Sudden Idiot Death Syndrome

If you need anyone to tell you that the most controversial drug since thalidomide is probably more dangerous than what Bill Gates himself now admits is “kind of like the flu” then you’ll also need someone to tell you that they released it on purpose, if it even exists.

Posting this Unsafe Space video on Facebook got me my first ban in months which was two days ban, thirty days I can’t participate in groups, posts lower in the news feed for two months, strangely though, it’s still there and it isn’t fact checked.

It is of course entirely true, (as far as I can tell anyway), entirely reasonable, and totally justifiable even in the calling out of the Jewish identity of the plot to destroy America for the bankers, of which the covid vax scam was just one part they obviously controlled thoroughly.

Albert Bourla and Pfizer were already the largest criminals in the world with the largest criminal fine in history before they tried to hide all the damning evidence in the FOIA releases which is still coming out, bit by bit.

I try not to be too harsh to these people who were taken in by the psy ops we all been bombarded with recently, because I admit I was myself taken in by counter intelligence psy ops, even counter/counter intelligence, if that’s possible.

Rather than trying to explain, or prove which people are likely intelligence organization assets manipulating people at every level, I’ll just say there’s obviously a whole bunch of lies going on.

There’s obviously a whole bunch of traitors, or infiltrating spies working for foreign powers like Israel or China, maybe Russia as well, and those people are the globalists who have a global plan that benefits when America loses power.

That part of it isn’t complicated, they want to have a one world government with them leading it, the Jewish bankers, who have all sorts of deals going on, but now leaning more towards their quasi communist deals with China and Russia.

If you didn’t know, it was “the Jews” behind communism, or a handful of them behind the Russian revolution and the Chinese revolution, although it was a bit more covert in China.

When I say the Jews, not all Jews obviously, it’s not like all white people are in government or corporations, but it was the same sort of single minded determination that led Rothschild to send all his children to different European countries to start banks.

He then told them to only marry their second cousins so that the money stayed in the family, and then they had a quarter of all China addicted to British opium not long after that, which helped to create the conditions necessary for a revolution.

The best I can say about this scum is he’s so arrogant it seems like an open admission of guilt to those of us who aren’t mind controlled.

The East India trading company, which was one of the many different banker owned businesses which you could say was at the very least shady in it’s practices and which was linked to the larger power pyramid structure.

In all honesty, the more I look into what these people did, their evil genius is astoundingly impressive in it’s obsessive, ruthless persistence to achieve world dominance, but it’s also terribly dangerous to all creatures on the planet earth.

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I don’t see how we can continue with all these lies and all this division, but I don’t think this period was meant to last forever, it’s a problem/reaction/solution script that was made to facilitate change to a new system, a new world order.

I’m not sure how well it works if millions of people see what they did, which is only going to grow in number as time goes on, but they have definitely showed most people are dumb enough to fall for almost anything.

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Case in point, sudden adult death syndrome, which is like soccer umpires can have heart attacks from blowing too hard on the whistle now, I heard many stories like that in the news.

If you’re that dumb that you believe that after listening to a guy like Albert Bourla explain how the two shots had very little benefit, if any, but there was no time to think about it, then your idiocy is almost as dangerous as their psychopathy.


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