The Morality Of Death

The eugenics movement has a simple philosophy based around Darwinism, survival of the fittest, and they want to increase that natural evolution in the absence of natural predators.

The most extreme eugenicists became the predators so as to imitate a lion, to pick off the weak and sick, or (as prince Phillip said he wanted to be when he came back), a deadly virus.

They used to be fairly open and honest about what they were doing, and in a way, it does make sense, except that it allows psychopath killers to rise to the top who simply think they are the strongest because they sold crack to kids or worse.

All of these are good examples of what you can do, and if everyone stuck to them, they could eventually drive the elites out of business, however it’s easier said than done.

If people who don’t care or enjoy hurting and killing people are in charge, the entire human race, not just the “unfit” are at risk, and that’s never been more evident than today.

My personal opinion is that there are too many people in the world, and there are people literally asking to die by euthanasia and being denied, for no particularly good reason, according to them.

Millions also steal to get drugs that might kill them faster if they were just handed out for free, although being illegal it actually kills more people, as well as causing almost all the crime for the money, and that’s why the war on drugs is profitable, it’s a trillion dollar a year industry, and jails make a lot too.

For the most part, laws are made by criminals.

My view is that’s a matter of freedom, even if it isn’t moral in some people’s minds, people should have a right to live their lives however they want, or die if that’s what they want to do.

By denying them that freedom it has a cost to us all, especially if it’s us in that position, but even if it’s not, for various reasons.

I think that the major problems caused by overpopulation to the environment are mostly caused by sociopathic business practices that suggest that they can’t compete against the people who use poisons in farming or whatever, so everyone just has to use poisons.

This is the reason you should have laws, to ban toxic chemicals in herbicides, pesticides, energy production, etc, because it’s one thing to choose to poison yourself, but another if there’s no choice.

The endocrine disrupting chemicals that reduce fertility or possibly make people turn trans or gay, they know what they are and they’re still being used.

The cancer causing forever chemicals in plastics, non stick coatings, clothing, it just goes on and on.

If there’s no regulations on coal burning power plants, the sky literally turns black and people die from black lungs, but without a decent alternative to fossil fuels, billions will starve.

There’s arguments on both sides, but the end point is that if one side is trying to sterilize and exterminate you, enslave and degrade you on purpose for simply being human, because of their faulty business practices, you pretty much have to kill them, or you will die.

There isn’t really an alternative, it might be what they want, to start another world war that kills millions, but if they aren’t killed, that will be the endless future, and they have become too psychopathic and evil to be allowed to be in power.

Obviously you could make the point that if you kill them, how are you different from them? Isn’t that just replacing one bunch of killers with another?

Actually that’s all of history, armies used to kill each other for enough food to eat before nitrogen fertilizers made enough food to feed billions.

With their plans to reduce that by massive amounts, that is where we are going to be again, if the wars ever stopped.

Many people in the West will think well that’s too bad for the third world countries who can’t afford the more scarce resources, but it won’t just be them.

These aren’t even my favorite examples of all the various ways they told you the attack was going to happen..

Most of the resources are used by first world countries, that is in fact their primary target, and it’s like the faulty notion of supporting the troops going to war to steal from other countries because it helps yours.

The international bankers stole trillions, they didn’t give trillions for those wars, they provided resources to use like oil, but they sold that stolen oil to people after printing trillions and giving it to themselves to make further profits at your expense.

The end result is they own almost everything, and they’re mass murdering drug dealing psychopaths who seek total control over every living creature on earth and that isn’t a good result.

They’re trying to genetically engineer every creature on earth with CRISPR technology, just so they can patent them and own them, they have begun to do it already.

Their philosophy isn’t just greed, it isn’t just evil, it’s potentially world ending devastation that we must completely remove from the world, or the human race may not even survive at all.

They of course tell you that they aim to save the world from climate change and the pollution they caused to make more money off all these people, but looking at some of their plans, they wouldn’t care if there was no life on earth, and that may be the end result if they aren’t stopped.

Why do I keep going on about this? Literally hundreds of millions of people will agree with most of what I’m saying, yet virtually nobody has done anything about it other than talk.

If all of those who do agree decided to remove the globalist elites from power by force, and exterminate the eugenicists who just attacked the world with biological weapons, it might be over in a day, we do actually have a chance, but it requires widespread action.

It is probably going to take a billion people dying before “regular people” even get any sort of plans together, and by then they will have built fully autonomous robot armies, they’ve already won wars with drones alone.

The time is now to avoid death or slavery for the whole human race. I can’t stress it enough, it’s up to everyone to do something, and I wish that just saying it was enough, but you can believe it’s going to take more than that.

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One thought on “The Morality Of Death

  1. Hey, I really like the way your site is laid out – it is much more professional and user friendly than mine. And you have some good stuff in your store. I share the same opinions but hope to avoid the killing parts, because, well, we do still have some shred of a legal system which I would love to see work the way it’s supposed to. Apart from that – you seem to be spot on.

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