The Insidious Evil Of CIA Propaganda

When a guy like Ronald Reagan says a few things like that, he’s likely to get shot by a family friend of the Bush family, skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, tell their sexual secrets in a coffin as initiation, formed by members of the east India trading company, the drug dealers who had a quarter of all China addicted to British opium, long before any of us were born. The Rothschilds, the openly Satanic Jews that own practically everything, that’s who I’m talking about when I talk about the CIA, or pretty much anyone in government or corporations.

As this Jimmy Dore video explains, they legalized propagandizing Americans with CIA mind control techniques over a decade ago, however they were already doing that to the whole world anyway.

They were already doing it to Americans anyway, it just wasn’t as legal and blatantly obvious as it is now.

The mainstream corporate media outlets like CNN and the New York Times have become non viable as businesses, nobody buys newspapers anymore, and more people are watching videos online, so they no longer have a working business model.

In comes the government and corporations to pay them to brainwash people with utter garbage that makes them money in the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical industrial complex, or whatever.

I came to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I’m all out of bubble gum. Great movie, They Live, it’s free to watch on my Odysee channel if you’re interested. It is a general metaphor for what it feels like to wake up to the harsh reality of the real world.

Like I said to the people at Google Adsense yesterday as I closed my account, I’m not allowed to have an opinion on the war or covid or these bastards will demonetize me and that’s totalitarian and evil.

Not that I been using Google Ads at all the last two years anyway, and even if I was I wouldn’t even be making a dollar a month after expenses.

It’s not a good way to earn a living, running a truther blog, I just do it because it feels like the right thing for me to do and it helps to organize my thoughts but if you’d like to donate something, that would be much appreciated.

They pay the media to lie, they pay social media to allow them to make fake accounts that spread faulty opinions and then when real people come along and say the obvious truth, they ban them.

An NPC represents somebody who has no ability to think for themselves, they’re programmed as though they were just a computer generated image of a human being which is pretty close to how most people are, and I realize that it affects me as well, I’m not immune from propaganda and brainwashing.

I was banned about twenty times in the last two years on Facebook, you can imagine how low I rank on Google, the corporate giants are ganging up on anyone who has their own opinion because it’s the only way they can compete and for all I know Jimmy Dore is controlled opposition.

There are a whole bunch of non playable characters, (NPCs) in society, but if they knew what was actually going on and how much they were lied to, they’d probably be planning to kill these scum, at least some of them would if they actually worked it out.

Some might plan to poison their food, or they might send them anthrax or a bomb in the mail, possibly, if they knew what was really happening and there are millions in the world who would probably want to do that to all Americans anyway, they didn’t need more reasons but they got them.

I realize that people died of what Bill Gates himself said was kind of like the flu, a disease that mostly affected the elderly, especially if they were denied the cure and injected with poison, that is probably going to kill them, but you know, fuck these people with their masks, at this point just wearing one is enough to make me want them dead, for various good reasons, and maybe that in itself isn’t enough to warrant killing them, but it’s getting pretty close because you can predict how the rest of their mind functions and it’s bad. You can tell that they won’t be woken up by anything, ever, it’s no good saying masks don’t work, you don’t need them, you’re participating in a scam that is destroying the entire world, they literally can’t think.

I don’t actually know how pissed off they’re likely to get, but imagine the Antifa/BLM crowd if they actually work out the whole thing was a racist eugenics program from the start, aiming to sterilize or exterminate them, not help them.

It’s not hard to work out, it said on the BLM website they were a marxist organization that was against the nuclear family and in favor of legalizing drugs, pro choice for abortion, but not for mandatory vaccines, all of which are eugenics programs designed to reduce the population of useless eaters.

It’s designed to reduce the population of anyone who follows that line of thinking, or anyone who gets in the way of the new great leap forward, (communism killed hundreds of millions last century), and “they” specifically targeted it to black people, gay people and drug addicts by pretending they were on their side which isn’t hard to do.

We’re in a time when people will be held accountable for their actions, or their lack of actions in the future, because they will be talking about this time in history for thousands of years if the human race still exists, it’s a very important era.

The same people flooded black neighborhoods with crack and pushed gangster rap and gangster movies through Hollywood (which they control), just so they could lock them up by the millions and that’s the same people they’re now listening to again, dumb as a box of rocks if they do.

The same people, (Fauci), pushed untested dangerous AIDS drugs on the gay community that killed them, and he should have been locked up then, for AZT.

He also did experiments on kidnapped foster children with that same drug, but nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care, or they do but the penny hasn’t dropped fully and people are getting worn out by all the evil.

