What Is A Real Libertarian?

I had more than one conversation online where I said I’m a libertarian now, as opposed to a liberal, or a democratic socialist or whatever I used to be in the past and they brought up the Libertarian party.

For one thing, I’m not in the USA, and for another, I only voted once in the last twenty years, in Australia, and I’m pretty sure they fixed that election, and that they fix all the elections in the world when it matters, and it’s just purely for show, the whole thing.

The issue isn’t would they, it’s could they, and that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and evidence is always turning up that they did one thing or another to fix elections.

Especially in the USA, but both parties have to accept “donations” from the same corporations to be able to afford to run anyway, it’s a joke.

They even admitted using the same electronic voting machines to fix elections in other countries, and the Americans were clearly talking about who they were going to put in power in Ukraine for example, (I heard a taped conversation of it), rather than who might get voted in.

You might ask if I thought the election was fixed why would I bother voting for a bunch of people who had no chance of winning even if they hadn’t fixed it?

Good point, but my options are limited at this point, I don’t have a gun. We face traitors of the kind we never even realized existed before, or not since the days of McCarthyism and in fact they didn’t even think it was a real enough threat back then.

They’re communists, or fascists if you prefer, some combination of the two, and it doesn’t really matter if they’re Jewish, or Chinese, white or black, evil or just brainwashed and stupid.

We’re facing the end of an empire, which might go down in flames, in a nuclear attack or worse, and perhaps slow and painful is worse.

The options, (other than voting which was never an option), are to bug out and try to survive outside of the system, kill the traitors who have infiltrated all levels of all governments in the world, or hope it just fixes itself.

Just trying to avoid paying taxes, trying to live by yourself with your own laws has been enough in the past for these monsters to come to your compound and burn it to the ground with women and children inside.

My opinion is we actually need the entire society to work, much like it has worked in the past, but without the evil spanner in the works, screwing everything up.

It’s a very small amount of people who are doing things like setting food processing plants on fire, making laws to stop farmers from being able to grow crops on their own land.

It’s fairly obvious it goes all the way to the top, and if they hadn’t penetrated the cabinets all the way to the top, all around the world, or in any place it mattered, they wouldn’t even be trying to do it.

Feminism, LGBTQIA, critical race theory and all of that came out of the Frankfurt school of cultural marxism. It’s an attack. I don’t mean they invented gays and black people and women, I mean the movement is designed to destroy the west.

They are however trying to do it, and what they’ve already done might be enough to kill millions, or hundreds of millions, maybe even billions of people.

It’s hard for people to comprehend it, but it’s proven we’re under attack, it’s proven it’s a planned, calculated, wide ranging attack, and perhaps most of the people doing it don’t even think it will be that deadly themselves.

Maybe they got told we need to collapse the system in order to build back better, and the world that is created from the ashes of this system will be better and more sustainable, more inclusive and all that WEF crap.

This guy is as openly evil as he can be without getting killed, but I wouldn’t count on living if I were you Klaus.

Yeah, using food as a force for good by going door to door to steal food out of the cupboards of the peasants, like they did in Holodomor and like they are doing in China today, at least based on the footage I saw from Shanghai.

I’m hoping the soldiers are smart enough to have figured it out and to have figured out what they have to do, because there is no way our societies can continue to function with these genocidal maniac psychopath traitors in our midst.

The real act of treason is allowing the people currently in charge to remain in charge, it is treason not to resist what they are doing, by any means necessary, and not the other way around.

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The way to define that is simple, would anyone but your enemy try to disarm you in the middle of world war three based on false flag hoaxes? Would they try to silence you? Would they try to starve you and poison you?

Would they lie to you in so blatant and obvious a way as they have if they were anything other than your enemy, even if they didn’t mean to be an enemy but were just following orders?

I’ll be honest, I don’t even really think this society is worth saving, there’s at least half of us who don’t really deserve to be above ground, and I’m wondering about the other half as well.

Get armed, get your mind right, prepare for anything, prepare to meet your maker, and don’t go looking for a fight, but realize it’s looking for you pretty damn hard right now.

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The real problem is we grew soft, stupid and complacent, which does make it impossible for democracy to work.

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