The Dual Nature Of Mass Formation Psychosis

It’s not entirely the fault of doctors individually, but it definitely is collectively, because from what I can tell they had to know something was up with this covid crap immediately.

This latest episode of The High Wire contains an interview with professor of clinical psychology Mattias Desmet which was very thought provoking.

It made me realize that I had myself become almost like a cult member in trying to resist the cult-like totalitarianism that was, and is infecting society.

Even in trying to avoid this plague attacking the minds of humanity, (and not just their minds), I was myself captured by a similar cancer of the mind, hatred and anger.

It is quite important to me that we resist these people, but my mind had become so affected by knowledge of this evil, my thoughts almost every day for the last couple of years was just kill them, kill them all.

To be honest, Justin Bieber seems like a decent guy, real shame what happened to him, but at some point, if he doesn’t say what actually happened to him and his wife, isn’t that being complicit?

Kill them in their sleep, poison their food, wipe their seed off the face of the earth, they must never be allowed to poison the minds of men ever again with these lies and propaganda, with these biological and chemical weapons, etc.

I have actually been calling for violent action against the worst of them ever since I learned of the existence of these people many years ago, and I still don’t think it’s a wrong reaction to learning of the evil of such vicious mass murdering psychopaths.

It did however start to take over my life, to the degree that all the things I used to do, just for fun got swept to the side in my fruitless rage against this evil.

Were I to meet one of these horrible people, I’m sure I could kill one of them if I was within striking distance, but that would probably be the end of me, and then what?

If I existed in a collective that had real motivation, weapons, organization, or anything of the sort then maybe we could defeat them by force, but I think the answer probably has to be something else.

I think that most people just want to live a peaceful, normal, free and happy life, and that is possible, but it cannot possibly be seen by any normal people that the people who did this to the world are moving in the direction of a normal, free and happy life.

So they will reject them in the end, and they are, and perhaps violent action at this stage would only serve to hurt the movement like the BLM/Antifa rioters damaged the perception of the “left” whatever that is.

Bare in mind when the kind of mass formations Desmet is comparing to what we’re facing now happened in the past, it was the reason for the death of close to half a billion people last century.

You might notice that half a billion people didn’t actually show up as a dent in the upward curve, at all.

A quarter billion killed by their own governments, almost a quarter billion killed in wars, many more killed in random incidents like drug ODs, suicides, murders, starvation, poisoning, which was still mostly caused by the same people at the top.

If the same percentage of the population died this century it would be about two billion, and that may be well on the way to happening regardless of what anyone does.

It’s not like I’m going to change the results much with anything I’m doing, and maybe that’s what I need to be resigned to.

It’s also unlikely they will even turn the population growth rate to a negative without another massive world war, which didn’t actually slow it that much at all, even at the peak.

I will continue to speak out against this madness, I’ll keep posting some important videos and some memes, but I think maybe I’ll start to shift my attention back to some more enjoyable pursuits like music.

Maybe I’ll start playing some video games again, or get another girlfriend, I can surely work out something.

There has to be more to life than thinking about killing these bastards all day, but that’s not to say it doesn’t still need to be done, by somebody.

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