All these people are criminals, there’s not two ways to look at it, they’re liars, thieves, puppets of big pharma, and their job is to sell drugs, not to help people have good health which mostly involves not taking drugs and focusing on diet and exercise.

Like I said, if people knew half the crap they did, they would be calling for the execution of pretty much the entire government, (like I have been for over a decade), even the governments of the entire world, but especially the CIA.

They had a slogan of anything, anywhere, anytime with their fleet of drug smuggling planes, Air America, and they are monsters who torture children until they split their minds into multiple personalities so they can program the personalities to be assassins. There’s no limits to their evil, you can believe that, they’re just insane.

The mere mention of their name should be enough to throw shade on anyone associated with them, (and the left used to hate the CIA more), but even though they probably know these media scum are paid propagandists of these mass murdering psychopaths, they still repeat their talking points like parrots.

It’s a sick world we live in where Elmo is actually a pedophile with a dirty furry sock on his hand lying to the children so the corporate criminal puppets claiming to be doctors can inject them with poison to make money for the Satanic Jewish banker scum.

January 6th was the worst thing since 9/11, anti vaxxers are white supremacist Nazi bigots, Elmo said the vaccine is safe and effective, Zelensky is a hero he needs more money for weapons, squawk, squawk.

This is why I no longer really have a problem with “the left” (or the establishment pawns mind controlled to call themselves the left), being wiped out by these killer vaccines, as long as it’s not the children, and as long as it’s not mandatory.

I just hope it happens more obviously and to a smaller bunch of absolute morons so we can say oh well, too bad about those people who definitely lived up to the term useless eaters.

If they’re going to fall for this obvious propaganda from the most evil scum in the world, they basically become part of that same group, and you can only warn them so many times, and then they just become an enemy of humanity who is better off dead, and I wish it wasn’t like that, but it is.

I used to be liberal or on the left or whatever, not that I bothered voting at all, but it took me about a day to see a guy like Joe Biden was an enemy of humanity, along with most of the left wing politicians in the world, and much of the right wing ones also.

As these communists ban the swastika, (they’re openly communists, some of them), people respond with the obvious question but aren’t you much worse than the Nazis ever were?

They’re less popular than Hitler was in the early days because people know what psycho killer totalitarian scum look like and it’s very apparent to a significantly large percentage of the population.

My only thought is kill them all, kill them first, kill them harder, and end this obvious evil before it kills us all, or certain groups of us, enslaving whoever survives, which it is obviously trying to do.

Buy a hoodie on eBay or check out the clothing page for more.

That isn’t an easy task, and it’s not going to be me that’s first to try it, but what else would you suggest we do against such a threat? What if it just keeps getting worse as predicted, even by them?

It might have consequences not limited to but including your own death, but I hope you’re getting ready to fight just in case, because war is on the cards along with hyperinflation and food shortages and they just keep attacking us so there isn’t much of a choice.

Seriously think about it if you haven’t already, but thinking doesn’t really achieve all that much, so think about doing something maybe. Somebody will have to do something at some point, surely.

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2 thoughts on “The Insidious Evil Of CIA Propaganda

  1. I love your page, thank-you for all the time and effort you put into it, I come here often they’re always full excellent info’, good Links and wonderful memes and I’m very grateful for your work. I love your attitude too I concur with so much of your thinking. Can’t send you any money I’m afraid but I can send you a big kiss and a grateful hug ॐ Namasté ॐ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been musing on these points myself and came to the conclusion that people in very high places agree with you.

    First some background:

    1) Q [Army PsyOp Group] claims the military has total control of social media

    2) Ghosts in the Machine [4th PsyOp Group] claims to be using social media to influence

    3) Q [Army PsyOp Group] says ‘The enormity of what is coming will SHOCK THE WORLD’, and ‘It had to be done this way’. Both sound beyond foreboding considering the source.

    4) Trump is pro-vax

    5) Woketopians vax rate is around 99% vs Believers at around 60%. If the vax is as bad as many expect, the Believers/ Secularists ratio will be about 40:1 on the other side of this.

    So if Army Special Forces are telling us they’re using social media to influence, and social media is pro vax, how likely is it then that the military used social media to identify marxists, herded them into echo chambers and had bots convince them to get vaxed to prove they aren’t alt-right anti-vax Trump supporters?

    If you had a war gaming AI system read Machiavelli, Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Sun Tzu, Von Clausewitz and Liang, that’s the type if cold and elegant solution I’d expect.

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