When Will We Take Our Freedom Back?

There may be more at stake than just freedom, if reports are to be believed, we may be headed for the worst global depression since medieval times, if there even was a time like this in the past.

They had the black plague, and that took out a lot of people, but even that was only confined to one part of the world, Europe.

The great depression was a terrible time for many, but it didn’t affect countries who weren’t relying on that system, and if you lived off the land, what would actually matter is things like rainfall and cow manure.

The globalized, industrialized nature of the modern world is the thing that allowed the population to explode in the way it has, but our reliance on “fossil fuels” and particularly the people who control those industries is very worrying, no matter how you look at it.

The stock market always seemed like a bad joke to me, you buy shares of a corporation, possibly with money you don’t have, and the value of it depends on how many shares other people buy with money they don’t have and not how well the corporation is actually doing, it’s stupid.

OK, so based on this logic, we should kill you and steal your money because otherwise you’re going to keep winning the fixed game of Monopoly while literally trying to kill us, and there’s more of us than there are of you.

They should ban people from borrowing a hundred times what they have to gamble on the stock market or especially crypto and to me, the value of a share should only be based on it’s actual value not it’s perceived value because it’s just mental, it doesn’t even exist, it’s just market manipulation.

If you buy paper trades of silver what you get is a promise that can’t be kept, because there’s hundreds of times more paper trades than actual silver, which is why I have most of my money in my house, and then at a much smaller level, in physical silver, and then some crypto, just for something to do.

I lost almost half of what I had in a trust fund when 9/11 happened, and the only reason for that crash was in people’s heads, they just panicked, and none of that should have been allowed to happen, the system is broken and always was.

I’m not going to say I’m in any position to give financial advice, but many financial advisors are telling their clients to buy canned food and ammunition. That’s where we are, and nobody is really denying that.

The one thing I haven’t got is a gun, and that may be an error in judgement, but where I am in Australia, hardly anyone has a gun either, except the police, and that may be where the main problem comes from, but I don’t think it would help me much anyway.

I have noticed that apart from what I’m seeing on the internet, there’s not that much evidence of a crippling problem just yet, although it seems inevitable.

I couldn’t stand seeing people wearing masks, and I saw a lettuce at double the price. That’s about it where I am, apart from a general sense of impending doom.

Nevertheless, the masks being forced on people, the vaccines being forced on people, at any level of totalitarian force was enough to show me that they have way too much power, and there’s nowhere that’s immune from it.

I was in Tasmania, not in Victoria, which had one of the worst and longest lockdowns in the world, and that was scary, but more scary for them obviously and not because more people were dying than usual, because they weren’t, but they are now, since the vaccine rollout.

I don’t think that’s anything that should be forgiven, like I’ve called for people like Dan Andrews to be executed for treason, and he really does deserve it.

This is what the covid death chart looks like for Australia. What could have happened to make the deaths go through the roof like that? BTW the initial rate was the same as flu deaths and there were zero flu deaths in 2020 for some reason. It’s not rocket science, they’re scum.

What I was saying from the start is if you cause a massive global financial crisis of the kind they admit they did cause, blaming it on “covid” when it was actually the response that did it, and that turns into a great depression that kills millions, then they’re mass murdering psychopaths and you can legally kill them in self defense.

They were warned, like we were silenced on Facebook, but me and a fairly large minority of millions of people including many experts were telling them that all day every day from the start and they knew it full well, especially at the top and they’re still not stopping.

This guy killed tens of millions of his own people.

I think it was Stalin who said one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic, or something like that. Turns out it was probably somebody else who said it first.

The thing is, if you ever saw a guy like Stalin, or even Hitler, morality would dictate you should kill him immediately, without even thinking about it. End of story, there’s no good live Stalins, obviously.

What they got here is a proven pedophile puppet who is so demented they have to tell him to tie his own shoes, and that’s how they like it because he just does it.

It’s not like anyone with a brain would hold it against you, only the totalitarian psychopath mass murdering communist monsters he hung out with, and maybe the judges they appointed to the courts, bullied into obeying them.

You understand it was entirely clear the whole time what they were doing was an attack, and they now admitted that covid was kind of like the flu, (whether they actually made a new virus in the lab or not), and the results were the largest upward transfer of wealth in history which was the plan, obviously.

The plan also involved destroying the average working class or middle class families financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually if that’s a thing. I don’t really believe in the supernatural but I can see why people do.

I don’t think anyone realized what kind of people were in power until it hit us like a ton of bricks. Leaders like Trudeau and Jacinda Adern didn’t seem to me to be communist psychopaths a few years ago.

They have been bombarding us with their evil lies every day on the media, and nobody should be held responsible at all for killing anyone identified as “one of them” because they are monsters and you could argue who falls into that category, not that the category exists.

It is mostly in the mind that their attack was waged, but I’m seeing Fox News reporting kids under 12 transitioning and the story was about if they should be allowed to play in women’s sports, not that there’s kids under 12 transitioning at all.

These are actual kid’s toys, and it’s obvious they’re messing with people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get mad.

One year ago, the whole idea that kids under 12 would ever get sex change surgery was said to be a crazy conspiracy theory, a nightmare scenario that they were scaring people with that would never actually happen but it is and they keep pushing harder.

It’s none of my business I guess, but kids don’t know what they are at that age, the hormones change you into what you actually are, but they can’t sell you your own natural hormones for tens of thousands of dollars or more so they attack the kid’s minds like vampires knowing they will brainwash many who never would have turned otherwise.

They continue to put toxic chemicals in plastics and pesticides knowing the endocrine disruption will cause many more kids to have faulty development and it is faulty and devastating and they’re doing it on purpose and it is a threat to all of us.

Who the hell would say it isn’t other than a big pharma salesman or a brainwashed retard? Instead of looking for ways to prevent this mental illness which is probably chemical in cause, they’re trying to increase it.

The more we become accepting of the whole idea the less we will look for the cause and try to fix it, which will destroy the entire human race in time, which is their goal and that’s just one of the methods they use.

It’s hard to tell what’s real or how far these totalitarian psychopaths will be allowed to go before people take them out, but if you were a totalitarian psychopath and you knew millions of people wanted you dead, would you push them?

They basically got two options, push people to the point they lose it and start shooting, and hope that their totalitarian foot soldiers will be mind controlled enough to continue to fight on the side of evil against the people, after they did whatever it was to finally push them over the edge.

Or, they can back off, and stop poking the bear. To be honest I think it’s more like a teddy bear, a fluoridated, dominated, sick, weak, gay and transsexual teddy bear that society has become, but there is still strength in numbers and they can still do anything in theory.

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