Are They Evil Or Stupid Or What?

I’m not a very emotional sort of person but I can see how constantly talking about or thinking about these issues can have a devastating impact on people’s mental health, and it has done, no doubt about it.

That may have been the goal, to terrorize people with one thing or another to bring about the mindset necessary for a totalitarian mass formation to occur, similar to what happened last century.

The problem with knowing that is it doesn’t stop it from happening, you can see that if they’re trying to force a totalitarian dystopia of slavery and oppression, people have to resist it or else they’ll be living in a George Orwell novel forever if they even survive at all.

If you took the covid vax, you were a test subject in a test that was a proven failure, but they want you to keep doing it anyway.

I don’t want to add to the fear and anger, but it’s hard not to, and it’s also hard not to think it’s necessary to continue to push the resistance, even to the point of war, in the face of what we’ve been hit with.

What have we actually been hit with? Threats more than anything else, but toxic vaccines that they know don’t work at all, and which have caused a 40% increase in emergency calls in my country Australia.

People lost their jobs, they lost freedom of speech, they had arguments with family and friends, and even after most of what we were saying has been vindicated, it still hasn’t seemed to have reached the tipping point, and they keep pushing forward.

The European Union warn that boosters harm the immune system which is something the New York Times was saying months ago, and Alex Jones a year before that and the reason they’re saying it is the covid vaccine trials, (still taking place), showed that’s what happened, a negative result.

Ironically, it’s something that Fauci was warning about himself, from the start, that if you don’t have the right antibody response the vaccine can cause an increase in deaths, like happened to the ferrets in the SARS vaccine trial which many experts were saying would happen this time, and it did.

I’m basically pro choice but if they are in favor of covid vaccine mandates, I want them aborted where they stand, and if they don’t get it at this point, I don’t care, they deserve to die, and that doesn’t mean you should kill them for protesting, but bare in mind the same people been burning cities down for two years over a fentanyl addict who resisted arrest and even if they had a point, the point they ended up making is they belong in jail or dead.

They left out the efficacy study of 18 to 49 year olds who took the booster because it showed there was no benefit, as Rand Paul pointed out in a senate hearing with Fauci, so they know what happened, it didn’t work at all on most people, it had a negative effect, yet they still continue.

I feel as though all of this has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, even admitted at the highest levels, yet they act like it hasn’t and not only do the corrupt politicians try to force it on people against their will, they have an army of retards saying the same thing which is the only reason they were able to do any of this.

Bill Gates said it had a low fatality rate and was kind of like the flu, not as bad as they initially thought, it mostly affected the elderly, and the CDC said 40% of the few hundred children who were hospitalized in the US weren’t even in hospital due to covid if any of them ever were.

Lying evil communist traitor.

They said cloth masks are useless face decorations on CNN, they admitted they called gunshot victims and motorbike accidents covid deaths, meaning there were no reliable figures, and now the WHO admits Remdesivir shouldn’t be used on hospitalized covid patients because it doesn’t work and never did.

Oh, you don’t say, who could have seen that coming, when the two studies they said showed it worked to start with, one of them said it had an over 50% death rate that was worse than any of the other drugs they tried for ebola?

The cult of Moloch, or Baal, Lucifer, Saturn, Satan or whatever. Same people, give or take and you might think that’s a long time for a ridiculous death cult to be around, and you’re right.

It’s not worth showing you studies, the takeaway point is they bought the science, the science is faulty, the science is corrupt, they destroyed science, and now we have to find a way to get rid of them along with anyone who can’t be deprogrammed out of this insidious death cult that has destroyed the world.

Bare in mind that’s just the latest of dozens of things that we were banned for saying, even arrested in some cases, possibly even threatened with death or killed, and it was all spot on, we were right the whole time, as much as you can be right all the time and there were idiots on both sides.

Science is dead, and it’s almost noble that people want to try to save it because it wasn’t all bad, but as it is, no way.

Remdesivir doesn’t work at all, they said on NBC’s website, it was the WHO who said it, but it was the WHO who did it in the first place, they banned the cure it’s murder was all we heard if we were listening, and the only way those doctors could have been lying is if they were the controlled opposition of the same people.

It was the CDC and the FDA and the NIH, they were always the problem, and it was Fauci who told you about the surprise outbreak that was going to happen in Trump’s administration.

This is a war, and this is how it’s being fought, and due to the unusual nature of the war, virtually nobody has shot back at them, nobody has injected them with poison, and they’re not dying, at all.

I shouldn’t say at all, there are ridiculous fools in the CDC who were dumb enough to take the shot, (or they said they did), but at least half of them didn’t, and obviously not anyone in the loop, if they were even giving them the real shot anyway.

