Criminal Scum Continue Being Scum

I took a bit of a break from writing these posts the last week or so because there wasn’t really much new to report and I was working on releasing an album.

Somehow it seems like we’re on the brink of catastrophe, in the middle of world war three, and also it’s kind of a slow news week, if those things are compatible.

If you didn’t get the memo, it’s confirmed that they planned the release of covid, and monkey pox, even predicting the exact date the attack would happen, and maybe monkey pox is not much of an attack, but it’s surely made them billions more for that vax, and people are dumb enough to take it.

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of not complying with totalitarian dictates, but it only works if a majority does it.

Like they’re dumb enough to hear that story of event 201, as much of a “coincidence” that was, see the exact same thing happen again but telling you the actual date the “attack” would happen, and then they go take the vax, as if they’re trying to stop you from catching these diseases they attacked us with.

At the same time as they’re destroying food supply chains, brainwashing children to be trans to the degree there are more than double the amount there were five years ago and children are about a fifth of the total number.

I’ve said that feminism was enough of an attack when that first started to completely destroy society as we knew it, but now you’d have to be blind not to see what they’re doing.

I sometimes like to pretend it isn’t happening myself, because I’m not sure what more I could do to fight against it other than actually going to war against this broadly defined enemy, but it is happening, and it’s bad.

I mean they’re doing public service announcements about how to survive a nuclear attack, while provoking a nuclear attack, which is pretty much the theme of everything they’re doing.

Completely corrupt, completely evil, completely criminal. Traitorous criminal scum, selling out humanity to big money, which continues to make the problem worse and worse.

It’s a matter of mindset, and as I’ve explained before, there are only two ways it can go, or maybe more.

They can keep doing what they’re doing until the point a vast majority cannot ignore it anymore, when they will have to choose a side to fight for, and you would assume most of them will choose against the evil scum attacking us, which will be blatantly obvious, if it isn’t already, which it is.

Is it antisemitic to state the truth? Of course not.

People are lazy, they don’t have a natural inclination to take on the largest criminal gang in the world on a whim, but it’s not a whim, it’s about one or two steps away from Mao, Hitler, Stalin level crimes against humanity.

The obvious reason people can’t see it is they don’t fully believe that they made covid in the lab and released it on purpose, but if they didn’t release it, the only logical way they didn’t is that it doesn’t even exist.

The excess deaths actually increased since the vax came out, (fairly obvious sign it doesn’t work), but you have to understand the actual context, that was the second attack, after the first one, which they told you they were going to do, multiple times, in countless obvious ways.

Everyone keeps thinking we can do things by the book, according to “the law” but if you haven’t noticed, they just killed millions of people and got away with it and they keep doing that.

It’s bizarre that I have to keep writing this but there’s some real brainwashed, mind controlled morons who can’t see the writing on the wall, and the proof that has been gushing forth like a river without end the last two years or more.

I’ve basically come to the conclusion that many of those people actually deserve to die for various reasons, not least of which for supporting an evil, totalitarian regime that was proven to be a mass murdering criminal gang before any of us were even born.

I could understand the logic behind “supporting the troops” when people thought it was going to benefit their country, but it’s very much now clear that they’re not just trying to steal trillions off their own people and the world, they’re also trying to kill pretty much everyone.

Yeah we’re arguing over whether the shot works or not, and not that they told you they were going to use it to kill you after the virus they released.

The frustrating part is there are millions of people who get this now, it is in fact a majority of people who will at least admit the corruption is blatantly obvious, but they haven’t caught on yet that it’s a war that we have to win.

How do you win a war? You kill them, all of them, or enough of them where you can say we won, and they lost, and they’re no longer a problem.

This isn’t how the US conducts wars these days, since world war two, because the goal was making weapons profits, but if you actually wanted to win a war with them, you’d basically have to kill them all.

Who is that, all the Americans, everyone in America? The people provoking nuclear war have bunkers with a hundred year supply of food and everything, but I imagine there are people in the world who are thinking about it like that.

If these useless, soft, spineless bunch of hundreds of millions of people, the most heavily armed population in the world won’t take out these mass murdering maniacs, then who can or will?

Far as I can tell that guy isn’t even the real Joe Biden.

The only other way left to do it is to take down the entire country with weapons of mass destruction for real or else you just have to wait until they’ve sucked every last drop of blood out of the country and moved on to the world.

It’s fast approaching the point where people have to choose, and with everything that’s come out it’s not a hard choice, at least morally speaking, it obviously takes courage that many don’t have.

These psychopath criminal scum need to die, that’s going to become apparent very soon if it isn’t already, the only problem is by then it might be too late.

This isn’t hard, mass murdering psychopath scum, deserves to die.

If it took more than two years of laying out the brutality of this wide ranging attack for a majority to say they get it, or that they have lost all confidence in the media and politicians, it’s going to take another two at least before they get it together enough to kill them.

By my calculations there’s millions of them who deserve to die for their part in this horrific crime against humanity, thousands at a minimum who play key important roles.

It feels like I’m talking to myself, and I don’t really have much else to say but grow some balls and kill them, kill them all, because I don’t see how else this is going to end, but then I don’t even see that happening.

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