Raising Livestock On The Human Farm

I usually focus on the issues going on in America or globally, because that’s where most of my readers are, and that’s where most of the power seems to come from, but I’m in Australia, and the same stuff is going on here, if not worse in some cases.

I like Max Igan’s videos, he’s a bit out there at times with some of the conspiracy theories, like the earth isn’t flat and it also isn’t round, sure.

But one thing that isn’t disputed is there’s a ninety year parliamentary pedophile suppression order in Australia.

Kind of like Epstein’s client list in America, we know there’s a list of politicians including a former prime minister who have been accused, maybe not even charged from what I can tell, but accused of sex crimes, of some sort.

As I’ve explained before, the definition under the law can be fairly broad, but the age of consent here is 16, and unless it’s pretty bad it usually doesn’t get mentioned anyway.

So fairly serious crimes are what they’re covering up, and they admit they are.

A guy got arrested for naming someone on the list, the Aussie Cossack, which was perhaps a little silly considering they warned him personally, and considering people already had a pretty good idea who it was anyway.

I don’t watch many of his videos but he seemed like a decent guy from what I could tell, trying to fight for freedom, or so it would seem.

I found it little strange that he just appeared out of nowhere and was suddenly on the Alex Jones show, along with Monica from RDA who also got arrested, for incitement, or for doing what a million other people were doing at the same time.

The response to this wasn’t we better stop posting dangerous incitement about going outside, it was help we’re being attacked by communist terrorists, somebody help us kill these scum, or that was my response, and over time more and more people realized that was in fact the right reaction.

It could be a psy op, meant to put fear of the police into people, so they see the woman getting arrested in her pyjamas for posting on social media about going outside, and get scared off doing the same, but then maybe it isn’t.

I am suspicious of people like Avi Yemeni, (who interviewed him as well), for various reasons, and I wasn’t the only one who was, but not to the same degree that I’m suspicious of this group of known criminals in the government and police.

I generally think Qanon was a psy op, designed to make Trump look like a savior of humanity, but he was friends with Epstein for fifteen years, said he was a terrific guy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Satanic pedophile cults, there are, it’s confirmed they’re covering it up all around the world.

There’s been a lot of talk about it, they say it’s the DeMolay Freemasons, which isn’t necessarily all Freemasons, but there seems to be some groups who have initiation rituals involving increasingly criminal acts, or they’re just pedophile gangs, period.

It’s like the Catholic church, there are good priests, but at the top they know what’s going on, and they move the pedo priests from church to church, abusing kids and that’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s proven, many thousands of times.

Scratch that, if you know the Vatican used to saw people in half and put them in iron maidens for whatever reason, (and it wasn’t because they were pedos), you can’t be a good Catholic ever in my opinion. The whole thing was completely screwed from the start.

Jesus might have been nice, but the Romans just weren’t, they were perhaps the most evil people in history, and they only got worse after they “converted” which should be obvious, seriously.

I really don’t care what people think, the Vatican were always Satanic scum dressed in black robes torturing people for nothing, and they were the exact same people that nailed Jesus to the cross and they are confirmed as running pedo rings that abused thousands of children, still going on today with full knowledge from the top, and you wonder why people burn churches?

They didn’t stop what they were doing, they just claimed righteousness based on ridiculous mental gymnastics which amounts to I’m the holy father, kiss my ring, I got a golden ticket, you will think what I tell you to think or die screaming.

We’re right because we say so because we tortured Jesus to death and now he loves us as we dislocate all your limbs for being a heretic like he was, and almost a billion people still haven’t woken up to that sick death cult which may have gotten even worse in the shadows.

You could say people didn’t even know about that, and there’s tons of violence in history, but if a bunch of weirdos want you to put a noose around your neck and swear to secrecy, that’s creepy as hell on it’s face, and we need to put pressure on all these sick cults because they’re all inherently dangerous.

So you think cartoon cannibalism is a sexual thing do you Facebook? Well we know who to eat first when the food runs out don’t we?

