Reacting To The Attack On The World

I already shared this video by Tucker Carlson, but it was a fairly important bit of information, so here’s JP Sears reacting to it and his take.

In the West, we think it’s a catastrophe if we lose the internet for a day like Canada, or are told we should not use hot water like Germany.

It’s worse than just that there, they’re planning on turning the traffic lights off at night, and what’s causing this “dramatic situation” that’s already destroyed third world countries?

Leonard (21) from Friedrichshain: “That sounds like a good plan. I can’t imagine it being much more dangerous.” Try a bit harder to think, if you are actually a real person and not an actor hired by propagandists. A good plan you say?

Retards, just herds of retarded, brainwashed, mind controlled idiots, or people who don’t want to kick up a fuss about anything.

People who say that sounds like a good idea, turn off the traffic lights, let’s take cold showers, rather than burn some more coal or whatever.

They say it’s due to Putin, but my view is he’s one of them, a young global leader of the WEF, and it’s all part of their plan, they could fix it if they wanted to.

Petra Springer (55) from Strausberg: “I like the idea. It’s about time not only to talk, but also to do something. If we all drive carefully, it can also work in a city like Berlin.”

I’ve had my suspicions that anytime you see anyone agreeing with these scum, they aren’t even real people, but actors, state puppets, hired to act like they believe the crap the media puts out, but the vast majority of people don’t believe it anymore.

For example, I heard on a recent High Wire episode that the uptake of the death shot in children under 5 is 2% and it’s been out for months and there’s never been a larger campaign of misinformation saying it works and you need it.

That’s how many people actually poison their kids if they’re not forced to by scum saying they can’t go to school otherwise.

People get it at this point, the information is out there, it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people, these corporate criminals are at a minimum corrupt and ruthlessly greedy, and at worst psychopathic monsters, which is not much different anyway.

I never even seen a gun that wasn’t on a cop, and neither have most of the people in my country. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea to get armed and ready, if you can.

Simple logic says if they doubled the population through the use of nitrogen fertilizers and cheap long distance travel, if they stop doing that, it halves the population as they all starve to death, and that’s what they’re trying to do.

It’s already happening, I guess it won’t be happening so much in richer countries, but the stated goal is ending beef production, and ending fossil fuels, and the alternative is basically eat bugs or plant burgers if you can afford food at all.

It’s openly insane and brutal, it’s the kind of thing that makes you sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist for saying what they said, but they said it, and they’re doing it.

Anything else happening in the news is not as important as everyone waking up to this fact, that if we don’t successfully resist them and turn this in the right direction, we will either be dead or enslaved.

Sure, oil runs out in fifty years, if you can trust the oil company doubling the price based on the idea of scarcity, but that isn’t a reason to do what they’re doing, at least not in the way they’re doing it.

I was myself calling for the government to provide subsidies for hybrid cars, even to make them locally, and that’s still a good idea that would work if there is a good source of electricity like hydro, but they can’t kill half the world with that idea.

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I understand this mindset, I am myself constantly calling for the death of all these horrific elite scum, for very good reasons, but that’s based on the fact they’re killing millions right now and will literally kill billions if they aren’t stopped.

There is of course the environment and the animals to think about, but if we don’t have a society with good people in charge, they’re not going to fix that, they’ll just make it worse for them, so like I said, kill them all, but I don’t expect anyone actually will.

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3 thoughts on “Reacting To The Attack On The World

  1. I agree with you and completely we need to stand up as one we are the majority we are the power and if people do not wake up and look outside of their TV screens and get out of their self pity mode because someone said something that they didn’t like we are completely screwed. People it’s called resilience and you need to get over your identity crisis and name calling see the world for what it is and take a stand . Thank you for this article

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  2. Okay: we can not keep following/allowing those in decision-making power AND defeating their or whoever’s agendas. So they must have their power TO make all decisions reduced or removed. Who do I mean? Well, Americans wouldn’t take orders from even Justin Trudeau, would they? Nor from any corporate CEO, not directly. They follow those they Perceive As Their Protectors
    You may consciously realize what a sham the notion of ‘Government’ is when all politicians are in the pay of corporations. The problem we’re facing here is that most people fear acknowledging this fact to themselves & would rather pretend than admit to themselves they believed something incorrect. So yeah, this guy is 100% right, but being so isn’t going to change how the majority lives in denial.
    This is a problem, for how can we force changes through without the participation of the Decision-Makers In Charge or enough of the public to overwhelm them? & those in charge can not change the structure at their own level without mass public support either. Speak Truth & watch the public turn on you.
    So… the public’s way of viewing the world, government, its role in society & their own relationship TO it has to change. & that is actually a lot easier than people think. Hi, I’m an indirect thinker. You can wait for “enough” of the public come around to your way of thinking despite feeling terror at the mere notion of Standing Up To Their Perceived Protectors, or we can organize to create for them a forum that gives them a feeling of security OUTSIDE OF thinking in line with what the politicians want & watch as they join that with relief.
    The legal ability to hold All Politicians accountable exist: it IS ONLY the terror of actually facing up to authority figures that frightens the public. You know what happens when that fear ISN’T present?
    Tiny movements with no media coverage or even names can pressure corporations to back down on their support of GMOs without ever having to attend a single protest. & that carries over into every realm in which the public doesn’t have to confront their Perceived Protectors in political office.
    Even this realization doesn’t give me the power to snap my fingers & bring this about. There are ways to present ideas to the public that they will accept, but a Lone Voice ain’t one of ’em. People terrified of Divine Retribution from A Group may follow something larger, like a movement, but not an individual. So, how to go about 1) CREATING the movement that will give enough of the public the confidence to shift some of the trust they normally only give TO government onto it, then 2) how to go about attracting the public to it?
    Unless you can find a way to stop the policies those people vote in without removing them from having the power TO do so. Do you see ANY WAY to end the harmful policies you’re trying to end WITHOUT removing or at least greatly reducing the powers of Mitch & Co. to vote everything in?
    If I’m wrong about anything, by all means… SHOW me.

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    1. I think that it’s now a majority who not only question government but totally understand they lied on purpose knowing it would kill us and millions of other people not just one time but all the time, over and over again. The alternative media is crushing it calling out their corruption and has them so scared they’re trying to censor all of it, all free speech that isn’t government propaganda, and if they manage to do that, or to take the guns away, that’s when you absolutely have to go to war to protect the constitution, whether you win or lose because you don’t get your freedom back ever at that point.

      Once they take your rights, which they’re trying to, they don’t ever give them back, and if you’re not prepared to kill or die for the freedom which America was founded on, (not perfectly executed by any means), then you don’t deserve it. There’s a line, and they already crossed it, but calling them out isn’t just important for the idea of freedom, what they’re doing is killing people, hence why they want to silence the truth. It’s a war.


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