Fixing The Faulty Narrative

Anyone who is actually paying attention can see that these corporate NGOs and think tanks are up to no good, openly criminal, openly corrupt, destroying all of our lives for the power of the few, or something else that rhymes with few.

You see guys like Jimmy Dore on Tucker Carlson appearing to criticize the criminal elites in a way that’s just convincing enough to keep you watching, but which ultimately falls short in making the final blows or naming names.

I’m not saying they’re all controlled exactly, but the system they’re operating on is controlled, the whole of the mainstream media, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, banks, they admit it themselves, it punishes those who say the wrong thing now.

In a world where they’re pushing boosters on little children with absolutely no supporting studies that show a benefit, and many that show a severe risk, that kind of media control, (the fact checkers), are complicit in genocide and so is anyone who doesn’t at least try to point that out.

It’s starting to get boring to me because I been looking at it so long, but we’re hearing the same reports of midazolam being given in lethal dosages to certain types of people.

They are given a number based on their age or calculated value, and then you’re gone, they’re gonna kill you, (involuntary DNR), if you ever go into a hospital in the UK and probably all over the world.

It’s not all that surprising to me when considering all the rare earth elements they’re using to make things that they might just decide it’s better for them to keep the resources and get rid of the people.

Because they fix the price of gold these bankers, it’s not required to have billions of customers at all really, it doesn’t make much difference if you print money and give it to yourself.

Check out Biden falling off a bicycle if you want to get an idea of the actual strength of American leaders.

Obviously they still like to have all the money, it’s like a fixed Monopoly game, you can’t win by playing fair, and some think that having all that money might have made the Jewish banking cartels dangerously arrogant and cocky when dealing with countries like China.

They played an important role in setting up China in the first place, kind of like Saudi Arabia or India, but China and Russia together have armies that can legitimately defeat Western armies if they chose to do that and I don’t see why they wouldn’t try to flex their muscles right now.

Right now, me and millions of other people in the West have been so mistreated by our own governments we’re more likely to want to fight against them than against the Russians, maybe still viewing the Chinese as more of a threat, but not by much.

I’m finding it hard to keep up, and it’s doing my head in, but one thing is fairly certain, they’re trying to consolidate their power, they’re trying to reduce the population, and they’re trying to make money, but fiat money is becoming meaningless.

I’m seeing farmers say they will have to charge substantially higher prices for food if they can even continue producing it at all, and that’s the issue that most people will notice, hyperinflation when it comes to the cost of living.

When it comes to billions of people going along with their plans, there are some things that most will just give in to, and others that they won’t, and just as a head’s up, there are some things proposed that are so heinous I don’t think it will ever be accepted and if it is, we’re screwed.

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We do have power as a majority and it’s important to realize that a majority power can still be activated if there’s enough awareness that there’s a need to exercise that power outside of voting and following orders.

We need a network that can keep us legitimately informed and not just within a small section of society, but as the whole society, and so keeping these channels of communication open is almost as important as the supply chain of food.

What else is there to say? We can see the open criminality and corruption, it probably requires a war to sort it out one way or another, but if it happens like it usually does, it’s going to be the wrong war for the wrong people on it’s face, so I don’t know.

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