Georgia Guidestones Demolished

If you take a look at the home page of this site, I have had a picture of the Georgia Guidestones there since I started it.

Be not a cancer on the earth, leave room for nature, leave room for nature. Not exactly a Satanic statement, but when you see all the ways they constantly try to reduce the population, you can see it’s pretty evil.

Instead of making the people aware that there’s a limited amount of resources and that they should limit their family size if possible, which they are doing to some extent, (there’s mixed messages), they’re constantly attacking us with every weapon known to man.

As many people have deduced, the whole covid scam is a eugenics program, the virus was made in a lab, (if it exists), they banned the cure, and the shot doesn’t work and is made to sterilize and exterminate those dumb enough to fall for it.

They made it obvious enough so that there would be many people who wouldn’t fall for it, and that too was written into their planning documents.

Some of their eugenics programs are less targeted than just most people, like they bombard people with subliminal messages and hard propaganda in movies and music to take drugs, avoid marriage and children, have surgery to be the opposite sex, etc.

Many people think it was Ted Turner, but nobody knows.

It’s so obvious at this point, it’s hard to think of anything the government is doing that couldn’t be seen as a eugenics program, or an attack designed to destroy the West and enslave the whole world.

There are huge protests in the Netherlands as farmers are told they have to stop using fertilizer to save the climate from nitrogen or some such nonsense.

Even if I were to assume that there was some merit to the whole climate change idea, I long ago heard them admit that it was basically too late to do anything about it, and they could reduce carbon to net zero or even absolute zero, and it wouldn’t stop what was set in motion.

I don’t really believe the weather is the main issue, but there are problems with resources of one sort or another. If they’re lying about the oil running out in fifty years, then there are limits to some of the countless other things that billions of humans go through.

An obvious solution would be to fertilize the soil with manure, or compost of one sort or another, keeping the vital minerals on the land, as opposed to in the ocean, which is unavoidably happening given the scale of global farming practices.

I can understand the need to slow down and move towards more sustainable practices, but these people are basically insane psychopaths. If they get the idea there’s not enough stuff, and too many people, they’ll try to kill millions of people almost immediately, and they have been.

I saw what they were doing in the first week or so, it’s not a fun thing to know we’re being attacked by psychopath eugenicists, but it’s probably better to know than not.

It isn’t that urgent a problem, but like with what happened in the early days of covid, (and still today), when a buying panic emptied the supermarkets because people wanted to fill their garage with a lifetime’s supply of toilet paper, there is sort of an arms race going on with depopulation, and it could get worse.

What do I mean by that? There’s hardcore eugenicists who are trying to brainwash the kids to be trans by the millions, they’re trying to break up the nuclear family, they’re trying to flood the streets with fentanyl, poisoning baby food, provoking nuclear war, burning down food processing plants, and so on.

There are a bunch of people who are brainwashed to support these policies by the media, to the degree they might as well be Satanic eugenicist psychopaths, even if they think they’re social justice warriors, and it’s unclear who has what intentions.

As I have said before, and as many people are also saying, they’re not going to stop until they kill billions of people and enslave us all in a communist totalitarian dystopian nightmare, and so we might have to kill them before they do, if that’s even possible.

I was left wing most of my life, and then all of a sudden I realized that most of the things I’d been programmed with was designed to sterilize, exterminate and enslave humanity. I’m still definitely not a conservative, but I’m conservative in the face of the progressive insanity we’re being bombarded with today, and after people figure out what they’re actually doing, most of them will realize the people at the top cannot be allowed to continue doing these things and must be stopped by any means necessary.

When I say “them” it’s almost certainly people like Bill Gates, because he’s clearly a psychopath eugenicist, and it’s people like Fauci, he kidnapped foster children and poisoned them to death, on record, yet nobody has done anything about it.

You can positively identify who is one of them sometimes, but most of the time you just have to assume they are trying to kill you if they’re working for the WEF, the UN, the WHO, the CDC, the FDA, the NIH, the Democrat party, it’s a very large problem.

There’s surely people in all those organizations who just drank the Kool Aid, who believe the propaganda, who think they’re doing the right thing or are just doing their job, following orders.

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The problem is, following those orders makes you a danger to humanity, it makes you an enemy soldier, in world war three, attacking your own people, and at some point, good people will have to do some bad things, in order to survive against this attack.

Like I said, it might be half the damn population you have to kill, or it might be a few key people at the top, but if you don’t kill them, they will kill you, because it’s pretty much set in stone that they’re going to try, or it was, anyway.


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