Roe Vs Wade Dominates The News

I have nothing against a happy, healthy couple getting together and having kids, however half of marriages end in divorce nowadays, and that’s just the beginning of potential problems which really should be sorted out before you have kids in my opinion.

I almost wasn’t going to write this post, because I’m not entirely certain how I feel about abortion, and it’s one of those issues that is going to annoy somebody no matter what, but here goes.

My view is that they shouldn’t ban abortions altogether, there’s too many problems with people on crack or smack, living on the streets or whatever, and there’s nowhere that doesn’t have an issue with drugs or poverty.

If you let the gene pool get corrupted by literal poison, which is already happening to the whole human race to some degree anyway, it will be detrimental to the entire thing and potentially destroy us all.

If you look like the walking dead, the odds are you won’t make the best mother, and that might sound harsh, but it’s kind of obvious. Odds are you won’t even survive if you keep going like that. People do change, but quite often they don’t.

That’s the way I see it, we already have a cancer rate of one in two, they put endocrine disrupting chemicals in pesticides and in plastics, messing with the hormone levels.

The vaccines are making people sick, there’s lead and arsenic in baby food, if you add meth or crack to that, it’s going to have a devastating effect.

Agent orange for example, they hit Vietnam with it in the seventies, and it’s still affecting them four generations later, even if they weren’t exposed directly themselves, and it’s a similar thing with nukes, or malnutrition, it can cause permanent mutations in the code.

This isn’t even one of the worst examples of deformations from agent orange. Not saying it’s the same thing.

That may sound like I’m into eugenics, and up to a point, it does make sense, improving the genetic stock, and in my opinion the point at which that should stop is where it causes more suffering.

The way I look at morality is whatever causes the least suffering to all creatures, not just men or women, not just children or unborn children, but all creatures that can feel pain including future generations.

So, my view is that there should be limits on abortion, like late term abortions should require a very good reason because they are conscious, but who decides what’s a very good reason?

If they have down syndrome is that a good reason? How about muscular dystrophy? Have you ever seen a baby born without the top of their skull? That’s a pretty good reason, they won’t make it anyway.

There are some people who say it was a myth that crack babies were that much of a problem, but compared to what?

I always had the opinion that it’s better to have the choice than not, but I can also see why there was pushback considering the dark nature of some of these people and the way they talk.

Saw a woman saying it’s a woman’s right to kill a baby that’s two years old, and having seen what it’s like living with a severely autistic kid injured by vaccines, I can even understand that argument, but you obviously have to draw the line somewhere.

Apparently they initially blamed this condition on crack but there’s no definitive proof. Logic tells you that something caused it.

There has to be some preservation of life, because if you don’t stick to that idea, then anyone could be on the chopping block, even me.

The thing about pro lifers is that they will often talk favorably about guns and killing people and war and supporting the troops as they kill literally millions of all kinds of people and not see the logical flaw with that thinking.

It’s hard not to look at this as a ridiculous joke, mostly because Trump is a puppet of the exact same people as Hillary.

Support the troops as they kill men, women and children for the oil profits, weapons profits, heroin profits of the bankers, though it’s not even helping the country but bankrupting it to give them trillions, but protect the unborn, even before they can feel anything at all?

Even if they will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome or crack baby syndrome or whatever kind of drugs half of these people are on?

Have you seen these people? Some of them couldn’t even take care of a cat. They’re deranged, and not in a small number.

It might sound harsh, but the very last thing you should be doing is convincing these people to raise children, they’re the kind of people who will have a kid just to brainwash them into being trans, and I wish I was joking, I know people who send their six year old boy to school in a dress just because.

That’s the problem, and it’s a real problem, and while it’s important to protect the rights of the unborn and not cause them pain, I just can’t see that it’s a good idea to force people that don’t want to have kids to give birth.

I realize I’ve been brainwashed with several layers of eugenics programs including the drugs, the feminism, the cultural marxism, the anti family propaganda that has already destroyed the west, but it’s kind of too late, it is what it is.

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The more people there are in the world the more those with a depopulation agenda will come up with new ways to reduce the population, and if you had to pick a way to do it, abortion or preferably other forms of contraception are probably the best way.

I think it would make sense to have different states with different ways of doing things, but I don’t see it being morally righteous to ban abortion altogether anywhere, and it’s not that popular an idea.

I heard it was 13% who want to ban abortions completely, and therefore if you tried to make that a campaign policy, it would probably lose the election, (if you can even trust elections), and that’s probably why the Democrats wanted people talking about this issue.

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