What To Do If You Don’t Have A Gun

I’m not saying it’s easy to wake people up and undo all the cult propaganda, but there have to be people who get it.

Instead of me constantly telling you what you should be doing if you do have a gun, I’ll try to make this one aimed at the majority of citizens in the world who are already disarmed, or too poor to own a gun.

It may be illegal where you are to own body armor, even with a permit, like it is in Victoria, Australia, which was something I figured out when Dictator Dan Andrews was terrorizing his citizens for something even Bill Gates now admits was “kind of like the flu”.

This is some propaganda they made to encourage old people to get ready to die because they stole thirty trillion from US taxpayers for weapons profits, making social security insolvent in the process. Can’t tell you enough how these idiots who support the troops need to wake up and help deprogram them, quick smart because what they thought they were fighting for was a lie and I don’t get how they could have missed it.

I learned from some YouTube videos you can make body armor out of fibreglass resin and welding blankets, and just because it works, doesn’t mean it isn’t a Halloween costume or something.

Kind of takes a little bit of equipment like power tools to cut it maybe, but with that ability, you could make full body armor that protected virtually every part of you from head to toe.

You might say, that sounds paranoid, why would I need to protect myself like that when I didn’t do anything?

Exactly, but that’s the part these genocidal maniac eugenicist dictators running the world (into the ground), don’t want you to even think about.

I don’t really expect people to wear full body armor all day, that would be stupid, and impossible, but with that realization, there is nobody in any position of power who is that well protected, all the time.

These dictators like Trudeau can feel the hate from the public, which is only increased dramatically by his banning of handgun sales in response to a completely fabricated hoax in the USA.

Each time he comes on screen, millions of people think I want you dead, you evil, horrible, tyrannical puppet of the new world order and they even told him that to his face.

If they don’t feel that way, I probably don’t even want to know those people. There’s only one cure for men like him, and it isn’t voting them out.

He’s a tyrannical communist coming out and announcing his intention to make Canada like China, and the same thing is happening or happened already with Dan Andrews in Australia, and Jacinda Adern in New Zealand, it’s a very obvious global takeover plot.

They already took over, which is what they want to make clear, and now they will take away all freedom and democracy, because most people will still believe they have legit elections, even if it becomes obvious their votes aren’t working anymore.

I can’t prove the Australian election was fixed, but I expected at least ten to twenty percent for the alternative freedom parties, and if they actually voted that way, it’s because of the tyrannical brutality of the media censorship forcing that opinion.

As I mentioned before, they took away many of the guns in my country and most others in the world because of faked mass shootings, and if they didn’t fake them completely, then they killed those people with trained assassins, the government, or intelligence agencies, CIA, or Mossad maybe.

You mean they would kill a few dozen of their “own” citizens on top of the thousands they kill daily in wars we don’t even realize are happening in other parts of the world somewhere?

Yeah, they did it, (if it even happened), there’s no reason for anyone else to do it, it doesn’t make a meaningful statement to kill random kids, and nobody is doing that, and if they are, then it wasn’t primarily their idea, in my opinion.

It might actually help if someone killed the damn politicians, or the CIA, who are responsible for almost everything that happens, and that which didn’t happen as well, but the fact they aren’t dying, with mass shootings every day, proves my point.

It’s not because they’re untouchable, it’s kind of because people think they are, but mostly it’s because they’re the killers who do almost all the killing all the time, and if they don’t look like Hitler, even Bill Maher said Trudeau sounds like Hitler.

It’s not specifically communism itself that’s inherently evil, it’s the intent behind it, which can also come out in capitalism.

That’s the guy he thinks of first when thinking of a tyrannical bad guy, but Stalin was far worse, and there’s good evidence that says Trudeau is actually the son of Fidel Castro.

It’s amazing they can come out as bold tyrannical communists banning guns completely and not expect to get shot, but that’s how pathetic and lazy people are now.

I mean it’s not like I’m going to try to travel to Canada and shoot him, but that’s the level of insanity they expect you to believe with the Christchurch shooter.

A guy who came from Australia, traveled to New Zealand, bought an AR 15, or they tried to say he used four or five different guns at once, and shot up a mosque because Islam was a threat to another country that wasn’t even his country?

No, mate, we see you, we see the hand signs, and there’s enough of us who do, you got a problem even if you did manage to get all the guns, which is inherently impossible.

Anyway, I’m just a musician telling you how I view the world which was always a bit different, but millions are realizing I wasn’t just crazy, there is a new world order coming.

Nobody knows exactly what it is, I can only tell you that it’s best to be prepared for anything, and realize we can do this, if we stick together, people faced much worse in the past.

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It’s not looking like a coordinated push to make transformational change she says…

2 thoughts on “What To Do If You Don’t Have A Gun

  1. Dear rowanman28,
    I am a subscriber in the southeast United States. I have been meaning to comment for quite awhile. I want to tell you that your daily postings mean so much to me & l have thoroughly read each & every one since l found you! You don’t mince words & l agree with all that you say. Your research & writing is amazing & l am extremely grateful for your time & efforts. I wish you had ten zillion subscribers so that all the evil in our world would be overcome that much faster! Stay well & please continue the good fight!

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