For anyone who’s new to this, they had a plan to take over the world and install a global communist/fascist dictatorship, the new world order, and they wrote it in their planning documents that it would largely be done with the threat of a virus.

I still don’t know if there even is a virus, it’s apparently come to my small island of Tasmania now and what happened was they had a mask mandate for a few weeks and then said the vaccine must have worked, even though they know it doesn’t work, at all.

With everything going on, they paid to do studies to find anything that might point to something other than the vaccine to explain the heart problems, as they continue forcing it on people.

Like that’s not conjecture, the CEO of Pfizer said two shots have little benefit, if any, like the Remdesivir, and the study I mentioned earlier, (which they omitted), said the booster doesn’t work at all with 18 to 49s, or if it did at all, it wears off almost immediately.

So even if it worked on old people, it still wouldn’t stop transmission or do anything for anyone else except risk their health with serious side effects, based on their own studies.

You can’t trust anything any of these people say, but let’s take a look at my state, in Tasmania, there have been 193,000 cases, (positive PCR tests, which don’t work), and 94 deaths, (same thing, positive PCR test on dead people), which is up from 13 when it was here for a week years ago.

As has been explained, the myocarditis in young people went up by dozens of times, and probably a lot more than that, but the doctors are mostly scum, so they lied and said it was something else that caused it if they diagnosed it at all. All of those doctors deserve jail or death for giving the shot in the first place. If I can figure it out, they should be able to or they’re totally useless.

Remember, the deaths are usually caused by motor bike accidents or old age, but with that amount of “confirmed” cases, and a vaccine that doesn’t work, you’d think it would be a problem that somebody would actually notice, wouldn’t you?

Nothing new to notice, the thing to notice was they were lying about there ever being a problem because the death rate only increased from the standard flu season deaths in Australia after they started injecting everyone with poison.

I’m going back and forth between it doesn’t exist, it never existed, they killed people in other countries with Remdesivir, morphine, midazolam and ventilators and faulty diagnosis to create “deaths” and it exists, but it was never substantially different from any other virus like the flu, which dropped off to zero flu deaths that first year in Australia.

If they had said something like we are running low on oil and it hurts the environment, so we will begin to gradually increase the cost of gas and provide rebates and other incentives to switch to hybrid or electric cars, that would be understandable maybe, in fact I remember suggesting that myself, but they’re just straight up evil criminal scum in every way. They invented a car that got a hundred miles per gallon decades ago, and they shelved it.

The plan, (which they spent decades planning), was mostly to take control of the political and health systems of the world and use their corrupt network of blackmailed pedophiles to impose their will to make them money from any scam really.

See it doesn’t really matter if it’s selling a vaccine, or selling carbon credits, or selling weapons to a foreign power because we have to “bring democracy” to every corrupt third world country in the world with resources they can steal, this just worked the best to mind control enough idiots to steal trillions and take all freedom away quickly.

The point is that we can see through the scam, most people can see through most of these scams, but with enough bribery, enough bought media, enough leverage through people like Epstein, even if more than half the people see the scam, they can ram it through, and they can even fix the elections.

The problem isn’t technology, the problem is these people are psychopaths, they’re literally just evil, and until you solve that problem by putting the psychopaths in jail, or six feet under, everything else will fail. Let’s say the problem was there are too many people for a limited amount of resources, then they’re the ones who should be gotten rid of first, urgently.

This seems to be a test of how much they can get away with before somebody starts shooting them, and then it’s a test of how many corrupt cops will risk their lives to protect these known criminals if or when they do and if that will be enough, because you can bet most of them have at least heard this story by now and they aren’t impressed.

The main reason half the population refuse to see these blatant crimes, (which I did prove on this page alone), is they project their good nature, and they just don’t want to believe anyone could be that evil because it does destroy an innocent carefree worldview but we’re not children.

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These people will brainwash your children that they are the opposite sex to the degree up to a third of a class thinks they’re trans because it’s the best revenue generator for big pharma, and because it reduces the population of useless eaters and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it, that’s why they’re doing it, right now.

I saw some guy say in a comment his doctor wanted to operate on his wife’s neck and he asked but how can you justify that considering there’s more chance she will die than live?

He apparently said, there’s too many people in the world, and that is the current state of medicine summed up, and so maybe doctors are the people you should be shooting first, because they’re the most likely to kill you on the front lines of this war, as messed up as that sounds.

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What was that you said about the CIA again? You learned to lie, cheat and steal? Well, at least you admit it.

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