When they get exposed like they have been, it just has to stop, but of course it doesn’t because people are gullible idiots.

There’s no doubt that they’re sick at the top, you could break away and form your own thing, but if you continue to do their thing, knowing how it functions as a pedo ring or worse, you are complicit to some degree.

From what I remember there’s about one percent of guys who are psychopaths, maybe five percent who have attraction to kids to some degree, (depending on how you define a kid), and rape is hard to define exactly, I thought it was about ten percent of guys, but the figures are less than one percent who are convicted.

From what I’m hearing, many police forces are totally corrupt, totally dirty, or the people who aren’t start feeling unwelcome or threatened if they try to solve the wrong crimes, very quickly.

You can argue the different levels of criminality, the point at which it’s better to kill someone than not.

Whether it’s inevitable that these things will happen to some extent, but the whole world has gone to hell because most people don’t ever take action.

They leave it up to the police to solve all crimes, thinking they have a monopoly on violence, but they don’t, if you kill them, they’re dead as anyone, and they might catch you, they might not, and vice versa.

If you have a conscience and you saw this happening to the degree it seems to be happening in some places, or almost everywhere now and you didn’t act, that should haunt you more than killing a man, or going to jail.

I see people threatening death constantly, and it’s a bit much in some cases, as some of it is overreaction to fairly normal instincts.

But I’m talking about real criminals, actual child traffickers with real victims desperately trying to get justice, and often you can’t tell the police about it because they’re the ones doing it.

The more I look into it, the more I see the power structure as being inherently corrupt and evil, all the way to the top, and more evil the closer you get to the top, which seems to be how all these organizations work.

I’ve hung out with junkies and never seen so much blatant criminality as at the highest levels of government and it was always there, it’s just impossible to ignore it now because they won’t stop trying to dominate everyone.

People talk pretty big when it comes to killing pedophiles, but when you point out it’s the police, it’s the politicians, it’s the priests, not all of them, but enough of them to make it a thing, they don’t seem to ever do anything about it, except talk.

It doesn’t make it better because they’re in those positions of power, it makes it worse, and it makes it more important that they get brought to justice, and I call on good police to clean out these criminals where you find them, by any means necessary, but if you don’t, you’re all complicit.

Well he’s dead, so you have to be careful, exactly right, but given the circumstances I wonder if he is even dead. I guess they had no reason to keep him alive, but with their ability to cover up, they didn’t even have to kill him either.

In that situation, (and I’ve talked to ex cops who know this), the entire police force is a criminal organization, it’s one big organized crime gang, they have no authority to do anything, and they don’t do anything anyway, except crime.

They protect the criminals, they are the criminals, you’d be better off doing it yourself, and in places where this has been allowed to happen, my opinion is you have to take back the town by force, starting at the top, where it’s obvious they’re definitely guilty.

If they see this happening, maybe they’ll get the message, and if not they’ll be dead, but only if people have the guts to do what’s right, and you can argue various aspects of right versus wrong, but you’ll know it when you see it and the whole world could see it in Victoria.

It is right now described as a one in two hundred year catastrophe, what they did to us, not covid, (which was also a deliberate attack), but the shot, and if we don’t stop them, it could be the worst genocide in the history of the world.

The plandemic isn’t less serious, the death shot has increased excess deaths by 40% in working age people compared to the years before 2020, when the average life expectancy was already starting to go backwards, and now it’s just obvious global genocide and tyranny, and it isn’t unrelated.

This corruption of power doesn’t just affect the kids involved, which is enough, the general criminality and blackmail being allowed to run rampant in order following crime gangs claiming to be the good guys could kill us all, literally, because the system is full of these psychos.

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Remember what I said, it’s at least one percent are psychopaths, more than that in positions of power because it attracts them, and you can only imagine what that might mean.

If it means half of what I think it means, then one percent of people need to die if they can’t be arrested and we need to find them and kill them, (not in a bad way, just because you have to sometimes), and if we don’t, (and we’re not), then we’re all screwed.

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AUSSIE COSSACK Arrested for naming Government Pedophiles

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