Is There Anything We Can Do About It?

I heard someone say on a video that before you do something you should work out if it will make a difference, and that the difference it makes will be beneficial and moral in the long term, which is worth thinking about, but perhaps impossible to know.

Many people have said that it’s not worth bothering trying to wake up the sheep, they’re so far gone, it’s actually better if they are all wiped off the face of the earth by these globalist eugenicists.

But for one thing, they might be trying to wipe out those who oppose their totalitarian agenda, like the entire white race in favor of compliant Asian populations, or something like that.

It’s hard to say for sure, but if Klaus Schwab’s father wasn’t a Nazi collaborator, then the WEF and it’s various investors are clearly already as bad as the Nazis were at the start of WW2, and it’s the same people who ran the world back then, the same banking families and secret societies.

For another, if they did manage to kill half the people in the world it’s fairly certain there would be massive turmoil, regardless of which half it was.

Take the supply chain problem coming from Ukraine. They make half the fertilizer there or half the wheat or something, maybe not exactly half, but it’s important.

They have nearly twenty five tons of food sitting there because they mined the Black Sea ports and then forgot where the mines were or whatever, so the food can’t get out on ships.

A suspicious person would say that just like the sanctions against Russia it was designed to hurt the West, or the world, on purpose, and that wasn’t just an unintended consequence.

If that is the case, it’s not just because it’s hard to fix the problem, they’re not even trying to, and some say they want to keep it that way because they make more money for the same resources if the supply chain is busted.

Capitalism and communism are financial systems which don’t make as much difference as people think they do, the real issue is totalitarianism and evil which is more associated with the people who came up with it.

There may be financial motivations, it’s very hard to make global systems work without money, but the other motivations are totalitarian control over our lives and population control.

Or to put it another way, money, power, and resource management through population control, because they seem to be running low on one resource or another, I don’t even really know which one.

They said they were running out of oil in fifty years, and that might be true, but even if it isn’t, there’s definitely some limits to how much of everything can be sucked out of the earth easily before it runs out.

It’s hard to argue that I wasn’t hit by as much fluoride as everyone else, if not more, but I still see it.

With fossil fuels, they burn up obviously, but once something like phosphorous is a particle dissolved in the ocean, it’s also gone, or there’s no easy way to get that back, even if it’s still there.

I understand the problem, and there isn’t one definite solution, but I’d surely have my own way of handling it if I was in power. Easy to say I guess.

The thing about power is it only comes from everyone agreeing to do something, and if not everyone, then enough people that it gives you an army.

As I said in my last post, supporting the troops is a scam that allows the elites to continue killing millions including those troops themselves, while sucking money out of the taxpayers to give to the bankers and their corporations.

The corporations employ people, and you can see how that could be argued was beneficial for the “economy” for a while, however if they decide to move their factories to China, or anywhere else in the world, then all of that was for nothing.

All of it. Left the USA with a thirty trillion dollar debt that can never be repaid, they can’t escape it, and they can’t say it was the Jewish bankers and their corporations that really owe that money, not us.

That won’t work with China and the Saudis, so they signed their own death warrant or signed up for the war to end all wars which is where we are now with a financial hurricane predicted by the JP Morgan CEO.

Or, it’s all dependent on the most brutal mass murdering lying weasels in the world, which is indisputable, or you could try to dispute it, but there’s a long history that shows what they did and continue to do, now more than ever.

Retired neurosurgeon Russell L Blaylock goes on a lengthy tirade calling out all the lies of the covid pandemic on the NIH website. Here’s an archived version in case it disappears. So much he and other experts had to say about just that one issue, and the corruption and criminality just goes on, and on…

So, that’s basically the problem, even in the midst of this great awakening, even the most awake are not really focused on waking up the people most needed for a real revolution.

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The military force that actually holds the real power, because they don’t want to tell them they were always dying for nothing.

It probably won’t even work to tell them they were fighting for a lie that wasn’t even beneficial to their country at all, but totally detrimental to it long term.

A lie which effectively bankrupted it, because nobody wants to say it and nobody wants to hear the truth, but that’s why we’re all so screwed.

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