Antisemitic Tropes And More

Even with all the antisemitic anti free speech laws already on the books, with many giving that as just another reason why they do talk so much about Jewish power, the UN teamed up with the World Jewish Congress to declare war on conspiracy theorists.

On the home page of that organization’s website is their Talmud derived slogan: “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh beZeh” (“All Jews are responsible one to another”), which basically means if George Soros or the Rothschilds are evil, then so are all Jews, according to them.

Similar to those who fall for the patriotic propaganda of loyalty to America, there are obviously as many if not more Jewish people who are as loyal to Israel, but the difference there is Mossad has, (or had), a Talmud derived slogan: by deception we shall make war or by way of deception thou shalt do war.

Then they changed it to “without deception, a nation falls”, which is to say “in the CIA, we lied, we stole, we cheated” like Mike Pompeo said, but to also make the implication that it’s “with the sanction of the all highest” like that guy who tortured homeless people in the MK Ultra program was saying.

However if you google it, you will get two different phrases again that they said were sourced from “the bible” or the “new revised standard version” which means changed to make them look better to Christian zionists.

The general gist of the whole thing from the start is if you aren’t with us, or one of us, you’re the enemy.

You’re a dog, you’re lower than cattle, an infidel, we will kill you all and take the young virgin girls as slaves.

This was in fact not unusual for any culture at the time, even up until recent times when we managed to feed billions of people in all corners of the world, or better than they used to back then.

It’s an inherently hateful endless war philosophy that won’t rest until Jews take over the world completely and subjugate all other “races”.

For their “religion” which now possibly includes not even believing in God or the truth of the bible, even as they push this new stuff.

I’m not entirely sure what Jews actually believe, it’s varied, possibly more like my own beliefs than fundamentalist Christianity, but I’m not Christian, so you can’t say I am responsible to one another for what American Christians do, because I’m Australian and I don’t even care about that.

I probably picked up some Jewish DNA fifty generations ago, if not five hundred. I got more Australian Aborigine probably, but I’m probably more black than they are from Ancient Judah, and I’m white and so are they, as if it even matters.

I can see the reason to fight for your “own” people, which is why everyone in the world who can see what they’re doing with this “new world order” (which seems to be run by Jewish billionaires at the top), should see it as an obligation to fight for “the people” against the elites, as it affects us all.

I don’t care if you’re “Jewish” if you want to be a part of that fight to stop poor people from being forced to eat bugs or trade carbon credits, or have mandatory vaccinations, or whatever it is you don’t like out of the many things they plan to do because you’d be insane to think just because you’re Jewish, you’re safe from their plans.

Only pro semitic, that’s all that’s allowed.

However, if you’re Jewish and you support anti free speech laws that prevent people from calling them out because criticizing anyone who happens to be Jewish for their crimes means hate against all Jews, then you are an enemy of humanity if you swallowed the rest of that propaganda.

The upper levels of this sick death cult from the stone age, (all religions are descended from sick death cults from the stone age in my view), spread philosophies that are so horrible, racist and vicious, it could be seen as self defense to kill them first, before they do what they say they’re going to do.

This is from a bunch of people who call themselves the chosen ones. We were chosen by God to rule over you all.

Same thing with Islam, you could even find new testament verses or Buddhist or Hindu texts that have similar violent anger directed at outside groups just for existing.

This is human nature to some degree, but the issue is with having free speech to call it out in the primitive religious texts, as well as in current global policies made by government in collaboration with “religious” institutions.

The connection between the religions and the corporations, the bankers, (the Rothschilds), is fairly obvious in Israel, since it was formed by the Rothschilds, they publicly take credit for the formation of the country as it is today.

So what I feel I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt in almost every case, that they lied, and it was a plan, didn’t happen.

Fund both sides of every war, print money and give it to yourself, blackmail, bribe, threaten, murder, torture and drug deal your way to the top of the entire globe, and then silence anyone who calls out the hypocrisy and criminality of that approach as a racist, by throwing your “own people” under the bus.

There was another guy who called out a bunch of greedy evil Jews for hypocrisy and corruption and all that.

I don’t really like religion, but on paper, Jesus was a much needed figure for change and they killed him for speaking his mind about their lies and crimes if the book is to be believed.

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My view is it’s practically the same situation now except they can’t get away with crosses because people have guns, and if there’s one more step backwards to old time feudalism, they will surely take action at some point and if they all do at once, they can win that war with numbers.

They don’t use them nearly enough for the right reasons, but they do have the guns and the numbers, so “the Jews” do have to look like they aren’t crucifying Jesus or boiling him in excrement in hell.

That is, if they don’t keep up this illusion of being the chosen ones, or at least portray themselves as the victims of persecution historically, then there’s nobody more likely to be blamed for all this because they often say they are responsible themselves.

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