Fixing Elections Around The World

People think they can vote so they support politicians they hate over other politicians they hate. This has to stop.

When I was young I actually believed most of the American propaganda I was being fed from the other side of the world, about democracy, freedom and justice for all.

Wasn’t long after that I got into the Metallica album, And Justice For All, and then I figured out they lied about the fact they deal the drugs they said they have zero tolerance for.

Skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, pirate flag, formed out of members of the East India trading company, the people who had a quarter of all China hooked on Rothschild’s opium hundreds of years ago.

Trump just came out and again called for the death penalty for drug dealers, and you know he knows who the real drug dealers are, they were the last Republicans in office, another crime family, Bush was head of the CIA.

Air America, slogan anything, anywhere, anytime. Half a trillion a year in heroin and cocaine profits alone, there’s only one group that can be making that money, the richest criminals in the world, the trillionaires.

Yeah, plus control the drug trade then you control the sex trade, then you control the blackmail trade, and then you own everything and everyone.

That’s the kind of math a child can do, and you would think more people would have woken up to that by now, but maybe half the people have, and Trump has got to be in that half that know and he’s one of them, has to be.

Many drug ODs were from legal big pharma opiates so it doesn’t really matter if it’s heroin or hillbilly heroin, fentanyl is worse obviously, but it isn’t the Mexicans at the top of it, that’s retard level propaganda, and they actually admitted it various times.

Similar thing with elections, they openly admit organizing coups and fixing elections around the world, they brag that the WEF penetrated the cabinets of every government, they openly buy off both sides of every political party in the world, blackmail them with kids, it’s a loaded deck.

It’s a rigged game of monopoly, they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore, you can’t vote, there is no democracy, and people need to wake up to the fact they’re trying to force us into the 1984 novel, they basically already have.

My only thoughts are they have to die, or at least feel the pain they’re causing, to the point that that they fear the people more than they fear their crime bosses, or until they’re all dead.

I know that’s what they would do in the same position, they did that in the bolshevik revolution, same people give or take. Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin on his shelf.

The problem is of course that they are mass murdering drug dealing psychopaths with most of the money and most of the weapons and largely in control of all the governments of the world, but they aren’t a majority of the people.

The young people have been brainwashed to literally be communists, and they don’t see the problem with it.

In the same way that people won’t go against them because they don’t want to lose their job, if you start to kill the worst of them, they won’t go against you because they don’t want to die, and police, sick as they are probably won’t want to risk their lives for these scum for an average paycheck.

The only way to win this war is to beat them at their own game before their robot armies get built, and their game is death, they’re literally the brotherhood of death, that’s what they call themselves.

Almost all the people making these videos admit we’re under attack, it’s proven they’re killing us, we are at war, and we have to win the war or at best we will poor and hungry.

Most people are focusing on the mind war, the information war, and that’s fine up to a point, most people still don’t get it.

You can’t win a war if people don’t know we’re in one, but if you wake up 90% of the people, you still can’t win the war without force if they won’t back down.

They plan to shut down the food supply, give us programmable money, implement a Chinese style social credit score, poison us with toxic vaccines and drugs, releasing more biological weapons, it’s not going to be easy.

The thing is, they’re going to be trying to kill us or enslave us, starve us, poison us, cut the balls off our children, bankrupt us, steal everything we have, no matter if we fight back or not, and millions will die, no matter what, they already have.

Yeah, basically everyone, even me.

It might be very dangerous to fight back, but we didn’t start this war, and they have made it so intolerable, the bullets will start flying very soon, whether we’re ready or not.

It might not be you who fires the “first shot” but somebody will when there’s no food in the supermarkets, and then they’ll crack down harder, and that will provoke a further response, and it will keep ramping up, and if we don’t win, we lose, it’s that simple.

I can’t guarantee that will happen, people are very fluoridated and domesticated, but not everywhere in the world, in some places it’s already happening, not just protests but riots, which still isn’t the right kind of action in my view, they just got a new WEF president in Sri Lanka.

There was a terrorism expert on the High Wire who was talking about the definition of terrorism, and that is killing non combatants as a civilian to instill fear, which is definitely not what I’m saying, unless they are significantly evil.

Killing an invading army when it’s a war is being a freedom fighter, which is different than terrorism and if it’s the invading army killing civilians, it’s called war crimes and they may look like your “own” people, but they’re not if they sold out to these monsters.

The reason they put this retard in power is so they can get away with looking stupid rather than evil, and they’re not stupid.

I remind you that they made the virus in the lab, banned the cure, terrorized people, took their jobs, killed millions and left millions more seriously injured with a shot they admit they knew didn’t work from the start.

That Birx woman, she came out recently and said we overplayed the idea that the shot would stop you from getting the virus, we knew it wouldn’t, to which Tucker replied when are you going to jail?

They haven’t come out yet and said we knew the virus we made in the lab to kill you would kill you, but we just had to kill millions of people, climate change and all that.

They pretty much did say it, but not in such clear terms as that. These are evil, evil people, and they need to die, and I know the vast majority of people aren’t killers, but they’re going to have to learn pretty quickly, if you ask me.

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