What Is A Woman Really?

I would be proud but this doesn’t even nearly look like a picture of me, and I’m not planning on getting married.

What is a woman in the context of global planning? It’s the adult female, (xx chromosomes), which can get pregnant and give birth, creating more humans, probably more particular about who they do that with, and when, compared to the other sex.

So feminism was a calculated push to have less people born in the world, a eugenics program, created with elite financial and resource management motives, by people like Margaret Sanger, Galton, Malthus, etc.

It was not done to make women feel good or have more real power, that was simply the sales pitch, and when I first started saying that, people didn’t get it, they thought it was an organic movement, but I think they get it more now.

I won’t insult your intelligence by saying women just really wanted to work in the fields and in offices, because it wasn’t actually their idea, any more than the hippy movement was, or punk, or metal, or hip hop gangster culture.

That’s what they’ve been doing for the last hundred years and they have been partially honest about it being a eugenics program, at times.

At least, they’ve told people they’re trying to reduce the population of the world separately, with contraception and abortion, but they don’t use the word eugenics much since Hitler.

They don’t tell you at the same time that they’re selling you on these social conditioning programs, (ramming it down your throat), that the motivation is breaking up the nuclear family, to reduce the birth rate, while also making them money if possible, but they do mention it at times.

The thing is, once you do these things, it’s virtually impossible to put the genie back in the bottle again, it’s like how do you get rid of a religion? You don’t, no matter how stupid it is.

It’s split the society into groups who will always argue against each other, and sometimes they argue so much, there’s no way to ever go back, unless one side beats the other, even in an actual, physical war.

Take raising the age of consent to eighteen, which is what happened in the USA in the last hundred years or so, (they aimed for 21 when it was 12, citing specific reasons mostly related to the girls not being married at the time).

If we decided that didn’t really work all that well it’s too late, like one in three underage girls is still sleeping with overage men, but you can no longer say they chose to do it even if they did.

So eugenics is a Jewish thing even though Hitler was into it? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Churchill, it was an elite thing.

They might threaten you with death for saying anything, but they don’t get married until much later if at all, even though it was being unmarried that was apparently the entire reason why they felt like “spoiled goods” at the time so that’s what changed.

It’s a bit like the gun control debate, it hurts those who follow the law, and those who don’t, still have guns, millions of them, and nobody’s ever going to change that law either, once it is enacted in full force.

Apparently it’s not possible to form your own thoughts until your twenties, unless it’s thoughts they approve of, like going to war, changing your sex with drugs, injecting experimental vaccines.

In actual fact, everything I’m telling you is evidence that almost nobody can ever think thoughts for themselves at any age unless they have a genius mind capable of original thought and the appropriate skepticism, perhaps not even then.

Almost nobody is at an intelligence level sufficient to dodge all of these scams disguised as political correctness but people have a right to try to think, as long as they’re not going to hurt themselves too badly.

It’s causing all sorts of problems, no matter how you look at it, but because “we” demonized these ideas so much, it’s not going to be easy to change it back now even if the intentions are good.

It’s not going to be easy to say women shouldn’t work, they should raise children, because it actually takes somebody worthy to do that job, and it if it isn’t you, it’s the state who raise them with real pedophiles at drag queen story hour, literally.

They literally teach them that a woman is an indefinable thing, it’s whatever you say it is, because they’re like the guy interviewed in the documentary, who to be fair doesn’t seem to be a man on the inside.

My first inclination is always more freedom and less control from the government because they’re evil.

He is however a man on the outside, with enough testosterone that he could win an arm wrestle with most actual women, I imagine, which is just one of the obvious reasons why you need to have a biological sex definition as well as gender identity, whatever that is.

It matters what you think, but if what you think is I’m going to do whatever I feel like because it’s said to be true by the same people who run from the word truth, even if the big picture results are objectively terrible when compared to a traditional African village, then it actually matters that you don’t do that.

If your response is I’m going to keep pushing harder even though it’s destroying society, because I want to be something I’m not so very badly and for everyone to accept me for what I am, only because they were forced to, with the threat of death or jail, then what are you, really?

What you actually are is a member of a Satanic eugenics death cult, and I get it, I was that way myself for a long time, but I started speaking out about aspects of it as soon as I saw it which took many years with some of it.

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The other point is, the conservatives are now fighting to conserve many of the very things which turned society on it’s head in the first place because they forgot what it was like before these people started messing with it, before any of us were born.

I mean, to me the entire thing is just hopelessly screwed, I don’t even have plans to try to make society function in my own life, I just write about it.

Whatever it is they did, it didn’t work, in my opinion, and they don’t seem to be predicting things will get better even if we do what they say, so the only real option is resistance, to all of it.

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What Is A Woman? Documentary

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