Controlled Opposition In The Freedom Movement

Jack Posobiec appears to be wearing a badge specifically denoting an information dominance warfare officer which is a job in the Navy.

I have mixed feelings about this subject, but I’m going to have to talk about it again, as there’s a lot of evidence there’s controlled opposition in the alternative media, possibly in the videos I’ve been sharing on this site.

I have an Odysee channel, and every time I post videos with Dr Robert Malone or Dr David Martin, David Icke, Alex Jones, or many others, somebody will say that guy is a shill, he’s a freemason, he’s CIA, or something along those lines.

A guy unsubscribed because he said he’d seen fairly good evidence that even though Dr Malone seemed to be speaking out against the system and the covid vaccine, criticizing Bill Gates in that video, it’s part of the overall agenda.

So, I typed it into an Odysee search and got Dr Malone on Jimmy Dore saying fairly reasonable things from what I could tell, but another comment saying he was controlled opposition, without really explaining why or what for.

Don’t trust this man. He is a vaccine necromancer and a big pharma loyalist. His new “safe” vaccines will deliver more of the same: slow death and all-cause mortality disease. Don’t be a gullible libertarian, Rogan-following hipster. Understand that he is a snake and controlled opposition.

When asked Alex said the sign meant interdimensional victory.

I have mentioned my suspicions about Alex Jones before, and Brendon O’Connell for example says the media organization that owns Infowars, Free Speech Systems, is owned at the top by the Rothschilds, through various other intelligence assets.

It’s hard to say anything for sure but it’s suspicious enough that I wasn’t the only one saying it and if you look for evidence on virtually any of these people you will usually find something..

An easy claim to make without providing any proof, and he was himself a government analyst, which is enough to call him into question as well, and it’s entirely possible good people are being discredited by being falsely called controlled opposition.

However, they mentioned the pushback in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for the future of technology and international development doc, and also the anti vax movement as a major thing in the SPARS Johns Hopkins doc from 2017 which was also written in past tense like it already happened.

It looks like coincidence until you see it thousands of times.

This document was first exposed by Alex Jones, and also people like Harry Vox, and I called him out and Alex, (among others), for doing the 666 hand sign, which is quite obvious in many cases, to me anyway.

He banned me from commenting on his Bitchute channel just for mentioning it, and I wasn’t the only one saying he was a shill or whatever in the comments on that video about how Putin wasn’t a NWO puppet, and in the next video he did it again.

I don’t really know if or how he’s being controlled, but it’s hard to ignore things you point out you’re doing yourself.

I just saw Del Bigtree doing it multiple times in the latest episode of the High Wire, both times while mentioning the health system, and Russell Brand actually mentioned he was doing it as he was doing it and said what does this really mean?

Well, when you did a video years ago about being called a freemason and denying it, yet continuing to knowingly throw up the hand signs with 33 on your profile pic, with 33 tattooed to your arm, it definitely means something.

It’s not a bad act, but at the same time very obvious.

It means one of two things, you’re knowingly doing it and you aren’t a 33rd degree freemason, or some other Jewish controlled elite puppet, or you’re knowingly doing it and you are, or some combination of the two.

It could be it’s just a get out of jail free card to stop you getting targeted by censors and assassins, by claiming you’re in the big club, but it really makes you wonder about those people, for good reason.

Salty Cracker has that hand sign on his cartoon logo, it was done by the Christchurch shooter and Kyle Rittenhouse, endless Hollywood celebrities, and both Trump and Biden did that sign over their eyes so it’s not a coincidence.

It represents 666, the hexagram star of David which is the red sign that gave the Rothschilds their family name, it’s the black cube of Saturn, it’s the seal of Solomon, the mark of the beast, Lucifer or Satan, and I hear myself saying all of this, and it sounds insane to me.

Jimmy Saville, it’s a big club and you ain’t in it, or maybe you are.

But, I’ve been talking about a group that run the USA, (and probably the world), that called themselves skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, for over a decade, and nobody is even disputing that happened, it’s confirmed.

At first glance, it makes no sense whatsoever for these puppets to be saying what appear to be true statements about the corruption of these globalist elites, unless the goal is simply to divide people into groups that oppose one another or to make you think that group is unbeatable.

It could be like Del Bigtree said about the chosen ones, it was mostly conservatives who were being saved from the death shot in the West, so they could reduce the population by targeting the shot to drug addicts, minorities, the elderly or whatever, and that could have been the plan.

All the presidents did it, obvious as that or more so.

It’s certainly been an idea proposed before in the eugenics movement going back over a hundred years, three generations of imbeciles are enough.

But if that is the case, then aren’t they performing a valuable service in warning people not to get sterilized and exterminated, even if they are being paid to do it?

It’s hard to say you couldn’t just copy this, but it’s dodgy as hell and it definitely has to mean something, illuminati or not.

I think the primary motivation for many of these elites is money, they see the US is on it’s last legs anyway, they’re trying to suck it dry in every way possible, before it collapses completely and they get billions regardless of whether everyone takes the shot, trillions when you add it all up.

In doing so, they’re causing the collapse to happen faster, the corruption of the FDA and the whole system that was meant to protect everyone in the world from being poisoned is now close to useless so the covid shot isn’t even nearly the only problem, bad as that seems to be.

There is enough proof that there was thorough planning ahead of the plandemic for that to be confirmed as an attack, whether the virus even exists or not, and if the alternative media is largely controlled by the same group, it doesn’t really matter, so long as you know the people at the top are definitely evil.

If you don’t kill these monsters knowing they’re war criminals, traitors, psychopaths, child rapists and worse, that’s on you, and I mean it’s on everyone, more so if you have a greater ability to do it like the armed forces, but everyone.

It is entirely possible to kill them, but not unless we actually do, which will become apparent needs to be done soon if it isn’t already, it’s probably best to wait for everyone to get the memo, but if you’re reading this you probably get why.

Tim Pool says he predicts civil war in America, but don’t fall for killing your neighbor over drag queen story time or abortion rights, aim for the very top of this pyramid of death and deception if you’re going to do anything, which you probably won’t.

They have us threatening each other with death just for looking at a girl the wrong way while at the same time saying not to kill the people confirmed as running the child sex blackmail rings and covering up their elite clients as just a tiny fraction of their known crimes against humanity.

If you work in the FBI, CIA, police or army, you need to start killing or arresting the scum or you deserve to die, period.

If you don’t know who, when, how and why you’re worse than useless, you’re the enemy and I realize that’s not easy, but if you need some motivation, they’re already coming after you because they think you’re scum, if that even happened. Nail gun.

I don’t think I confirmed anything specific about the alternative media people, there’s rumors of IIA operations, psy ops run by people like Roger Stone and General Flynn, but for these things to work at all, they have to tell the truth most of the time, and they do, far as I can tell, or some anyway.

I continue to share videos of people I have some doubts about because whether they’re controlled or not, they are opposition, undeniably, and they do come across as hard to argue with.

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I suggest you keep a close eye on them, but to be honest, I can’t help but agree with most of what they’re saying and this is what most people seem to be watching in the freedom movement, regardless.

There is no limit to what we can achieve if we work together, but you might have to abandon the notion that you can make a cake without breaking some eggs.

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