Oozing Metallic Liquid From My Skin

I feel for you, I do, but the urge to say I told you so is still there.

The title is from a Tik Tok video of a woman who had eczema, (probably from initial childhood vaccines to start with), which got so bad she had metallic liquid oozing from her skin from the drugs.

Another recent video from Tucker Carlson and others like Jimmy Dore, (who actually made it onto Youtube), revealed that scientists have now reached a consensus that antidepressants don’t work and never worked in the way they said they did.

Serotonin doesn’t have anything to do with depression, and also they don’t even succeed in increasing serotonin from what I heard, which is besides the point if it actually increases the risk of suicide, which they knew it did compared to placebos.

“This is a very high rate of kids going on to become suicidal. It doesn’t take expertise to find this. It takes extraordinary expertise to avoid finding it,” David Healy, professor of psychiatry at Bangor University in Wales and a lead author on the re-analysis, told the Guardian.

It’s in the British Medical Journal among others, it’s in the Guardian and other news outlets, not just the evidence of antidepressants increasing suicidal and homicidal behavior, but also covid vaccines and alzheimer’s drugs have a proven negative outcome as well.

Pain killers don’t really work and they have obviously been responsible for millions of deaths over the years and are very addictive like most of these pills.

I don’t have a problem with people taking them, freedom goes both ways, but they have to know what they’re in for.

The number one thing to know is don’t blindly trust your doctor, they’re big pharma salesmen, they don’t know anything they weren’t told, and it turns out Tom Cruise knew more about it than 99% of all doctors, years ago, only because he was a Scientologist.

Not saying Scientology is better than the medical cult, actually yes I am, they didn’t kill millions of people. Their track record is fairly good compared to anyone else in the scam business.

The amount of people doctors saved is highly debatable, I’d say they kill more than they save, but I can’t prove it, nobody can, because the system is so corrupt, there are no facts, there are no trustworthy studies, this could even be a hoax to stop people taking life saving medicines.

I can tell you what I think you should do, but my main goal is encouraging people to think for themselves and do their own research about what they should do, and push back hard against censorship so that’s easier to do.

Facebook just gave me another three day ban, for posting evidence of the guilt of Fauci going back to AIDS and AZT, which he will be repeating again with the monkeypox/smallpox vaccines for gay people after their immune system was compromised by the covid shot.

Not just gay people obviously, but anyone dumb enough not to see that they told you the date the attack would happen in the pre planning exercise, and Bill Gates was talking about somebody releasing smallpox in airports around the world.

I see the LGBTQIAP+ thing as a psy op mostly aimed to divide people and stir up hate, obviously having some truth to it, but often being hysteria aimed in the wrong direction.

The president of the USA touched up his own daughter, which is not all that surprising considering how he acts around all females.

The thing is those people are also trying to kill half the world and enslave the rest in a Chinese style dictatorship, which is a bit more important in my view.

They use things like the drugs they sell and your anger at their child sex blackmail programs to trick you into allowing them to impose more surveillance and lack of freedoms so they can arrest millions of regular people for lesser crimes while they escape justice completely as the most guilty of them all.

Gislaine Maxwell is getting yoga lessons in a plush luxury jail for elites. Even if they get arrested they aren’t facing justice, and obviously none of her clients got named, so the push for harsh government action is probably going to hurt an 18 year old guy with a 15 year old girlfriend far more often than it hurts serious offenders.

What good is the law if it isn’t fairly applied to everyone? What good is the law at all? The proof is already provided for all these crimes and just watch, it isn’t going to change much unless people change it.

You might be better off shooting them if the suffering caused to everyone involved would be greatly reduced, which isn’t easy to calculate, but the sex crimes of the government are just the tip of the iceberg.

The mass poisoning, the corruption, the censorship, the growing awareness that you can’t vote them out, it’s going to eventually make people realize there’s no alternative but war, and we’re already at war, we’re just losing badly.

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