it, and the only purpose would be to possibly create the most screwed up kid ever to make a mentally ill narcissist happy and to make endless money because apparently with trans it never gets finished.

They are actually a clearly evil and mentally ill minority, but they are trying to openly push their way into the mainstream majority through the media, music, art, and the whole of government, with totalitarian force, and it’s starting to work, so you should kill them now before it’s too late, and it almost is.

We’re already taken over, it just depends on the minds of literally billions of people and how they can be controlled, by whom, and we all know who owns the media, but nobody trusts it anymore.

I mean most of the millions of people in that system of control were only able to be fooled themselves enough to do it when they weren’t openly, literally Satanic and evil.

Why does Larry Fink of Blackrock think it’s worth the risk to invest in “woke” ideas like men who get pregnant? Because it’s popular among his Satanic Jewish investing friends, most of whom Blackrock owns or vice/versa. Everyone else hates the idea and it’s ruining the share price of Netflix and Disney and Twitter wasn’t even set up to make money in the first place, at least not from the site directly.

They had to make it look like freedom, justice, democracy, but they’re showing themselves that clearly now people have been quitting their jobs like never before.

Most of their forces are still following orders blindly, even the religious people, or perhaps especially them, paradoxically, but the illogical nature of this situation cannot be sustained indefinitely. Evil will destroy itself.

I’ve been saying it for over a decade now, almost two, they’re far worse than your average junkie, or some weirdo, they’re skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, run the whole damn thing, drugs, gangs, media, big pharma, all of it.

The illuminati, the cabal, or whatever. A Jewish/Freemason Satanic alliance of evil that rules virtually all countries and they are coming out of the shadows in such a way the only response is to say there ain’t enough nope in the world, if you still resemble a human being.

What could be the reason why there’s so many gays and trans people now? Do you think it has something to do with the trans themed kid’s breakfast cereal? Each one of them that turns is worth thousands, even millions, they got ways of milking it and that’s if it’s not pure Luciferianism motivating them to line the streets with rainbow flags.

It’s not specifically all trans people, it’s not just people on drugs, it’s more non trans people who try to appear pro trans to be cool to fit into this trendy LGBTQIA+ sub culture they’ve constructed, (ten times larger than it was overnight), and it didn’t happen by itself, it never did.

It was a CIA operation, like the hippy movement, experiments with LSD and other drugs, and they always ran the whole thing, obviously.

Who else would be making that kind of money apart from the richest people in the world? It couldn’t be anyone else, they had a slogan for CIA’s Air America: anything, anywhere, anytime and that was the general gist, anything for a dollar.

It was always insane and in the case of the CIA, always criminal, but this weird virtue signal/rebel culture is now getting beyond mentally ill, beyond Marilyn Manson and is now constantly getting destructive and evil enough to warrant jail or death and is causing the collapse of the entire Western society.

I was usually all in favor of freedom, and I still am, especially freedom of speech to call out this crap, but what we’re looking at is the temptation phase of communism to suck in the weak and stupid useful idiots who will be the first to be put up against the wall and shot once they take real control.

That’s not the only way to kill someone if you were trying to by the way, they’re dropping like flies already, and if you look at where this mentality is actually coming from, it’s already at the top, they are taking real control, it’s rapidly accelerating, we got about two to five years to stop them, if that.

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Emos went from this, which was already verging on intolerable at times, to this new thing, almost overnight.
My reaction to that would be we have to force behaviors on those who try to force behaviors on us.
If there’s transphobia or hate built into society then why is it the guy who hates trans people is censored and has to wear a mask?
If some dumb ass who talks like a fag only because it’s cool and pushes mask wearing and obedience to the communist world takeover tries to fuck with me, I’ll kill them with my bare hands and that’s not a threat, it’s like I really won’t be able to stop myself. One of these numbers has to get to near zero.

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